The Best Motivational Movies: Watch These To Get Yourself Up And Running


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Whatever you want to do in life, motivation is very important for it. Your goal can be to get a better job, a better body, a better partner, or a better car, you will need to be motivated. One of the most entertaining ways to get motivated is by watching motivational movies. These movies might be able to mobilize your internal reserves when it would seem, there are no more forces. If you are the kind of person who is looking for inspiration to achieve goals, this post is just for you.

Here Are The Best Motivational Movies Of All Time

The Big Short

This movie is the screen adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short. The secret springs of financial catastrophe. Based on real events. This time the story is about the hardships of a stockbroker’s life. Events will take us to 2008, a time when the term “global financial crisis” did not yet exist.

A few Wall Street financial analysts and hedge funders were able to predict the coming crisis and gambled down mortgage bonds, making a fortune. The movie details the market and economic mechanisms that underpinned the collapse. At the same time, this is not a dry illustration for a textbook, but an interesting, caustic, and very funny story about human greed that has no reasonable limits.

Into the wild

A cool motivating film for people who are afraid to live the way they want. Christopher comes from a wealthy family. After graduating from college, a bright future looms ahead. That’s just the modern way of life of a young man does not appeal. Having given everything he had, the guy is armed with a backpack and sets off on the journey of a lifetime – from California to Alaska.

Caution: after the film, you will definitely suffer from a bout of emotional damage. And the ending is extremely atypical for modern cinema.

The Blind Side

Another movie based on true events. A wealthy white family takes in a black teenager who is not so lucky in life. Thanks to the support of loved ones, the main character gains confidence, which allows him not only to get an education but also to build a successful sports career.

This story clearly shows how the environment affects a person and his motivation, and what cardinal changes can happen in him if the environment changes.

Jobs: Empire of Temptation

The film is primarily about business. How did you get the idea to create a billion-dollar company? What makes Apple different from others? Why was Steve Jobs not loved by relatives or colleagues? What role has marketing played in the company’s success? It is strictly necessary to watch and analyze each scene.

This movie is bad in many ways. Kutcher’s acting was widely panned, having been awarded the Golden Raspberry Award. And if Jobs were alive, he would definitely criticize the font on the poster. But if we consider the picture as a guide for young entrepreneurs, then there is a whole storehouse of useful moments.

The Social Network

The screenplay by dialogue master Aaron Sorkin is based on Ben Mezrich’s 2009 book, Reluctant Billionaires: How Facebook Was Made, A Story of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal. David Fincher’s film talks about the creation of one of the most popular social networks on the Internet – Facebook. The resounding success of this network among users has allowed a group of students from Harvard to become the youngest multimillionaires in the United States.

The American director is not so much interested in the dizzying success of Mark Zuckerberg and his comrades as in the lack of normal communication in today’s world. That is why social networks are so popular and are able to bring cosmic wealth to their creators. The more people move away from each other offline, the more the world will see billionaires from information technology companies.

The Intern

First of all, this is a film about self-confidence. When you are 70, you are unlikely to decide to go for an internship at a large online store. But the main character, played by Oscar-winning Robert De Niro, decided to show the whole world that “there is still gunpowder in the flasks”, but first he will have to learn what USB, the Internet, and social networks are.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie, which has long been dismantled into quotes, will talk about the formation of the trader Chris Gardner. This is a real person, whose stake is estimated at millions of dollars.

Chris didn’t get off to a good start. Together with his son, he had to live on the street. The only hope for a better life is to get a job in a brokerage firm. But the internship lasts six months, and 19 more people apply for the only place. Nowhere to live, empty pocket. All or nothing. Leap of faith. When you are alone against the whole world.

The film inspires us to fight under any circumstances. No matter how hard life is, good luck awaits everyone in the end.

The Martian

Although the film is leaning towards comedy, when you watch it, you understand that your problems are not problems at all. When you are “forgotten” on Mars, and there are only a few months of food and water left – these are the problems. And to solve them will require an enviable ingenuity. Perhaps a movie that Elon Musk watches frequently.

