Severance Season 2: Release Date, Future Plot From Comic Con Meetings, And More!


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The employees of Lumon Industries continue to reveal the secrets of their corporation. With the first chapters of the series aiming high (being one of the Apple TV + premieres of the year), it is worth noting that the taste for Severance Season 2 is tremendously high. So, Severance fans, pack up your gear and prepare to head back to Lumon Industries. Apple TV+ has announced that its acclaimed workplace thriller will return for a second season, much to the relief of fans who freeze screenshots of the company manual for clues to the mystery at the heart of the first season! However, it seems that Severance Season 2 not being released leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth as a general rule. But bittersweet in the best of ways when we talk about a series, since it hooks you so much that you’d do anything to contend with waiting for Severance Season 2. 

Severance Season 2 Is Coming Back For Sure: Comic Con Theories + What To Expect 

Season 2 is highly confirmed:

Severance will progress in its second season, which still does not have an official release date, although it is highly confirmed.

Details about the second season were announced at Comic-Con by Dan Erickson, Ben Stiller and Tramell Tillman definitely know something we don’t. 

“It’s really exciting to see the response from the people who love the show and the level of fan engagement,” said director and executive producer Ben Stiller. “It’s been a long road bringing Severance to television. I first read over five years ago, Dan Erickson’s pilot. It’s always been a multi-season story, and I’m so glad we get to continue it. I’m so grateful to our Apple TV+ partners, who have supported the whole process. Praise Kier.”

The Severance panel at Comic-Con arrived in San Diego and proceeded to pull the plug on the public. Every time the forbidden words appeared (Season… Two…), everyone started to act coy. When the panel’s host, Patton Oswalt, asked Tillman if we’d see more of Milchick’s outside life in the future, he shrugged. However, Erickson reiterated a claim he previously made to Esquire, which you can read about in the next section. At Comic-Con, he said season two will see Breaking Up “build the world a little bit more, and with this reality adjustment, what would the ramifications be.” When asked if we will be told any more details about the goats, he said… “Yes.”

Fortunately, the team delivered in other ways. Apparently, the cast didn’t know that Lumon’s set was equipped with party lights until they started shooting MDE. Additionally, Erickson added that in the original draft of Severance, Mark woke up at the table, with Helly helping him adjust to reality. But yeah, it pained us to know that we’ll have to sneak back to Reddit for our daily dose of Severance.

Severance Season 2 release date:

The taciturn producers have left us no choice but to wait till the end of 2023 or till early 2024 because they haven’t given us a date but there is a rumor that filming is going to begin by November. 

Apple TV + has announced that filming has begun on the second season of ‘ Severance ‘, the great series created and written by Dan Erickson with the support of Ben Stiller as director and executive producer.

Severance Season 2 cast: 

Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Tramell Tillman, Michael Chernus and Christopher Walken will once again be part of a cast that in this second season includes Gwendoline Christie, John Noble, Alia Shawkat, Merritt Wever, Bob Balaban, Robby Benson, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and Stefano Carranante.

Mark Friedman, Chris Black, John Cameron, Andrew Colville, Nicky Weinstock, Richie Schwartz and Jackie Cohn serve as executive producers for this second season, along with Erickson and Stiller. 

Severance Season 2 episode length: 

‘Severance ‘ is a Fifth Season (formerly Endeavor Content) and Red Hour Films production for Apple TV+. Its first season consists of a total of nine episodes, each lasting about an hour.

Season 2 will reportedly contain 10 episodes from 40-57 minutes. The broadcast will take place on the Apple TV+ service, and a schedule of weekly episodes will also be maintained.

Any details about this new season to be released on Apple TV + at the end of 2023 are unknown for now.

This is how Severance left us after the first season:

Would Burt (Christopher Walken) be able to recognize Irving (John Turturro)? Would the new version of Mark get to know that his wife is still alive? What else is Harmony hiding to continue trying to defend Lumon despite the treatment received? Will Helly’s strength manage to empathize with her innie and end such torture? What conspiratorial goal does the strange work of the Lumon refiners ultimately have? And the company itself? These are just some of the many unresolved questions that the first season leaves us, but below are the main character’s concerns: 

Helly (Britt Lower) and Mark (Adam Scott)

“We are prisoners.” 

