Giorgia Andriani: The Italian Beauty Reigning Hearts In India


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Giorgia Andriani is an Italian model and actress who is trying to make a career in the Indian entertainment industry. Giorgia Andriani initially rose to fame as Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend, but she has since branched out and made a career of her own. Let’s find out more about the irresistible Italian.

Girogia Andriani: All You Need To Know

Who is Giorgia Andriani?

She’s beautiful, she’s young, and has a touch of madness: her name is Giorgia Andriani, she was born and raised in Brindisi, Italy, and has been living her dream for a year and a half. In 2013 Giorgia, the twenty-year-old daughter of a housewife of a small businessman, after brief work experiences during the summer seasons, decided to leave for London to pursue her dream, to enter the world of cinema. She had never revealed to anyone her desire to be an actress or director, so she left for the United Kingdom, she started working and enrolled in a university faculty to be able to train in the film industry.  

How was Giorgia Andriani’s life in London?

For Giorgia Andriani, life in London was not all rosy, work and study gave her no respite, plus the multitude of different ethnicities and cultures shocked her. But one day something extraordinary happened, thanks to the encounter between different cultures, Giorgia discovered a world that immediately fascinated her: Indian cinema. Thanks to a group of Indian friends who gathered to watch Bollywood films, the young woman from Brindisi felt enraptured by the typical dances and colors of Hindi cinema.

How did Giorgia Andriani arrive in India?

Giorgia Andriani finished her studies and a job was immediately offered to her but in production. She accepted anyway when she realized that the film is Indian. Today Giorgia lives and works in Mumbai, the homeland of the wealthiest film industry in the world, she works as a model and actress.

India is Giorgia Andriani’s home away from home, not only because it’s the place where she found her professional breakthrough, but also because she found love in India. Her partner was Arbaaz Khan, 73 films as a lead actor, established director and producer of several films including Dabangg, which broke several box office records, reaching the highest peaks in the history of Indian cinema. Arbaaz is one of the most popular Indian stars and with Giorgia he could appreciate Brindisi in the summer period, so much so that he wanted to return. 

How is Giorgia Andriani’s life in Mumbai?

While Giorgia Andriani might have risen to fame as the beautiful Italian arm candy of Arbaaz Khan, there is much more to the Italian beauty than just that. Her good looks, combined with her chic fashion sense and a really charming personality make her an absolute showstopper everywhere she goes. There is no Giorgia Andriani event where she wasn’t the highlight. Ask anyone who attended any party with Giorgia Andriani, and that person will tell you that she was the highlight.

Giorgia Andriani might seem to be fun and easy going in general, but she is very strict with her skincare regimen. Even if she stays up late for partying and has an early start the next day, she  ensures that she follows through with her nightly skincare regimen. 

What is Giorgia Andriani’s beauty secret?


According to the Italian beauty, the biggest source of her beautiful skin is constant hydration. Not only does it help keep her skin supple and lively, it also helps flush toxins out of her body. Aside from drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet, Giorgia Andriani also takes a lot of multivitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E. 

Home Food

Giorgia Andriani believes in eating at home as often as possible (she eats both Italian and Indian food at home). Home food helps her avoid unnecessary fats, sugars and other unwanted ingredients from her diet. She loves smoothies and can’t live without carrot juice.

Makeup removal

Regardless of how late she comes back home or how sleepy she is, Giorgia Andriani never sleeps without removing her makeup. Cleaning her skin and removing the makeup is very important for her and it goes a long way in nurturing her skin. 

Homemade skin care products

Giorgia Andriani is not a huge fan of using chemicals on her face. Instead of buying chemical laden creams, she uses her own milk + aloe vera mask for rejuvenating her skin. She also carries lip balm and sunscreen at all times. 


Stress is the biggest destroyer of skin health. Giorgia Andriani ensures that she spends enough time relaxing every day. She loves going to spas and taking an entire day to pamper herself. Giorgia Andriani also loves getting rosehip oil massages.


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