Who Is Oscar De La Hoya’s Girlfriend Holly Sonders?


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Oscar De La Hoya is one of the most prominent figures in modern boxing. Oscar De La Hoya’s career witnessed a meteoric rise and he was dubbed “The Golden Boy of Boxing”. After retiring from boxing, Oscar De La Hoya also started Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar De La Hoya’s personal life hasn’t been as successful as his boxing career. He has dealt with numerous cheating allegations and ended up divorcing his wife in 2023 after 15 years of marriage. Oscar De La Hoya’s current girlfriend is former golfing correspondent Holly Sonders. In this post, we will find out more about her.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Girlfriend: Things To Know About Holly Sonders

Oscar De La Hoya And Holly Sonders are tight

Oscar De La Hoya kissing his girlfriend Holly Sonders
Oscar De La Hoya kissing his girlfriend Holly Sonders

Oscar De La Hoya and Holly Sonders are usually inseparable and one of the most striking couples in the world of entertainment and sports. The former world champion has stood out for his irreverent personality and, therefore, has remained current in the world of social networks with different competitions and activities. The boxer even gifted his hot girlfriend a hot, new Ferrari for Valentine’s Day.

Oscar De La Hoya asked people to guess his girlfriend’s cup size

Holly Sonders has significantly large “assets
Holly Sonders has significantly large “assets

One of the last draws that caught the public’s attention was the one that involved his girlfriend, Holly Sonders, who was amused by the bet that De la Hoya made to give away some tickets for the boxing fights on Saturday, January 28.

“Guess the size of Holly Sonders’ breasts and win 2 front row seats for Saturday fights,” the former boxer explicitly tweeted and the reactions of his followers were immediate, thinking it was a joke.

However, Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend Holly Sonders confirmed the bet and even joked about what her partner said: “Keep in mind that they are new. New babies are eight days old. Hahaha, see you in the fight,” commented Sonders. 

Oscar De La Hoya appeared with his girlfriend during the 2023 Latin Music Awards

Oscar De La Hoya with his girlfriend Holly Sonders during the 2023 Latin Music Awards
Oscar De La Hoya with his girlfriend Holly Sonders during the 2023 Latin Music Awards

The 2023 Latin Music Awards featured Oscar de la Hoya as a guest. However, what caught the attention of the attendees the most was his girlfriend, former golfer Holly Sonders, who showed off her stunning figure all over the place.

The ceremony, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, brought together multiple celebrities from different fields. The Golden Boy stood out by wearing a blue suit with lapels, as well as beige Christian Louboutin Dandelion loafers, but his girlfriend, with a pink and purple sequin dress, put all the eyes of the world on her.

Oscar De La Hoya is highly complimentary towards his girlfriend

Oscar De La Hoya points towards his girlfriend’s tattoo
Oscar De La Hoya points towards his girlfriend’s tattoo

In a short interview, Oscar de la Hoya paid many compliments to his partner, to the point of ensuring that “everyone” wanted to look like her, in addition to ensuring that the intimate moments between the two were too frequent.

Oscar De La Hoya isn’t planning to marry Holly Sonders

“Every day and every night,” said the legendary boxer proudly, who also put a stop to morbidity and assured that, although they are in love and would like to get married, it is still too early to plan it: “We are not even talking about it, but maybe someday, we don’t know.”

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend is much younger than him

Although the age difference between the two is 14 years, with De La Hoya in his 50s and Sonders in his 36s, the former boxer made it clear that their relationship has been one of the best things that has happened to him in his life.

“She is a little angel who came to me in heaven and transformed me, changed me. Everyone wants a body like hers, why not, she is beautiful, and gorgeous, and everyone wants to be like her, every day, every second of the day.” “I’m more in love today,” concluded the ‘Golden Boy’, who is close to celebrating two years of relationship with the former golfer, whom he met in June 2021, while he was still married to his ex-wife.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend is a prominent sports journalist

Holly Sonders reporting golf for Fox Sports
Holly Sonders reporting golf for Fox Sports

Holly Sonders is 34 years old and a prominent sports journalism figure. She is the partner of Óscar de la Hoya. Although she now has a presence on television as a host, the celebrity played golf professionally and she started it from a very young age.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend had a solid golfing career

Holly Sonders had an outstanding career as a golfer. She played in various local and regional championships, to the point that thanks to her talent, she was able to obtain a scholarship to the University of Michigan. However, her life took a turn when a knee injury kept her away from top competition.

Holly Sonders playing golf
Holly Sonders playing golf

In this way, she made her way to television, especially in the sports world, first covering events and then even hosting TV shows. She worked at Fox Sports and was the host of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend was married for four years

Holly Sonders first met the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya in June 2021 during an interview. The crush was immediate and, a few months later, they already looked like a couple, a romantic relationship that they have maintained until 2023. The television personality was married to Erik Kuselias between 2012 and 2016.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend is very active on social media

Holly Sonders in a tiny blue bikini
Holly Sonders in a tiny blue bikini

Holly Sonders uploads photographs and videos practicing golf and boxing, showing off her figure and sharing fun moments with her boyfriend, Oscar de la Hoya. The influencer has 684k followers on her official Instagram account.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend has her version of OnlyFans

Holly Sonders’ fans can expect steamy content like this on Exposed Sportz

Oscar de la Hoya’s current partner, Holly Sonders, surprised all fans of adult content by announcing an alternative to the OnlyFans platform to bring together in one place the main creators of adult content in Exposed Sportz, a kind of league sports for the most fanatical.

According to a video posted on social media, Sonders wanted to show some of the content that will be seen in Exposed Sportz, in what promises to be the most striking “sports league” in the world and with many of them exhibiting themselves topless.

“Imagine your favorite Instagram girls competing head to head. Sweaty. Oiled. That is what we are doing at Exposed Sportz ” wrote the model and influencer.

Oscar De La Hoya’s girlfriend later uploaded a compilation of sensual images where she appears and seeks to show part of her explicit content website, as a preview of what her more than 684k followers on Instagram could see if they subscribe to the premium platform.


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