Anant Ambani: How Many Facts Do You Know About Mukesh Ambani’s Son?


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Today it is impossible to think of the Indian cell phone market without Reliance Jio who was headed by the former chairman Mukesh Ambani. In most recent news, Anant Ambani (the youngest son of Reliance Industries founder Mukesh Ambani) and Radhika Merchant, the daughter of Encore Healthcare CEO Viren Merchant Shaila, are engaged to be married by December of last year. Their marriage confirmation was publicly announced on December 29 during their special event called ‘Rokka Festival’, held at Srinathji Temple. 

Anant Ambani: How Well Do You Know Him? Facts About His Personal Life! 

Who is Anant Ambani?

Anant Ambani is the youngest son of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani the Reliance Industries Chairman. He studied at Brown University, USA. Ananth Ambani is the executive in-charge of Reliance Industries Limited. He is a board member of Reliance Retail Ventures, Jio Platforms. Recently, Mukesh Ambani bought a luxury house in Dubai for his son Anand Ambani a few months ago. Anand Ambani currently oversees the energy sector at Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Group. 

Anant’s father: 

Dhirubhai Ambani is the founder of Reliance. His eldest son Mukesh Ambani has taken it to the top. The Ambani family in Asia, is the richest family there is right now! However, Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani had 3 kids. Mukesh Ambani has three successors. Eldest son Akash and daughter Isha are twins while the younger son is Anand. 

Last August 2022, Mukesh Ambani wrote in his will to divide who owns what property. Accordingly, he allotted the telecom and retail companies to his twins Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani and the new energy sector to Anant Ambani.

Anant’s mother:

Indian businesswoman by osmosis of her marriage, Nita Ambani is the famous wife of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani. Nita through marriage became the daughter-in-law of Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani. Nita Ambani is the chairperson and founder of Reliance Foundation and the director of Dhirubhai Ambani International School and Reliance Industries.  Nita also holds a doctorate degree from Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi World University (SCSVMV University), Kanchipuram. This title has been given to him for education, social service and human love.

The owner of Indian Premier League cricket team Mumbai Indians is also Nita Ambani was associated with Reliance Industries and the National Association of the Blind, a social service organization called “Dashwari”. She established the largest private charitable trust in the country called Reliance Foundation in 2010 for social welfare work. Under this, facilities are being provided for education, health, art-culture and sports in rural areas. Apart from this, the trust has provided excellent services in the field of natural disaster management in various parts of the country like Jammu, Kashmir, Chennai, Gujarat. Apart from Reliance Foundation, she has also started Education for All (EFA) to improve the education system in the country. So far this campaign has provided education to 7000 poor children in the country.

As of 2023, Nita Ambani, who is still the wife of Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in the world, recently opened an art and cultural center in Mumbai named Neeta Mukesh Art Cultural Centre. The opening ceremony was held on a grand scale with superstars like Rajinikanth from Tamil Nadu and his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth as guests!

Anant Ambani’s Kol Dhana, a pre-engagement:

An engagement ceremony was held in the presence of family and friends on December 29 at Srinathji Temple in Rajasthan. In this case, the engagement was held at Antilia House today. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and others participated in it. Koldana and Sunari Vidhi programs were held. These are important events in a Gujarati Hindu family. 

Observed by Hindus from Gujarat, during this pre-engagement ritual, the groom’s family comes to his bride’s house with gifts and sweets accompanied by Gol Dhana and Chunari Vidhi rituals. 

Then the bride and groom exchange rings and take blessings from the elders of the family. Later, Anand Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s families prayed to Lord Krishna that the engagement should go well. Then they went to the engagement venue and started the engagement with Ganesh Pooja.

Please note that Anand Ambani wore a watch worth 18 crores. The Swiss-made Patek Philippe brand caught everyone’s eye thanks to its twenty features. The watch that he was wearing had an inverted case, two individual dials, and six patented inventions. 

The Switzerland based Patek Philippe watch is exquisitely crafted in white gold while the front and back of this watch are blue in color. One lakh hours have been taken to assemble this watch alone thanks to the  highly complex features like advance time selection facility, alarm, date indication sound, and dust protection. 

Who is Anant Ambani’s bride Radhika Merchant?

Radhika, who is to be married, holds an important position on the Board of Directors of Merchant Encore Healthcare. 

