Priyanka Mongia: Who Is The 25 Year Old Indian Influencer?


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Priyanka Mongia was born on 27 September 1997 in Delhi, the capital of India. Currently based in Punjab, Priyanka Mongia is one of the well-known social media stars who started her career on Instagram with short dancing videos. Priyanka Mongia has 9 million followers on Instagram with fans from  India and Pakistan as well as in Nepal. In this article, we take a look at Priyanka Mongia’s life and career. 

Priyanka Mongia: From 0 to 9 Million on Instagram, The Life Of An Influencer 

Why is Priyanka Mongia famous?

Priyanka is a well-known MOJ star and social media influencer with 10+ million followers on MOJ app and 9+ million followers on Instagram. he is known among people for her good looks, smile and dance. Each of her videos is very unique and Priyanka is nationwide known for her dance and lip sync videos on social media as she gained popularity from China’s Tik Tok app. Priyanka had 22.7 million followers on the Tik Tok app, although the Tik Tok app has been banned in India under pressure from China.


Priyanka Mongia’s family is related to Punjab, who believe in Hinduism, there is no information about her parents yet, but her brother’s name is Gaurav Mongia. Currently Mongia’s family lives in Punjab only. 

Height,weight, and age: 

Priyanka Mongia’s height is 5 feet 5 inches, her weight is around 52 kg. And her age is 25 years.


Priyanka Mongia did her early education from “Ryan International High School” and college from Khalsa College, Jalandhar. Priyanka has graduated from a commerce background. 

Social media career: 

PriyankaMongia is a Social Media Influencer or we can say a Digital Content Creator on all major platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Moj App with a huge fan following on these platforms. Out of all social media platforms, Priyanka Mongia is more famous on Instagram because she puts more of her short videos on this platform. Priyanka Mongia was earlier known as Tik Tok Star but after Tik Tok was banned she appeared on many other Short Videos apps but now she looks more active on Instagram Reels.

Priyanka Mongia was a Tiktok star in India but Tiktok was banned in 2020 and a new app called MOJ was introduced in India. Priyanka Mongia moved to MOJ app (a growing app after the banning of Tiktok in India) and started posting on Tiktok. Her famous id is IAmPriyanka which is famous on the internet.

In 2018, Piyanka Mongia started posting on TikTok and became famous with reels always getting 1+ million views. But in 2020, TikTok was banned in India and moved to different platforms.

She gained 1+ million followers on Tiktok in just one year (May 2019) and later in just 5 months she gained 4+ million followers and became a 5+ million followers family on Tiktok.

As of January 20203 she has garnered 9+ million followers on Instagram but prior to her ban had 15+ million followers on TikTok in April 2020 in addition to a total of 22.9+ million followers till Tiktok was banned in India.

In 2020 Tiktok was banned in India and she moved to MOJ app and gained popularity there as well. Currently, she is active on MOJ app with 9.6+ million followers where she has 59+ million likes.

Later she started posting on YouTube around the same year in 2019. However, she did not achieve a huge following on Instagram, Moj and TikTok. 

Priyanka was not active on YouTube but she was posting shorts and 2 longer videos were found on YouTube as of August 2022.

Priyanka Mongia then came on Instagram in 2016 and posted only two pictures in the month of December. In 2017, she only posted one picture on Instagram, but the next year in 2018, she started posting more pictures as she became active on TikTok.

In September 2019, the social media star got 1 lakh followers on Instagram.

In May 2020, she achieved 5+ lakh followers on Instagram.

As of July 2020, the influencer had 1+ million followers on Instagram.

As of April 2023  she has gained 9+ million followers on Instagram and continues to grow.

Priyanka Mongia Relationship: 

At present, there is no information about whether Priyanka Mongia is single or in a relationship because she has kept her personal life separate from her professional life, but it is being speculated that she neither has a boyfriend nor is she dating anyone.


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