“She is alive”. 

After these devastating phrases from Helly (Britt Lower) and Mark (Adamm Scott), the Severance series faded to black, leaving us with the irremediable desire to speed up time to reach the premiere of the second season and none of us are cavalier about the continuation of the series. We are dying to know what will happen next on Severance Season 2!

The innie of the Lumon workers had spent several episodes drawing up a plan that would allow them to know their lives beyond the elevator. 

Dylan (Zach Cherry)

Knowing their real environment, family, friends and above all knowing themselves (if we can really say that their parents and they are the same people). Of course, not everyone would have this opportunity, since Dylan (Zach Cherry) would have to stay inside to activate the so-called “overtime protocol” that would allow the outies to transform into innies exceptionally. 

Harmony (Patricia Arquette) 

The recently fired Harmony (Patricia Arquette) found out from Mark what they were planning and, far from contributing to the plan as revenge after her dismissal, informed Milchick (Tramell Tillman), who didn’t take long to stop the protocol by setting aside from the middle to a Dylan who tried to prevent it with all his might. 

Severance Season 2 future plot:

What will happen next is known only to the production parties involved and, for better or worse, nothing has been revealed. Therefore, we cannot even know if these questions will be resolved and what others will begin to raise. 

According to Erickson, Stiller, Adam Scott, Britt Lower, and Tramell Tillman:

After months of no major news from Lumon’s top brass, the Severance team hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Erickson, Stiller, Adam Scott, Britt Lower and, of course, Mr. Milchick himself, Tramell Tillman, all showed up to talk about what we consider one of the best shows of the year. 

We contend that the second season predictions cannot be as concrete as Erickson’s plan but he offered some tantalizing hints during one interview saying: 

“Inside Lumon, there will definitely be an expansion of the world as we’re going to see more of the building, and we’re going to see more of the outside world as well.” 

Erickson’s plan on the narrative architecture of the entire story is also as follows: 

“There is a general plan for the series. I have an end point in mind, and I intentionally didn’t plan it season by season, because I wanted it to be flexible enough that we could get to it in two or six seasons. I want us to be surprised by the direction of the series. There’s a sense of what Lumon is trying to do and the role our main characters are going to play in that, and where it’s all going to culminate. It’s really exciting to think about taking the next step on that journey”.

The first season ends with a spectacular cliffhanger as Mark, Irving and Helly manage, with great difficulty, to bring their innies to the outside world. The consequences of his subterfuge are enormous: Irving discovers that his lover in Lumon is married, Mark learns that his supposedly dead wife is actually his co-worker, and Helly learns of his Eagan inheritance, then announces it during a gala. Dylan is imprisoned by Mr. Milchick, but, as Stiller pointed out in an interview with Deadline, Dylan has already seen The Matrix, when his innie found out she had a son. “Obviously, that’s a huge question and something that’s really important to address because the whole world’s perception of him has been altered by having this vision,” Stiller said. 

“That’s going to be a larger section of what the second season has to contend with, a big part of the engine of the inception of the new season.” 

A similar conflict arises for Mark, whose revelations will cause conflict in his love life. “With Innie Mark, we started rooting for him and Helly, but now we also want to root for Outie Mark to find his wife,” Stiller said. “It’s an interesting juxtaposition and conflict that we’ll explore in season two.”

Although the first season focused on Mark and his perspective, meaning we barely got a glimpse of his colleagues’ outies, Erickson promises that everything is about to change. “In season two, we’re going to show all these people on the outside,” he told EW. “Like Mark, each of them had their own reason for having this procedure, and they are all at some stage of a healing process for one thing or another.

Mark’s exit is under near constant surveillance by his boss, Harmony Cobel, who poses as his friendly neighbor, Mrs. Selvig. Although Mark now knows the truth about Cobel’s double life, Erickson comments that we haven’t seen the last of her plans. “I think she has a special bond with Mark,” he told Polygon. “And I don’t think it’s totally based on Lumon, that’s what I’m going to say. I think that she – without giving away too much of what we’ll see – has a certain professional interest. And, obviously, we have seen that there is some type of experiment or something that happens with him and his wife, and kind of observing them. But I think you can see in his eyes that it’s become more than just the job.”

