Zoya Rathore: Why Is She Famous For Exposing The Dark Side Of Bollywood? 


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Zoya Rathore is an actress and model who works in shows, adult web series, and other TV series. She is a beautiful and talented actress. She made her debut after acting in TV serials such as  ‘Bade Achche Lagte Hain’, ‘Saubhagyawati Bhava’,and ‘Fear Files’. In this article, we take a look at Zoya’s life and how she has come under the spotlight for exposing the dark underbelly of Bollywood! 

Zoya Rathore: From Revealing Nude Audition Controversy To Raj Kundra Allegations 

Raj Kundra’s company asked Zoya Rathore to audition nude, even boys make them remove their underwear, says the actress who has worked in erotic films. 

Zoya has made many sensational revelations about nude auditions: 

In a long interview, businessman Raj Kundra and his associate Umesh Kamat, who belongs to Raj Kundra’s company Hotshots, have come under serious fire for asking TV actress Zoya Rathore for a nude audition. Zoya refused to do so. 

“Apart from that there was also a guy named Roy who was calling me from Singapore and he also asked me to audition nude. He also took the name of the Hotshots app from me”, Zoya. 

Young men are victims too:

‘Boys are also made to remove their underwear’ stated the woman who was exploited in the erotic film industry like other boys: Zoya Rathore. 

“Exploited in this work. People who are not comfortable showing their bodies don’t get work and those who are ready to go nude get work. There are some boys who come from theater, are good actors, and have worked in some serials as well, they are told that if they don’t remove their underwear and don’t give a nude shot from behind, they won’t get work. The boys are called over the phone to give a normal audition and are promised Rs 5,000 per day. But when those people come on the set, it is said that if you have real sex, you will be given Rs 15,000. They are told that the porn industry is growing rapidly and they will become its superstars and thus they are forced to have real sex”, she stated. 

Businessman Raj Kundra was arrested in 2021: 

He was arrested for making porn films and one government lawyer claims, police got 51 porn films from Raj Kundra. 

TV actress Zoya Rathore has also told her experience and said that she has never met Raj Kundra but once Umesh Kamat asked her to give nude audition for HotShots App.

Zoya further said, “I have neither met Raj Kundra nor have I ever spoken to him”. However, the actress received a call who claimed that Umesh was handling Hotshots according to the man himself. He told me that he wants to give me a big break but I will have to give nude audition on video call which I refused to give. This was only 2 days before Umesh Kamat was arrested. 

Most interestingly, Zoya Rathore alleges Raj Kundra offered 70,000/- a day. When Umesh demanded to see Zoya without clothes, Zoya was not ready for this. Later, Zoya refused to work without clothes, despite being given Rs 70,000/- for a day. Otherwise there will be a budget of 20,000/-. Zoya has been in the film industry for a long time due to which she has already sensed the tricks. 

After Umesh’s arrest, Zoya learns that Umesh works for Raj Kundra. Earlier Zoya had worked with these people who had been arrested. He also got offers from Roy in the name of Hotshot from Singapore. And now if the news is to be believed then Raj Kundra has also been accused of investing illegal money in foreign countries.

It is being said that Yash Thakur is also involved in this case and is currently in Singapore. Zoya started with Yash Thakur’s project only. 

Zoya also stated that ‘Raj wanted to make the porn industry, Bollywood’:

Raj Kundra had set a goal as by 2023, the notorious businessman wanted to earn Rs 34 crore from Adult Films

Zoya said that everyone will show Raj Kundra as a big businessman by showing his good image and connections in Bollywood. He said, ‘I don’t know what the real game was but I had heard from some people that Raj Kundra wanted to make the porn industry as big as Bollywood. We artists are just pawns in this big game and people like me are labeled as porn stars. 

Even Bigg Boss actress and singer Sophia Hayat said- “Porn films are made in Bollywood by deception, it is just like rape”

‘Did bold scenes but didn’t have to sleep with anyone’: 

Zoya, a resident of Nagpur, came to Mumbai in the year 2004 but Like most new girls, Zoya also got caught in the satanic clutches of some people who asked Zoya to compromise in order to get a big break. 

Before she landed her  BPO job, Zoya said:  ‘People misguide you and whoever comes to Mumbai is asked to compromise. I also met a man who lied to me that I would get a role in a film starring Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. He told me that I will have a scene with Emraan Hashmi as well but I will have to compromise. I didn’t compromise and worked in small films. I agree that there were bold scenes in these films but I did not have to sleep with anyone”. 

Fortunately, her dreams came true as Zoya landed TV shows like ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava’, “Fear Files”, and ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’.

What is the future for bold, artistically erotic scenes in TV for Bollywood?

Zoya told one interviewer about Radhika Apte and other actresses who have also done some nude scenes for big platforms like Netflix. But at the same time, they get lakhs of rupees. 

Zoya further said with a trace of bitterness: ‘I reply to such people that lakhs of rupees are paid to such people and we do not get money here and have to face exploitation in every way. We are only acting in those scenes. 20 thousand rupees was given per day for giving bold scenes in erotic films to Zoya. 

The future is safer conditions and better pay for those who are putting their bodies on the line especially when there are other actors like Jewel Vashisht who was taken to the bungalow, threatened, made to strip and shoot a porn film’, or the fact that Sherlyn Chopra alleges sexual assault after ‘Raj Kundra entered the house and started kissing me forcibly’. 

As of later Zoya Rathod is happy that guidelines have been brought for the OTT platform as well and are being implemented gradually. The TV actress is happy that now bold content cannot be created beyond a limit. Zoya said, ‘My payment is now half of what it was before but I am happy working in this new environment. I am happy because now we do not have to remove anything beyond a bikini. 


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