Million Dollar Baby

Who said that the fairer sex can not be strong? The film will tell us about an already middle-aged (by the standards of sports) girl who works as a waitress and believes in her dream. One day fate smiles at her – the best coach in the city takes her under his wing.

The film not only encourages viewers to believe in themselves and work for the fulfillment of their cherished dream but also explains that only you will be responsible for your decision.

The Intouchables

The rich aristocrat Philip, having crashed on a paraglider, was forever paralyzed and chained to a wheelchair. A man needs a personal assistant, but more importantly, a true friend. Philip hires a man who seems to be the least suitable for the role. Driss, a black resident of the suburbs of Paris, has just been released from prison. A native of Senegal was not going to get a job as an assistant, he was interested in a written refusal of the employer to receive social benefits. Driss is rude and tactless, he does not care about conventions and rules of conduct. But he is full of energy and love for life, which is gradually transferred to the desperate Philip.

The film by the French Olivier Nakasha and Eric Toledano has become almost a cult classic. The story of an unusual friendship has been able to melt the hearts of people around the world.

Peaceful Warrior

“Peaceful Warrior” can top any selection of feature films that are worth watching for motivation. Together with a mystical presentation, the viewer is offered a conscious look at the most important aspects of our life, and it does not matter whether it is sports or trading. A visual aid for teens on how to find their way in life. Due to the multi-layered narrative of the film, we strongly recommend that you watch it several times.

The plot is based on the true story of a promising gymnast who experiences psychological problems on the eve of an important competition. A wise mentor will help the young man reconsider his views on key life issues and untie the tangle of contradictions in his head.

Never Back Down

The protagonist Jake Tyler has anger management issues. After another move, he ends up in an MMA club, where, under the guidance of a coach, he changes for the better. But despite the prohibition of the mentor, the hero will have to stand up for himself and his loved ones.

The movie has already become a cult among fans of mixed martial arts, but along with epic fights, it raises the problems of teenage violence and self-realization. Also, the film clearly shows that everyone can solve their problems. How? The title of the film itself answers this question.

Little Women

The second film in the career of Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”) is the author’s rethinking of the classic novel of the same name by American Louisa May Alcott. The story of the maturation of four creatively gifted and completely different sisters in the middle of the 19th century turns out to be surprisingly relevant for our time. The struggle for women’s rights continues, and the representatives of the fairer sex continue to prove that there are no professions that would be inaccessible and unbearable for them. Nothing is given to them just like that, but the girls believe talent and perseverance will not go unnoticed.

The star cast, both in the first and secondary roles, brilliantly plays out a tragic and at the same time romantic story. This movie will be a great pastime for the whole family.


The film by American Bennett Miller is a rare example of a baseball film that is popular all over the world. It is dedicated to the Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, who was able to achieve serious success on a limited budget. Bean believed the economist Peter Brand, who proposed an innovative scheme for calculating the utility of players based on their personal statistics. A screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and Stephen Zaillian breathed life into a seemingly boring story and turned it into one of the most exciting and intelligent sports films of the 21st century.

One of the best roles of Brad Pitt and the discovery of Jonah Hill as a great dramatic actor. Moneyball clearly shows that great strategists and managers are behind great sports victories. Without them, one cannot assemble a match-ready team and achieve success.

The Devil Wears Prada

The movie plunges us into the world of fashion – the cruel world of female careerists, where there is no place for weakness and emotions. As soon as the main character came to a big city, she immediately got into the epicenter of events. The boss squeezes all the juice out of the heroine. Whatever the day, it’s a complete rush. Good school for a young professional.

The film claims that any experience is important, and efforts are always rewarded. After all, we all know that without difficulty you can’t even catch a fish from a pond.

Erin Brockovich

The protagonist of this movie has no formal law education. From two unsuccessful marriages, three children remained, whom she is forced to raise alone. Only an iron character helps a woman get a job in a law office. Soon, Erin takes on the protection of the inhabitants of the city of Hinckley, who are poisoned by the illegal waste disposal of a large corporation.

The movie is based on real events. The biography of Erin Brockovich is an example for many girls, her courage, fortitude, and perseverance made it possible to overcome the most difficult life trials.


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