Unlocking the Power of Quadpay: Simplify Bill Payments with Four Installments Explained


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Quadpay is a popular payment platform that helps users pay for their purchase with four installments (hence the name “Quadpay). Quadpay users can pay using four installments (which are interest free). These installments are made every two weeks to retailers that accept Visa payments. And before you ask, yes, Quadpay works for online stores as well. Let’s find out more.

How Does Quadpay Work: All You Need To Know

What are the requirements for using Quadpay?

In order to use Quadpay, you need to be a US resident, over 18 years old, possess a valid mobile number, and make the purchase using an American credit/debit card.

What is Quadpay’s credit limit?

Quadpay has a credit limit that is reflected in the balance located at the top of the application, and will not necessarily approve all orders.

To make a purchase, you must have at least 25% of the purchase amount of the item available in your balance, the first of the four installments. If you do not have that amount, Quadpay will not approve the order.

Another factor to consider is if you have multiple orders that have not been paid. Obviously, Quadpay will not allow you to continue ordering until you pay for some of those items, but it is completely dependent on their system.

You also cannot request to increase your spending limit with Quadpay. But if you complete multiple purchases and make payments on time, your system is likely to add to your balance over time, especially more than a new customer.

What is the minimum credit score for Quadpay?

Quadpay does not list your minimum credit score or credit approval process. The best course of action is to register and see if you are approved.

How does Quadpay work?

Online stores

Quadpay app can be used to make online payments. You need to access the Quadpay app and search for the store that you want to buy your items from. Once you get to the payment screen, tap the ‘Pay with Quadpay’ button to create a virtual credit card. The app will direct you to the next screen where you can enter the amount you need to cover the product, shipping, and taxes. Click ‘continue’ and the application will display the fee amounts and due dates.

Tap ‘continue’ again to create the virtual card. The application will take you back to the payment screen where you can enter the virtual card number displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure you do not store this card number in any store account as it is a single use card for Quadpay. 


If you want to pay Quadpay for Amazon, you need to open the app and select Amazon. Just go ahead and add the items that you want to buy to your cart. When you get to the checkout screen, select ‘Pay with Quadpay’ to create a virtual card. Type the amount that you need to pay and select continue once the payment plan appears.

After the virtual card is created, you will be redirected to the Amazon checkout page. You will be able to see it at the bottom of the screen.

Remember to not make this the default payment option as the virtual card is only valid for single use.

Retail stores

To pay in store, open the Quadpay app and select the ‘in store’ option at the top of the screen. After that, enter the money that is required from the balance. Any excess is adjusted in 13 days.

From there, you will see the amounts for the four payments displayed along with the due dates. Press ‘continue’ to go to the next screen, which will show a virtual card created by the application. Then give the information to the merchant to run the virtual card.

You can also tap ‘Pay with Apple Pay’ or ‘Pay with Google Pay’ and the app will add the virtual card there so you can tap on a reader and complete the purchase in the store.

What are the fees for Quadpay?

All installment payments are subject to a $ 1 convenience fee on Quadpay. On top of that, fees can range from $ 5, $ 7, and $ 10 based on the state that you live in. Quadpay doesn’t charge any interest on its payments so you can be happy about that.

How do I pay for Quadpay?

When you set up your Quadpay account, you can link it to any US credit or debit card, not prepaid or foreign debit cards. After you make a purchase, the app sets up a four-installment automatic payment plan that will run the card linked automatically.

You have the option to pay in advance if you wish, but you have to pay the installments one by one, running various charges.

What if you miss a payment?

In case you miss out on making a payment on Quadpay, you will be charged a late fee for the next installment. However, if you manage to make the payment within 10 days, the late fee will be waived off. To avoid this situation, the application automatically sets up SMS and email notifications to remind you to fund your account.

You can also set a backup card in the file that the app will use by default if your main card has expired or you have insufficient funds.

Where can Quadpay be used?

Quadpay is widely accepted. Some of the retailers that accept Quadpay include Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Nike, Gamesbuy and Sephora (among many others).

Is Quadpay safe to use?

Yes, Quadpay is quite safe to use. In order to set up your Quadpay account, you will need to share your name, address, verifiable mobile phone number, and a debit or credit card to set up an account. After verifying the info, Quadpay stores it.

When you use Quadpay, a virtual card is created for the purchase. This is a very safe way of purchase as this card is only valid for a single use. The four installment payments on Quadpay are carried out with your credit/debit card. If you don’t have sufficient funds, the Quadpay app will notify you.


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