Unveiling Hooters’ New Uniforms: The Viral Sensation Sweeping TikTok


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Would you have quit if you would have been required to wear new ‘underwear’ shorts to work? Hooters new uniforms went viral for being so short that their viral new ‘underwear’ uniforms almost made the workers quit! The new Hooters shorts made employees almost rant online about the fact that their shorts are more like underwear with 20-year-olds scared. The clothes for the young women employed at Hooters, shouldn’t pose a risk for sexual harassment unless they quit first and look for another job! Fortunately, there are some Hooters franchises in Louisiana that chose not to follow the new uniform, saving workers from worry and stress. 

Hooters New Uniforms: Are They Changing Again? 

In case you are not a frequenter of the Hooters establishment, the old uniforms might have been revamped to tight, low-cut shirts with an owl on the front whose eyes make the letter O in the name Hooters across the chest and SHORT brightly-colored booty shorts. 

The previous Hooters uniform was uncomfortable as it is:

Many employees who work currently at Hooters have stated that before the new uniforms were implemented, they found the traditional uniform, (while cute), still physically uncomfortable, and a bit revealing.

Young employees are scared of the Hooters new uniforms:

One 20-year-old Louisiana employee told Insider magazine that she was working at a Hooters in Louisiana for nine months and soon had to deal with the chain’s revealing uniform changes – which include SHORTS that ARE GLORIFIED BEACH WEAR OR UNDERWEAR. As the 20-year-old works, not just in mornings, but also afternoons, and nights, it is concerning calling underwear uniform! 

There’s also the fact that the women still do have a decent size of customers who aren’t the best and make the women feel uneasy.

Thankfully, the Louisiana Hooters franchise with an owner who didn’t want the new Hooters uniform chose not to implement the new uniform guidelines, so the women weren’t forced to wear them. 

“When we saw online that the shorts were being added to the uniform at other restaurants – often, through viral TikTok videos like the ones in this story – we asked if we were getting them, too. But we didn’t even have a meeting to discuss the topic at my location. It just wasn’t happening.

Hooters, which is located in a very conservative area in the South, has to keep it family-friendly in the restaurant because a lot of families come in – more than any other group. 

“I think we all made it very clear we didn’t want them, and it was a huge relief when we learned we wouldn’t have to wear them. I don’t know of one coworker who was in favor of the controversial shorts”, said the employee. 

One viral video plus community support helped change the corporate policy:

After numerous Hooters employees began complaining via TikTok about the new uniform shorts policy, better uniform reforms were inevitable. 

Hooters new uniforms were first launched in Texas Hooters locations before launching in various other restaurants across the country. But with TikTok videos, one of them reaching 15 million views mocking the new booty shorts, have thousands generally outraged over the new design.

One 23-year-old Georgia-based server Lexius said to Buzzfeed:  “When they [Hooters corporate managers] explained it to us, they said, ‘They look like high-waisted bikini bottoms, But as you can tell, that’s not what we got.”

Lexius then said: “My initial reaction was ‘Oh, these are gonna be cute if they’re high waisted,'” she explained. “But then the next day I went to work and held it up, and I was like, ‘What do y’all think this is gonna cover? Because I have a butt….and there’s a certain underwear you have to wear, according to that”.


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