Theories abound: someone asks about those damn goats you see roaming around Lumon with explanations ranging from cloning to brain experimentation. Erickson remained Taciturn, but assured viewers, “on the show, I don’t think we’ve seen our last goat.”

Erickson’s AMA confirmed some mysteries from the first season and talked about what’s to come in the second. One thing is for sure: “The office is real,” Erickson spoke in his punditry of Season 2’s plot. 

“The office physically exists and everything we see there is actually taking place (except the black goo, which is Irv’s dream). You would have lost your bet if you had bet your money on the old “everything is a simulation theory”. 

Erickson also hinted at another Season 2 mystery: why did Helena Eagan keep her partner’s suicide attempt from the Board? “Good question. I think more will be revealed in the second season,” he replied.

Unfortunately, until the second season premieres, there isn’t much we know for sure. As established by an IndieWire message from Erickson: “It turns out that it’s easier to bring up and gather interesting questions than to sit down and actually answer them.”

Fan theories about the second season:

The fact that we do not officially know anything does not mean that each of us can have our theories. And a good string of them can be found on Reddit, where the imagination is triggered excessively in some cases (or not). Here we have compiled some of the most outstanding and that could make more sense with the future of the new episodes.

“Lumon creates clones. Mrs. Casey is a clone of Mark’s deceased wife.” 

Samanthastoat ‘s theory makes us believe that Lumon’s entire conspiratorial objective is to create an army based on clones. She tries to support this theory with what can be seen in the header of the series, in which it is true that “many clones of Mark” appear that “seem to be made of that sticky black substance” like the one that at various times is observed through Irving’s eye. 

In fact, she believes that Mrs. Casey might actually be a clone of Mark’s wife. “Everything is a not so funny social satire that seeks thrill and psychology to push workers to their limit.” 

A contrary opinion is given (the future of water and severance pay): 

In that same Reddit thread, we see answers in which one user notsoobviousreddit believes that in reality, it is all a tactless experiment to get “society to accept severance pay”. In fact, he firmly believes that absolutely nothing that happens in the company makes sense. In this regard, there are other answers that point in the same direction, believing that they are only trying to find the limit of people with activities as apparently simple (but exhausting) as selecting numbers on a computer. 

“Everything is set in a future where water is a rare commodity (and everything about Lumon fits).” This other theory that states that everything happens in a “not too distant future in which water is an increasingly scarce resource” is also a must. 

This would explain the reason for the logo of a drop of water in Lumon or the reason that the names of some files that appear on the refiners’ computers correspond to lakes, reservoirs, or dams. Yes, the user has checked it manually. Although if true, this objective would not justify or explain many of the events and doubts that remain in the air. 

“Sleep control, it’s as if the innies were sleepwalking thanks to the chips”

Innocentsubterfuge very inconspicuously launches what literally qualifies as a rambling. 

He believes that the chips could be controlling sleep by installing themselves in the hypothalamus. And based on this, he develops a broad theory in which he tries to demonstrate aspects such as the prohibition of innies to sleep so that their memories do not mix with those of their outies. He believes that the power of the chip also goes further, even allowing Gemma (Mark’s wife) to stay alive as Mrs. Casey. He also remembers aspects of the bedside that could go in the way that everything has to do with the dream. In short, we can find many other theories like these and if we analyze them in-depth, we can see that they really all fit together. Will they really have something to do with the reality of the series? Can they intertwine with each other? Hopefully, until then we hope we don’t run out of fingernails to bite while we wait for Severance to come back! 

Severance Season 2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Severance about?

‘Severance ‘ follows Mark Scout, the head of a work team at the mysterious Lumon Industries whose employees have undergone a surgical procedure that separates their memories between work and personal life. This risky experiment in “balancing work/life” is called into question when Mark finds himself embroiled in a mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work…and himself.

Severance is the story of Mark Scout (Adam Scott), who works at a mysterious mega-corporation called Lumon Industries. Mark and his coworkers have voluntarily undergone the Severance procedure, which surgically divides their memories between their work life and his personal life. At work, employee “innies” have no idea what their non-work life is like; at home, their “outies” have no idea what they do. When Mark and his team find themselves at the center of an unraveling mystery about what Lumon Industries really does, this daring experiment in work-life balance is called into question.

