Mira Rajput: Facts About Shahid Kapoor’s Wife Most Don’t Know! 


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Whenever these two go to any public event, people’s eyes get fixed on them. Mira Rajput is beautiful and her Bollywood superstar husband is none other than Shahid Kapoor. Although she never worked in the film world, she stated during a Karan Johar interview that she never wanted to marry an actor in Bollywood. This was interesting because she actually went through with Shahid’s family proposal. For other juicy tidbits about Mira Rajput, let’s keep reading down this list!

Mira Rajput Never Wanted To Marry Shahid Kapoor + Other Facts! 

Mira Rajput married Shahid Kapoor in the year 2015:

Mira Rajput is 13 years younger than Shahid Kapoor, yet both become each other’s life partner. Mira was engaged to Shahid Kapoor wearing a beautiful diamond ring worth 23 lakhs. Mira always wears this ring.

They have two children, daughter Misha Kapoor who was born in the year 2016, and son Zain Kapoor who was born in the year 2018. Mira’s mother-in-law’s name is Neelima Azim, father-in-law’s name is Pankaj Kapoor, brother-in-law Ruhan Kapoor, Ishaan Khattar and sister-in-law’s name is Sanah Kapoor.

Mira’s love life before meeting Shahid Kapoor:

Before Shahid Kapoor, there was a man named Aditya Lal in Mira’s life. Aditya was a model by profession. But their relationship did not last long and they parted ways. 

She met Shahid Kapoor in an arranged fashion:

The families of both are devotees of the Radha Swami religion and often go to Radha Swami’s Satsang. It was from here that Shahid and Mira’s family members got in touch. Gradually, family relations were established between the two families and everyone continued to meet. Mira and Shahid had met each other in many programs. With the consent of both families, their relationship was fixed and they got married. It is said that Mira Rajput was initially very skeptical about marrying a film star, but she agreed to marry after her elder sister convinced her.

Where did Mira Rajput study?

Mira did her early education at Vasant Valley School in Delhi. While she graduated in English from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. Mira’s name was included in the list of the top 10 in the Delhi University CAT exam. After completing her studies, she did an internship at the United Nations.

Mira wanted to become a surgeon. The only problem is that this profession requires a lot of study as well as hard work. That’s why Mira eventually did many internships and advertisement work during her studies. 

But after marriage and having a daughter, she thought it appropriate to focus all her attention on social media where she has around 4.4 million followers. 

Mira Rajput was born in Delhi:

Mira Rajput was born on 7 September 1994 in Chhatarpur, Delhi to her father Vikramaditya Rajput, who is a businessman by profession. Mira Rajput’s mother is called Bela Rajput, and she is a housewife. Mira has three sisters, out of which she is the second. Her elder sister’s name is Priya Rajput Tulshan and her younger sister’s name is Noorjahan Rajput Wadhwani.

Mira remains very active on social media:

Mira’s presence on Instagram is considerable and she has about 4.4 million followers on Instagram. Mira Rajput sometimes advertises for a big brand and even tags many Instagram IDs and profiles. Her husband Shahid Kapoor has around 39 million followers but Mira’s profile is very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, whenever she goes to a new place, she captures the beauty of that place on camera. By looking at her Instagram ID, you will understand that Mira likes to travel a lot. 

Mira Rajput’s scandals:

Mira often appears with her husband Shahid in various film promotions, weddings, chat shows and TV commercials. Once Mira landed up on the couch of Koffee with Karan season 5 with her husband Shahid Kapoor. During a game there, Mira told Vidya Balan that she needed a stylist. Mira was criticized a lot for this statement.

After this, Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira also expressed her views on International Women’s Day and said that she feels proud that she is a housewife. Working women are not able to give time to their children, while the mother should be with the child full time. The child is not a ‘puppy’ that is enough to give him love for a while. People protested Mira’s statement as well. 


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