Amouranth Onlyfans: Is The Famous Twitch Streamer The Queen Of OnlyFans As Well?


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Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers in the world today. She grew up playing video games and eventually started streaming after Twitch invited her. However, it’s Amouranth’s OnlyFans account that has made her exponentially richer. In this post, we will find out more about Amaranth and her OnlyFans. Let’s get started.

Amouranth OnlyFans: All You Need To Know

Who is Amouranth?

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa or “Amouranth”, as she is known on the networks, is a popular internet personality from Houston, Texas. She is well known for being a streamer or Twitch and an OnlyFans model.

When was Amouranth born?

Amouranth, the OnlyFans star was born on December 2nd, 1993. Since she was a teenager, she has been a fan of anime and video games. She also began to be noted for her cosplay designs.

How did Amouranth start her streaming career?

In 2016, Amouranth accepted the invitation from the Twitch platform to broadcast live. She was usually seen playing video games or streaming from an inflatable pool, which led to her reaching 5.8 million followers.

Why was Amouranth’s Twitch account banned?

However, her Twitch account was banned in 2021 for the erotic content she was displaying. After the influencer’s complaints, her account was restored and the platform created a new category called hot tub (hot tub) that has no clothing restrictions.

This type of content was what her husband forced her to share, but he was the one who had control of the bank accounts. Amouranth said that in an attempt to solve the situation, they sought help. “The therapist told him that this was a form of abuse, that it is as if I lived in a luxury prison,” said the influencer in tears.

“Then the hot tub thing came up and he said it was an opportunity and he became a jerk again. I accepted because it would be a great financial opportunity for both of us,” Amouranth lamented.

What is Amouranth’s net worth?

Amouranth recently said that she was “happy to be free.” Amouranth’s income was increased by his fame on OnlyFans, where she made more than 1.5 million dollars a month. According to a publication made by herself in July of this year, she has a net worth of 27 million dollars.

Amouranth, one of the most famous Twitch streamers in the world, revealed how much money she receives monthly for her streams. In an interview with Jake Lucky, another popular content creator, the influencer confessed that she has managed to accumulate two million dollars in one of her best months.

Amouranth clarified that most of her income comes from her participation in the OnlyFans subscription social network, where she went viral for her streaming in a jacuzzi.

In the chat broadcast on Twitch, Amouranth had no qualms about reporting her earnings, something that is unusual in the world of streamers, where the vast majority of content creators do not usually disclose their income.

The success of her live broadcasts on Twitch and her content on OnlyFans made Amouranth one of the most popular internet celebrities, breaking all billing records as an influencer. Even before the interview with fellow streamer, Jake Lucky, she had shared on her Twitter account what she earned per month. The figures were extraordinary: $1.5 million per month, on average, by mid-2022.

Amouranth assured that it was difficult to know exactly how much the monthly amount was, since the number of subscribers grows all the time and that increases income. In any case, the girl did not hesitate to answer when Jake Lucky asked her what she earned every month: “I think the biggest thing I have withdrawn probably, because with OnlyFans you have to withdraw all the time, I think it was like two million”.

The figure referred to by the voluptuous influencer is the result of what was billed in 45 days on Twitch and OnlyFans, although the vast majority comes from her activity on the adult content platform.

To get an idea of ​​how disproportionate their income is, it must be taken into account that Ibai Llanos, a Spanish-speaking star streamer and one of the most popular content creators in the world, with more than 11 million followers on Twitch, bills around of 100,000 euros, according to a data leak that occurred a few months ago.

Quite famously, an OnlyFans subscriber of Amouranth sent her an iPhone and $70k to hire bodyguards to defend herself.

Is Amouranth in an abusive marriage?

The famous Twitch content creator and OnlyFans model known as Amouranth revealed that she is married and denounced that her husband exploits her, in addition to controlling all her finances.

In the live broadcast on October 16, she answered a call from her husband that she put on speakerphone. Thus, her followers heard how she yelled at her and threatened her. According to the man, revealing that she was married would affect her fame in her networks, so he forced her to keep it a secret.

The live stream lasted 17 hours but was deleted by the OnlyFans star Amouranth. Some Internet users managed to save fragments of her in which she is seen crying and telling that her husband (unidentified) forced her to publish content against her will.

At one point, she put a call on the air with the man, who threatened to kill her two dogs, leave her only $1 million, and spend the rest of her money in cryptocurrency if she didn’t comply with his orders. She also showed the chat captures of her in which he threatened to throw her things away from her if she did not convey what he wanted.

Saturday’s broadcast cut off unexpectedly when the bedroom door was opened and was not heard from again until it returned to broadcast on Monday. “I’m happy to be free,” she recounted a little more calmly.

Amouranth said that Saturday’s broadcast “was the first time she had heard himself on a recording ” and that she had already recorded other abusive conversations, but had not posted them.

According to Amouranth’s statements, hearing this made him reconsider and she is “looking for help”. “I have access to all my accounts and finances again,” she confirmed, adding that she is seeking “legal and emotional help.”

Why did Amouranth assume that she will have to move?

She added that this type of violent attitude and abuse continued for years, but the police did not intervene because there were no signs of physical violence. Amouranth assumed that she would have to move because her husband divulged her address and Amouranth heard “knocking on the window” or had strangers appear at her door.

Did Amouranth claim to give up being an e-girl?

Despite the situation, she was calmer, her pets could be seen in the background, and she assured that she longs to “have friends again”, sleep, watch television and “wear clothes”. She assured that she will start “a new chapter” in her career, but she will take time to heal, spend time with her animals and feel “like a human again.” She cut the transmission again and tweeted moments later: “Someone called the police, I’ll be back soon.

During the early part of 2022, Amouranth had said that she was done being an e-girl and was planning to retire from both Twitch and Only Fans. Here’s what she said via her tweet in capital letters: “END OF AN ERA.  IT’S TIME TO STOP BEING AN E-GIRL COLD TURKEY AND QUIT 0NLY FANS IN JUNE.  GOING ALL OUT TILL THEN, WILL GO OUT WITH A BANG -GRAND FINALE 


However, she didn’t stop posting content on OnlyFans, which made fans ask her why she hadn’t quit OnlyFans despite claiming to do so. Here’s what she said in response via Twitter: “Because I am about to embark upon a crusade, and I’m going to fund it myself.  

We’re going to build a convention from the ground up. We’re not going to stiff vendors or employees and we’re sure as hell not going to s*xually harass (or worse) guests, so the OF retirement is punted 6 months or a year, because plans change in real life. 


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