Shafaq Naaz: Who Is The Popular Indian Television Actress?


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Shafaq Naaz is a popular television actress in India. She primarily acts in Hindi television serials. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Shafaq Naaz: All You Need To Know

Who is Shafaq Naaz?

Shafaq Naaz is a very well known Hindi television actress. She started appearing on popular TV shows during the 2010s. Some of her most popular roles have been on shows like “Chidiya Ghar”, “Mahabharat”, “Kulfi Kumar Bajewala” and “Mahakali: Ant Hi Aarambh Hai”. Shafaq Naaz also managed to snag a movie role in the 2017 flick Guest in London. She played the sporting character of Shari in the Paresh Rawal, Kartik Aryan and Kriti Kharbanda starrer. Shafaq Naaz also made her OTT debut with the show Halala. The show was streamed on the Ullu platform and featured other actors like Ravi Bhatia and Deepika Singh.

When was Shafaq Naaz born?

Shafaq Naaz was born in Kota, Rajasthan on February 7, 1992. There isn’t a lot of information available about her father’s name and occupation as Shafaq Naaz has kept her private life separate from work. However, Shafaq Naaz’s mother’s name is Kahkashan.

How was Shafaq Naaz’s childhood?

Shafaq Naaz grew up with her maternal grandmother and lived with her family in Mohalla Shakur Nagar located on Lisadi Road, Meerut. Shafaq’s mother’s name is Kahkashan. Shafaq Naaz grew up with three siblings, elder sister Falaq Naaz and two brothers Sheejan and Sabeer. Shafaq’s Naaz’s sister Falak Naaz is a renowned TV actress herself. She has appeared on popular TV shows like Adalat and Sasural Simar Ka. Shafaq Naaz’s younger brother Sheejan is four years younger than her.

Shafaq Naaz still loves Meerut very much. She loves going back to Meerut and enjoying the food of the city. She also loves the bylanes of Meerut because of their wonderful shopping options. Shafaq Naaz’s favourite Meerut food is the city’s ice cream and she can’t stop herself from indulging in it. Whenever she comes to Meerut, she definitely goes back to the famous Abu Lane market to enjoy the ice cream.

Is Shafaq Naaz very close to her mother?

Shafaq loves her mother Kahkashan very much. On her birthday in 2017, Shafaq Naaz got her name tattooed on her body. Speaking about the tattoo, Shafaq Naaz said: “On Mother’s birthday, I wanted to give something that would stay with me as well as touch her heart. What can be bigger than her name being attached to my body.”

Where did Shafaq Naaz study?

Shafak Naaz finished her schooling at St. Thomas English Medium School, Meerut. Shafaq Naaz aspired to be a doctor while growing up and her sister Falak dreamt of owning her own business. However, they both ended up working as actresses in the television industry. Shafaq Naaz is a trained classical dancer and has taken Kathak lessons at the Saroj Khan Dance Academy.

How did Shafaq Naaz start her acting career?

It’s safe to say that Shafaq Naaz’s career in the entertainment field started with her Kathak training at the Saroj Khan Dance Academy. After seeing Saroj Khan dance, she told her mother Kahkshan that she needs to work in a serial in Mumbai. After this, Shafaq Naaz came to Mumbai with her mother and sister and started working in television pretty soon.

TV debut

Shafaq made her debut in the television world with the famous show “Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaai”. She appeared as the character Guni in this show. She ended up appearing in 644 episodes of the show. After this, Shafaq Naaz appeared in serials like Aahat, Crime Patrol, Yeh Ishq Hai. Shafaq Naaz’s most famous character was Kunti in the Star Plus show Mahabharata. However, it was very difficult to land the role and Shafaq Naaz admitted to auditioning 250 times for the role.

Most famous roles

Shafaq Naaz’s most famous roles include Mayuri in Chidiya Ghar, Kunti in Mahabharata and Niyati in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Apart from television, she has appeared in the Bollywood film “Guest in London” and a web series “Halala”.


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