Amex Concierge vs. Chase Concierge: Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge


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A credit card with concierge benefits provides you with a team of personal assistants (concierge) who will help you out with a lot of tasks associated with your credit card. A concierge can even book holiday trips and event tickets for you. Basically if you want to use your credit card to carry out a task and don’t want to do it yourself for some reason, you can use a credit card concierge service to do that for you. Two of the most popular credit card concierge services are provided by American Express (Amex) and Chase. But Is Amex Concierge better than Chase Concierge? Let’s find out.

Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge: All You Need To Know

What is a credit card concierge?

As discussed earlier, a credit concierge service helps credit card users by helping them complete credit card related tasks. Some of the common tasks performed by credit card concierge services include booking holiday trips, flight tickets and reservations in restaurants. Credit card concierge services also help users plan detailed trips and find the right car to buy.

What can you use a credit card concierge for?

Personal shopping

Whatever you need for your personal needs, ranging from a wedding dress to the next set of Yoga pants, a concierge can help you with all of that.

Travel planning

This can include booking flights, transit, lodging, or even putting together a complete itinerary for a trip.

Restaurant visits

A concierge can take care of everything from booking a hard-to-get dinner at an in-demand restaurant to private tasting experiences.

Gift shopping

You can use a credit card concierge service to order any kind of gift for yourself and for your friends and family.

VIP access

If you are ready to pay the premium, a credit card concierge service can help secure VIP access to multiple prestigious events such as fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, or private art shows.

Personal tasks

The credit card concierge can even arrange services to help you in your daily life. These services can range from housekeeping to dog walking.

Is Amex Concierge better than Chase Concierge?

American Express (Amex) Concierge

Amex concierge service is quite robust in theory. Amex says that customers can use its concierge service for dining, travel, show tickets, transportation needs, and pet care. This service can also be used during medical crises.

American Express also comes with the Premium Global Assist Hotline, which provides customers with a great array of assistance and services related to travel. The hotline also lets you receive some emergency payment if required. It can also assist you with medical evacuation, weather updates, getting a new passport and tracking lost luggage.

How to contact the Amex concierge service?

Amex concierge service can be approached in multiple ways. The simplest way is through the American Express app. Once you set the app up, head over to the account tab, and scroll down to “Contact Us.” Once you tap on that, move over to “Chat With Us” and it will launch an automated system that helps with dining and travel reservations as well. If needed, you can also take help of a live assistant.

If you have an Amex Platinum card, you can also reach out to the concierge service via the number 1-800-525-3355. However, many customers have complained of very long waiting times on the calls.

It’s also possible for certain Amex cardholders to skip the concierge service and get restaurant reservations through Resy, an app-based booking platform.

Some Amex cards that provide a concierge service include The Platinum Card from American Express, the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, The Business Platinum Card from American Express, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, and the Centurion Card.

Chase Concierge

The high end credit cards of Chase provide concierge services in partnership with Visa. Chase cards provide 24/7 access to help with travel, dining, and entertainment requests (as Visa Infinite Cards). Two of the most prestigious Chase cards, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred give these benefits to their users. Visa Signature cards provided by Chase, such as the Chase Freedom card, also come with a concierge service.

How to contact Chase concierge service?

Unlike Amex concierge, there is no way to contact a Chase concierge through an app. You can reach the Visa Infinite concierge service through 1-877-660-0905 in the US and through 1-312-800-4290 internationally. The response to calls has been very prompt as per card users.

Is credit card concierge service free?

Yes, the credit card concierge service is free. This means that whatever the concierge does for you, won’t be charged. However, you will still be charged for the items that you buy with the help of the concierge.

Let’s take the example of using a credit card concierge service to get tickets for a concert. While you won’t be charged for the time and effort the concierge spends in finding your ticket, you will still have to pay for the ticket.

Is credit card concierge service the same as medical concierge service?

Credit card concierge services are not the same as medical concierge services. If your credit card offers a concierge service, there is no additional charge to use it. This is completely different from a medical concierge service. The medical concierge service is a premium service which has a monthly annual fee. With a medical concierge service, you can get on-demand access to medical services. Your credit card card concierge service doesn’t come with any extra charge, medical concierge services do.

When can you call your credit card concierge?

Credit card concierge services are available 24/7. So if you are travelling across different time zones, this can come in very handy.


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