John Daly Net Worth: How Much Has The Eccentric Golfer Made In His Troubled Career?


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John Daly is a golfer who never really fit in with the formal and uptight setting of golf.  His multicolored pants and eccentric personality always seemed to make him stand out. John Daly was also very notorious for his battle with alcohol addiction and his complete disregard for his health and well being. In this post, we will take a look at John Daly’s net worth along with some other interesting aspects of his life and career. Let’s get started.

John Daly Net Worth: All You Need To Know

John Daly’s life and career have been an absolute roller coaster. He has dealt with his childhood demons, with alcohol, gambling, and now cancer. He has already been operated on for a bladder tumor and undergoing chemotherapy. 

Daly was a total unknown in the world of golf until he was invited as a ninth alternate to the PGA in 1991. By then he was 23 years old and drank a bottle of whiskey a day. His trainer had told him that he had to lose weight and he responded by losing around 30 kilos. 

He did it on a diet consisting of Jack Daniels and popcorn. It ended up becoming one of the biggest upsets in sports history. He won the important tournament. The new American hero, an idol of the masses, was a young blond haired man with a distinctive moustache.

When was John Daly born?

John Daly was born on April 28, 1966, in Carmichael, California.

How did John Daly start his golf career?

John Daly turned pro in 1987 after dropping out of college. Despite the fact that his career as a golfer has been quite inconsistent, and full of off-tour issues, he won tournaments in different countries such as the United States, South Africa, Scotland, Germany, South Korea and Canada, among others, and won two major tournaments: the PGA Championship (1991) and the British Open known as The Open Championship (1995).

Why was John Daly’s golf career derailed?

John Daly was on his path to be rich and famous like none of his dreams could have imagined. “My life changed in four days and I wasn’t ready. When I was successful, I thought I had the world by the balls and I stopped hitting hard on the golf course. They didn’t teach me how to succeed,” he commented in a documentary by ESPN. 

Daly drank to excess. Even in the middle of a tournament, he didn’t care. If he played badly, he got drunk. He admitted that, for the same reason, he often wanted to play badly. With money and a lot of free time, he became a regular customer of the casinos. 

John Daly squandered a fortune. He could spend 14 hours gambling and when he ran out of cash he sold his luxury cars to satisfy his gambling. “I won about 40 million dollars with the game, but I lost about 45 million”, he talked about it in the book “My Life In And Out Of The Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me”.

His personal life began to affect him in the field. He would withdraw in the middle of the tournaments for no apparent reason, he would arrive with his face full of scratches from fights with his wives (he was married four times) and his coaches would abandon him. 

Did alcoholism run in John Daly’s family?

In ’92 he entered a rehab clinic after assaulting his partner. He repeated the same patterns as his father. “My father drank a lot. He would become very aggressive with my brothers and with my mother. We would come home from school and he would beat us up. When your father points a gun to your eye and doesn’t know who you are because he is very drunk, you tend to walk away from someone like that. Garden hoses and plugs are not objects to use against a child,” he said. 

He was drowning in debt in 1995. He owed four million dollars to the casinos. With a poor performance and making news due to scandals, he reached the British Open. As in the PGA, he gave the coup to the chair. At the time, he was trying to give up alcohol and consuming candy for anxiety. He celebrated by eating chocolate ice cream at the champion’s trophy. However, the problems continued. 

John Daly once told golfer Fuzzy Zoeller to please shoot him. On another occasion, he called Thomas Henderson, a former football star plagued by similar problems. He was in his car at the top of a hill with the engine running: “Tomorrow there will be no more John Daly.” 

Despite the fact that he had entered a rehabilitation center, in 1995 he again relapsed into his alcoholism problem, which would last approximately nine years. Two years later, Daly withdrew from the US Open, to enroll in an Alcoholics Anonymous group. Over the next few years, he hit a purple patch in golf, winning a few tournaments and squaring up against several golf legends, including Tiger Woods.

John Daly’s career could have been far more successful, if he had not had alcohol problems that affected him on several occasions, he might have been able to concentrate in the best way on golf. He received several suspensions in his career, for inappropriate behavior, confronting some fans, golfers, and even officials, for example, the Australian Tour ordered him to write an apology letter to an official, after verbally assaulting him in 2002. On another occasion, in 2008, during the Australian Open, he broke an amateur’s camera, receiving a fine.

In 2009, he was suspended for six months by the PGA Tour, after being arrested by the police for being drunk, arguing that this type of action damaged the entity’s image. Even in 2010, he announced his retirement.

“I’m leaving, I’m not competitive, I don’t play like before and I can’t take the place of other people playing that badly. I’m tired of humiliating myself in front of my fans, I’m leaving,” he said on his Twitter page.

How did John Daly retire from golf?

John Daly retired in 2006, tired of the “humiliations”, and continued with the odd mess. But he found some peace by drinking Diet Coke and smoking beyond limits. He dedicated himself to music, sold loud pants and shirts with his image, saw how his daughter began to excel in golf, and even allowed himself to give advice for the coronavirus. 

Keep in mind, John Daly is the same person who said this: “I’ve been through hell, but there are good things in my life today. After all, I’ll still be John Daly, I won’t change. I’ll hit hard. And then I’ll drink.” This doesn’t sound like a person who should be giving health advice to anyone.

The retirement, however, did not last long because sometime later he returned to play, although without winning important tournaments. After turning 50 in 2016, Daly became eligible to play on the PGA Tour Champions and in 2017 won the Insperity Invitational, his first win at a PGA event since 2004, and he still participates in some tournaments. but he admits that he has not been able to overcome his problem with alcohol.

As recently as last September, the American acknowledged that he continues to consume alcohol, even when participating in tournaments.

Speaking in an interview, John Daly said that he didn’t really want to stop drinking, he just didn’t want to get drunk anymore.

In another interview with Golf World magazine, he said he came to the conclusion that drinking is part of his life and indicated that “it’s in my blood”, comments that left many of his fellow golfers puzzled. John Daly said that in order to give up drinking, he had to give up golf. He chose to not give up on either as he felt that his golfing talent should not be wasted.

In short, Daly was a very talented golfer and had several successes throughout his career, being recognized by many golf fans. The negative was the leading role that he had many times, and not necessarily for sports reasons since his life was full of scandals and incidents related mainly to alcoholism, which ended up sinking his once promising career.

What is John Daly’s net worth?

John Daly’s net worth is around $2 million. While this might seem like a great amount for anyone. However, for someone who won a lot on the PGA tour, his net worth is very low. The biggest reason behind John Daly’s net worth being quite low is his addiction to alcohol and gambling. Despite earning a significant amount of money through winnings and endorsements, John Daly ended up squandering most of it away. 

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