How good is Severance?

The genre of the series is a dramatic thriller, so Severance is worth watching if you are interested in dark, intense and at the same time addictive projects. For many Americans, the mutual impact of personal and work lives is an issue.

The project that received 98% fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes (RT) website, definitely got a lot of attention from the viewers – with each episode there were more and more of them. Numerous publications including CNN, Empire, The Guardian, IGN, The Hollywood Reporter, and many others named it series of the year, with Metaritic reporting that it was Severance in 2022 that made best-of lists most often. Such success could not go unnoticed by fans who wanted to know if there will be a season 2 of The Severance. 

When is Severance season 2 coming out?

The plot of the series Severance is so exciting that after the success of the first episodes, the showrunners decided to renew the show for another season that was announced in April of last year. Production is already underway and new episodes are expected to air by late 2023 or early 2024, even though the exact release date of Severance season 2 remains a mystery for now.

What is the plot for Severance season 2?

All those who work at Industrias Lumon undergo a mandatory “Severance ” process which makes you forget about everything that happens to an employee outside of work and what a person did during the working day. Mark takes this job in order not to remember the death of his wife for at least a few hours a day, and everything suits him.

On the day one of the important employees changes, Mark and many of his colleagues understand what is happening in the corporation. Something happens, and they are about to regain their lost memories, coming into conflict with the leadership.

The new season of Severance will talk about what happened after the final episodes, where a group of heroes managed to gain the ability to control their memory. For a detailed look, we have explained possible plot theories above! 

When will the second season of Severance air?

In the capable hands of Stiller and Erickson, season two is sure to be another thrill ride of sci-fi and corporate intrigue, though it’s still a long way off with no air date specified. One thing is confirmed : unlike the first season, the second will have ten episodes.

We may not know much, but we do know one thing: trust Ben Stiller. In an Esquire profile on Stiller, the star of Severance, Patricia Arquette, said: 

“He’s ruthless. He never stops. He never stops rewriting, never stops thinking. Weekends, holidays… you get late-night phone calls, you get early-morning phone calls in the morning. Ideas. New things. He focuses incredibly intensely on everything: every little piece of the set, every little thing in the wardrobe. I’ve never seen anyone so focused on everything.”

Severance Season 2 Interesting Facts: 

  • The project was highly appreciated by critics and viewers. In Kinopoisk, it entered the top 250 movies and series, where it ranks 137th. 
  • Screenwriter Dan Erickson found it difficult to write the script due to issues with work-life balance He Loves the Last One Too Much.
  • According to the media, the series is “the most dystopian version of corporate America imaginable.” 
  • Filming took place in New York and New Jersey, but the series itself takes place in the fictional town of Ciro.
  • If you really can’t wait for season two, head over to the Breakup Reddit, where fans have already posted thousands of compelling theories. Many fans have taken notice of a comment made by Helly’s father (“One day, you’ll join me in my riot”), positing that members of the Eagan family upload their consciousness to a computer and become part of the Eagan family. Junta that torments Harmony Cobel so much. Could Kier Eagan still be alive in the ether, according to that logic? Another fan suggests that Irving, an ex-military man, might be an undercover agent who went into termination proceedings to investigate Lumon, judging by his obsessive research and documentation of Lumon employees. “What if the Severance procedure was initially developed for use in war?” a Redditor wonders..”You have enlisted soldiers who are easily indoctrinated to do your bidding, and have no recollection or PTSD after their tour is complete. Irving would have been hired by Severance as an incendiary man, and that explains why he’s so interested in secretly tracking other people.” In a recent Reddit AMA, Erickson agreed with this theory, saying, “One of the nice things about opening up the world a bit is that we’ll be able to see other applications of the technology. Other ways that society voluntarily ‘segments’ itself from unpleasant truths.”
  • Responding to a fan who asked if Ricken’s “The You You Are” would ever make it to print, Erickson said, “I think there’s a pretty good chance of it happening…” Praise Kier!
  • Fans who want to dig even deeper can check out The Lexington Letter, a free, supposedly “revealer” book by former Lumon employee Peggy Kincaid, which Erickson confirms is, in fact, canon. We may have another book to enjoy soon, if the AMA joke of hers is any good. 


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