Who Is Zach Wilson’s Mom? 5 Facts About The NY Jets QB’s Mother!


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Amongst rumors about sleeping with his mother’s friends and tales of Instagram stories for when Lisa Wilson, the mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson introduced his beautiful girlfriends, Zach Wilson’s mom has stirred up a lot of controversies. But in this article, we take a look at how she deflected the same.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom Defending Her Son In 5 Examples! 

1. Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa Wilson exposes haters in her private messages:

Lisa Wilson posted a collection of Instagram Stories that featured the direct messages she received from online critics, who were following her about Wilson’s performance in the Jets’ loss in April 2021.

In one of the posts, someone told Lisa, “Your son SUCKS as a QB hahaha.”

Wilson, meanwhile, averaged just 4.8 yards per pass attempt during the loss to the Saints.  The team was started by Wilson, who was selected second overall in this year’s NFL Draft.

Another hater slammed Zach Wilson in a direct message to his mom on Instagram.

“Hey I don’t wanna ruin your Sunday while you watch your son reek of joints,” an Instagram user wrote to the quarterback’s mother, in a screenshot. 

“But I have to let you know he’s awful and having this Instagram has given you the opportunity to personally let you know, and thank you for that, but don’t thank you for making a quarter – incompetent fullback.”

2. Zach Wilson’s mom holds the haters responsible:

Despite the online hate, Zach Wilson’s mother, Lisa, opened her DMs and prayed that her son’s haters would find happiness.

“People like you make me sad,” matriarch Wilson replied to the hater. “You must have been injured at some point in your life. I pray that you may find happiness.

Lisa also added a caption to her Instagram Story, “I feel really bad for these people.”

“It’s a good thing he has an IG so we can all pray for him to find happiness,” Lisa wrote.

3. Then a miracle, the heart of the callous enemy grew two sizes:

Shockingly and very bravely, one person actually apologized to Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa, for tearing her son apart. An act like this is very rare in Internet lore.

“It was very gross emotions that got the better of me,” the hater replied to Lisa. “He’s your son and I apologize, this is the first year things will only go up from here…apologies again.”

4. Next, Zach Wilson’s mom was faced with bizarre relationship claims:

In July 2022, the mother of the quarterback for the New York Jets and Zach Wilson himself found themselves in a tough spot. It had to do with some scandalous revelations. 

Zach Wilson’s mom took to social media to express her displeasure at the unsubstantiated allegations involving her son sleeping with a friend of his own mother according to his ex-girlfriend Abbey. Their reasons for this sudden revelation about Zach Wilson’s mom might have to do with the Jets QBs ex-girlfriend who has since moved on to dating her college roommate and Washington COs WR Dax Milne (Zach’s teammate and roommate).

It was one of her Instagram comments accusing Wilson of being a “homie hopper” for “sleeping with his mom’s best friend.” Although she has since deleted her Instagram profile, her relationship with Dax Milne has come under intense scrutiny from fans.

Wilson has also moved on with emerging ties to New Jersey-based influencer Nicolette Dellano after being photographed in a Yankees game in June 2022 ahead of the new NFL season.

5. The mother-son pair will put distractions aside:

The outpouring of criticism of his mother and the Jets QB on social media can be so hard for budding athletes but the Wilson family have shown initiative in taking control of the reports surrounding the 22-year-old hoping to put those distractions aside. 


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