Sanjana Anand: Sandalwood’s Beautiful Young Star


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Sanjana Anand is a young and popular actress who is known for her roles in Kannada movies. She is a “Bengaluru Hudugi” who was born and raised in India’s Garden City. Sanjana Anand’s star has been on the rise recently and she has been appearing in a lot of Kannada movies. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Sanjana Anand: All You Need To Know

When was Sanjana Anand born?

Sanjana Anand was born on March 28th, 1995 in Bangalore. Throughout her childhood, she was a very good student and after finishing school, she enrolled at the Sai Vidya Institute Of Technology.

How did Sanjana Anand start her movie career?

As a result of her good looks, Sanjana Anand tried her hand at modelling during her college days. She was spotted by Kannada filmmakers and eventually made her silver screen debut with the Kannada movie “Chemistry Of Kariyappa”. 

The talented actress is a qualified Computer Engineer and was balancing her engineering job with her modelling and acting assignments during the early days of her career. However, as her career started gathering steam, she decided to give up her computer engineering job and pursue acting full time.

Sanjana Anand: Acting Career

After making her Sandalwood debut with Chemistry Of Kariyappa, Sanjana Anand appeared in 2019’s Male Billu. Another popular movie of Sanjana Anand is 2021’s Kushka. The movie was slated for an earlier release but it was delayed because of COVID-19 lockdowns. 

One of Sanjana Anand’s other memorable roles has been in Salaga, Duniya Vijay’s directorial debut. She also appeared in Kshatriya with Chiranjeevi Sarja.

Sanjana Anand also played the role of Maya in the 2022 romantic thriller flick “Window Seat”.

More recently, the beautiful actress has also made her debut in the OTT world with the web series Honeymoon.

Sanjana Anand: Filmography

  • Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini
  • Window Seat
  • Kshatriya
  • Bombat Alia
  • Chemistry of Kariyappa
  • Male Billu
  • Kushka
  • Salaga
  • Shokiwala

Who is Sanjana Anand married to?

The beautiful young actress isn’t married as per the latest information about her personal life.

Who is Sanjana Anand’s boyfriend?

It’s a bit difficult to believe that such a beautiful and successful woman is single but Sanjana Anand isn’t known for disclosing her personal affairs in public so there is no information on her boyfriend.

What happened to Sanjana Anand’s career during the lockdown?

The COVID-19 lockdown wasn’t a great time in the career of Sanjana Anand. She had just started building up steam as an actress but the lockdown brought everything to an abrupt halt. Speaking on the matter, Sanjana Anand said:

“Post Chemistry of Kariyappa, I got busy with a handful of films like Salaga, Shokiwala, Window Seat, a yet-to-be-titled project with director Shashank. I also did a web series titled Honeymoon. However, till now, only the web series has been released. The rest of the projects are delayed due to the pandemic.”

Sanjana Anand also signed up for AP Arjun’s 2019 film Addhuri Lover, but the film got delayed either due to the pandemic or other reasons. Sanjana Anand planned to complete Addhuri Lover before taking up her next film, but she eventually chose to walk out of the movie and make up for the time she lost because of the COVID pandemic. 

Sanjana Anand is also planning to make her Tollywood debut soon. She said: “Lockdown did not allow me to travel much, and I have been listening to scripts from the Telugu industry over the phone. As the restrictions are eased, I would be soon visiting Hyderabad and would want to take the discussions forward, and finalise on my Tollywood debut.”

How tall is Sanjana Anand?

Sanjana Anand is 5’5”.

How old is Sanjana Anand?

Sanjana Anand is 27 years old as of the date of publication of this article. 


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