The Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Send Shivers Down Your Spine


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Horror movies have their distinct charm. The thrill, fear, and shock during horror movies are unmatched. Hollywood has made a lot of horror movies over the years. While a lot of them have been quite terrible, a lot of them have been quite magnificent as well. We have made a list of some of the best horror movies that Hollywood has produced. We have arranged them in chronological order. Let’s get started.

Here Are The Best Hollywood Horror Movies Of All Time

Psycho (1960)

Standing out as a masterpiece among psychological thrillers, Psycho is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Entrusted with money by a rich man whose boss does business, Marion is closely followed by the police for her suspicious behavior. Along with the police, some acquaintances follow Marion. Deciding to spend the night in a hotel before meeting her lover, Marion realizes the strangeness in the hotel before going to her room and talks to the owner of the hotel, Norman Bates. After talking to Norman, who is obsessed and has personality problems, Marion goes to her room and takes a shower and things take a terrible turn.

The Exorcist (1973)

Separated from her husband, Chris lives with her 12-year-old daughter, Reagan, at their home in Georgetown. Noticing Reagan’s strange behavior during her birthday party, Chris thinks she may be ill and takes her to the doctor. Although it was concluded that Reagan had no problems since no diagnosis could be made after many tests, the strange movements of the little girl still continue. A desperate mother takes her daughter to Father Merrin for a final exorcism.

Jaws (1975)

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws takes place in a seaside town. While a huge white shark arriving on Amity Island causes the death of several people in the town, the mayor does not want the issue to come to the surface so that tourism is not affected. For this reason, he also prohibits the closing of the beach. But when a child is killed, everyone starts looking for the terror that comes from below.

Halloween (1978) 

When talking about horror movies, a Halloween themed movie is a must. Michael Myers, who killed four teenagers on Halloween 1978, is visited by a group of investigators in his prison. Laurie, who survived Michael Myers on Halloween 40 years ago, wants to face Michael on the upcoming Halloween. Laurie has completed all her preparations to confront Michael, who managed to escape from the prison’s transport vehicle.

Alien (1979) 

One of the classic examples of horror and science fiction genres, Alien is about the crew of the most famous spaceship in history, the Nostromo, having to land on an unknown planet on their way back to Earth after their mission. Receiving a distress call from this planet, the crew later realizes that the call is actually a warning signal. However, realizing this too late, the team finds themselves on a frightening adventure by encountering an unknown life form that has a brutal way of spawning. 

The Shining (1984) 

You can see Jack Nicholson’s unique acting in this cult horror movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie takes place in a hotel called Overlook in the mountains of Colorado. Jack Torrance, who started to work here as a winter caretaker, will stay alone with his family in the hotel, which is closed during the winter season. However, his younger son Danny senses that there are evil spirits in the hotel. Grady Philip Stone, who killed his wife and two daughters years ago, is the former winter caretaker of this hotel. Things change when Jack meets Grady’s ghost.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

In a neighbourhood where teenagers are starting to die mysteriously, they dream of a scary man with fingers like sharp knives. This nightmarish ghost is Freddy Krueger, the pervert who killed children years ago. Returning, Freddy takes revenge by restarting his murders. The legend that left its mark on the 1980s has been remade many times until today.

Predator (1987)

In this action-packed movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, a commander named Dutch and his crew hunt for a creature from outer space. Dutch and his commandos will be the next hunt for the creature that travels through different worlds and kills the life forms it encounters with interesting rituals. 

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Set in New Orleans in 1971, the film is about Louis, who lost his joy of living with the death of his wife. Louis meets a vampire named Lestat and Lestat advises him to become a vampire. Although Lestat turns Louis into a vampire, Louis can’t get used to this situation because he doesn’t want to kill people to satisfy his hunger. Directed by Neil Jordan, the film features stars such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater and Kirsten Dunst.

Scream (1996)

In this movie inspired by a real serial killer, the killer nicknamed Ghostface calls the people he chose as his victim by phone. On the phone, he asks them questions about horror movies. The group of friends in the movie, where everyone is either a suspect or a victim, thinks that they live in a horror movie and that they can survive with the plot of cliché horror movies. This successful production, which inspired many horror movies, is among the best movies of all time in the horror genre.

Devil’s Advocate (1997) 

Devil’s Advocate, which is counted among the best horror films, was shot with famous actors such as Al Pacino, Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves. Successful defense attorney Kevin clears his wrongful clients in even the toughest cases. Receiving a fantastic job offer after a lawsuit he won, Kevin accepts the offer, and his life changes in a way he never thought possible.

Final Destination (2000)

Foreseeing when death will come, Alex is about to fly to Paris with his high school friends. Alex, who saw that the plane they were going to get on had crashed in his dream, warns his friends and discourages them from getting on the plane. The plane actually crashes, but death wants to prevent their escape. Alex, on the other hand, starts working to save his friends, who started to die strangely after the accident, thanks to his intuition.