Radhika Merchant’s engagement dress cost almost Rs 6 lakh. It is worth noting that the pink dress worn by Radhika at the previous day’s mehndi ceremony cost Rs 4 lakh.  Radhika’s floral shoes and eye-catching lehenga with mirror embroidery made everyone smitten. It is noteworthy that Abu Jani and Sandeep Bhosle both worked as bridal designers and Radhika Merchant wore a lehenga designed by them. Likes and comments are pouring in for a famous make-up artist and hairstylist Aarti Nair who posted pictures of Radhika Merchant on her social media. 

Radhika’s father:

Viren Merchant is a name counted among the rich people of the world. Also, since his relationship is associated with the family of India’s biggest industrialist Mukesh Ambani. Since then people have been eager to know about Viren Merchant. Viren Merchant is a successful businessman who happens to be the head of Encore healthcare company.

Viren Merchant was born in Mumbai city of India. His father’s name was Ajit Kumar Gordhandas. His mother’s name was Indu Gordhandas. He received his childhood education at a high school in Mumbai. After this, he also completed his graduation from a university in Mumbai. He comes from a businessman’s family since the beginning. It was from his father that he learned the ways of business. And in today’s time, he is the CEO of the world’s renowned company encore healthcare. 

As the CEO of renowned company Encore Healthcare, and talking about the figures, then it has been told by many news channels and big websites that Viren’s net worth is Rs 755 crores.

Radhika’s mother:

While Radhika Merchant dazzled the guests in her stunning golden color lehenga, her mother Shaila Merchant was also beaming next to her daughter at the engagement party. Shayla Merchant’s style and look left the audience speechless. So let’s get to know her mother. 

Radhika’s mother is Shaila Merchant who married Viren Merchant in the 90s. The couple have twin daughters Radhika and Anjali. Both of the daughters have emerged as business women admired by everyone today. 

Shaila Merchant who hails from Gujarat and successfully completed her schooling in Mumbai, married Viren when Viren Merchant was the CEO of Encore Healthcare Private Limited, a pharmaceutical company. After that he was appointed as the managing director (MD) of the pharmaceutical company. 

Who is Anant Ambani’s sister Isha Ambani? 

Isha Ambani married Anand Piramal in 2018. Ananda is the son of the founder of Brahmal Group. 

Who is Anant Ambani’s brother Akarsh?

In 2019, Akash Ambani married Sloka Mehta, daughter of diamond merchant Russell Mehta. Priyanka Chopra first came to congratulate this wedding which rocked Mumbai for three days. The couple has a 2-year-old son Prithvi. Today the Jio leader; Mukesh Ambani crowned his son as its chairman after he resigned from Reliance Jio. 

Akash completed his schooling and studied Economics at Brown University, USA. On the fourth day after graduation, he joined Reliance as a director. It was the year 2014. Reliance was then preparing to enter the cell phone market. Jio was formed with a team of 60 people.

A keen tech enthusiast, Akash immediately joined the Reliance Jio team as head of planning. Akash decided to provide Jio service on 4G network while other companies were providing only 2G and 3G services. With that decision, Reliance Jio revolutionized the Indian mobile and entertainment market. Akash has also played a major role in its subsequent ventures like Jio Chat, Jio Cinema and Jio TV.

One day his father Mukesh saw Akash scolding the house watchman with harsh words. He immediately called his son and reprimanded him and said, “It is a bad habit to scold adults in one voice at an age. Apologize to him”. 

“When money and power come hand in hand, so must responsibility and humility.” Nita Ambani says, “I have brought up my children in the same way that children are brought up with discipline in a strict middle class family.”

Akash has a passion for buying and collecting various cars. He owns many cars like Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Range Rover Evoque, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Akash’s only role model in life is his father Mukesh Ambani. He will not do anything that his father does not like. Even at the age of 30, the child does not say anything to his father.

Anand Ambani’s weight gain:

In an interview with a private news agency in 2017, his mother the dancer Nida Ambani said that “Anand is suffering from asthma and is undergoing treatment”. Anand Ambani also said that he was suffering from obesity.

It is noteworthy that Anand Ambani lost 108 kg in 2016 due to 18 months of strict exercise and diet. It is noteworthy that Anand Ambani lost weight by walking 21 km, doing yoga & exercising for 6 hours. 

Anand Ambani, who is being treated for asthma, is reportedly gaining weight again due to the steroids he is taking. These steroid drugs are said to cause increased appetite.


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