The Others (2001)

In the film, which takes place after the Second World War, Grace, who lives in New Jersey, heals her wounds with her two children after her husband lost in the war. The family lives in a dark mansion because the children are allergic to the sun. Grace’s daughter Anne’s imaginary friend Victor is also in this house with them. A thick fog begins one day after Grace receives people who come to their homes to ask for a job as an assistant. When they lost contact with the town due to heavy fog, they were left alone in their big house with their new employees, whom they did not trust. 

Resident Evil (2002) 

You can watch the magnificent blend of horror and action in this game based movie, which is one of the first to come to mind when horror movies are mentioned. The subject of this movie, which has become a classic over the years, is the world-renowned technology company Umbrella, which has industrial establishments in many places. Umbrella, headquartered in Raccoon City, USA, runs some top secret and dangerous jobs that even its employees don’t know about. Humanity is faced with a great danger when an infection called T-virus is released during these studies.

The Ring (2002)

The Ring, which takes its place among the unforgettable horror films, draws attention with its different plot. When the videotape, in which the audience mysteriously died in seven days, finally caused the death of four young people, journalist Rachel Keller begins to work to solve the secret of this tape. Rachel, who watches the tape to solve the mystery, has only seven days to do this job.

Saw (2004)

Saw, which is one of the movies that will be heard most by those who want horror movie recommendations, draws attention with its high tension subject. Two men named Elles and Whannel, who don’t know each other, find themselves chained to the wall in a dirty bathroom one day. There is a corpse lying on the ground, covered in blood. These two men, who have no idea how they got here, do not know how to get out of there or what will happen to them. 

Constantine (2005) 

The reason for this success of private detective John Constantine, who is known for his outstanding success in supernatural events, is that he went to hell and came back. Believing nothing but solid evidence, police officer Angela Dodson is forced to go to Constantine when her sister mysteriously commits suicide. Working together to destroy the creatures and demons from hell, the duo fight a fearful battle to find their way to Los Angeles. You should definitely watch this movie in which the Hellblazer character from DC Comics’s Vertigo comic is reflected on the big screen.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity, which has made a worldwide impact, is a successful production with its primitive fear of the unknown. Thinking that she has been followed by an invisible entity since she was little, Katie suspects that they are not alone in the new house where she lives with her husband Micah. The young couple pursues this business with a handheld camera they put in their bedroom. Strange events that begin with footsteps take a terrifying turn.

The Mist (2007)

Adapted from Stephen King’s book The Fog, this movie takes place in a town. The people are in a panic in the town, which is covered by a strange and dense fog that is not of this world. A part of the town is held hostage in the supermarket. It is noticed that mysterious creatures are lurking in the fog layer. At this time when they need to act together, there is a difference of opinion between conservative old people and young people with modern ideas.

Orphan (2009) 

Kate and John, who lost their baby during pregnancy, decide to adopt a child after this great trauma. Impressed by a girl named Esther, whom they met at the orphanage, the couple adopts her. But Esther has big, dark secrets that no one knows about. Realizing that her family’s safety is at stake, Kate tries to show John Esther’s unlovable face to change the situation but is ignored. 

Black Swan (2010) 

In this movie starring successful names such as Winona Ryder, Vincent Cassel, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, a ballerina named Nina plays the lead role in the ballet Swan Lake. However, this game requires someone who can simultaneously portray the graceful white swan and the black swan representing lust. Although Nina successfully portrayed the white swan, Lily, who portrayed the black swan better than her, also influenced Leroy, the director of the play. As Nina and Lily become rivals and friends, Nina begins to discover her own darker side.

Sinister (2012) 

A crime writer rents a house across the country with his family to investigate gruesome murders. All members of the family who lived in the house they rented before were also murdered. In a box in the attic of this house, the author finds film reels with scary images. In these reels, it is recorded how the families who lived in the house before were killed.

World War Z (2013)

Adapted from Max Brooks’ book of the same name, this movie is about a virus that emerged in China. This virus, which turns people into zombies, has caused an extraordinary war between humans and zombies. Gerry Lane, on the other hand, encounters this virus for the first time when he and his two daughters and wife are stuck in traffic. Putting his family in a safe zone, Gerry begins to fight to save the world. You can have a pleasant evening with this gripping film, in which both the producer and the leading role are handled by Brad Pitt.  

Don’t Breathe (2016)

Three stealing friends catch a blind, rich man in their sight. When they enter the house of this man who seems like an easy victim, the young people who realize that it is not easy to get out of this place, fall into a chase that lasts all night. They start to run away to avoid being the new victims of this extremely dangerous blind man.

Get Out (2017)

Chris, an ordinary black teenager, goes to the town where they live to meet his girlfriend Rose’s family. Sensing that something is wrong with his girlfriend’s family, Chris learns that the black people left in town have mysteriously disappeared. Moreover, Chris is warned by another black man to leave this town before it’s too late. However, when he realizes that something is wrong, it will not be so easy to get rid of. 


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