Jodi Lynn Calaway: Things To Know About The Undertaker’s First Wife


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The Undertaker is one of the most legendary professional wrestlers in history. For over three decades, “The Deadman” entertained wrestling fans all over the globe with his dark and mysterious character. However, The Undertaker is just a character, and the man behind the character, Mark Calaway is a family man as well. He is currently married to former WWE Diva, Michelle McCool. However, in this post, we will talk about his first wife, Jodi Lynn Calaway. Let’s get started.

Jodi Lynn Calaway: All You Need To Know

Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway?

While the name Jodi Lynn Calaway isn’t instantly recognizable, if you are a diehard pro wrestling fan, the surname will strike a chord with you. Mark Calaway is the real name of the WWE Superstar The Undertaker. Jodi Lynn Calaway was The Undertaker’s first wife and took his surname after marrying him.

Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway’s husband?

Jodi Lynn Calaway was married to Mark William Calaway, also known as The Undertaker, who was the oldest member of the WWE roster. He has been slamming since 1990 and wearing that particular staging that is so his: dark music, macabre props and nods to the supernatural. He was, without a doubt, the man who turned the fights of what was then called ‘pressing catch’ into authentic fantasy and horror mini-films. And there is his impressive record, difficult to match: 22 wins, 1 loss (by Brock Lesnar).

Mark Calaway started his athletic career in basketball where his impressive height and athleticism helped him become very successful. Unfortunately, he suffered from a devastating injury and had to drop all his basketball aspirations. 

The Undertaker is famous for being one of the strongest WWE wrestlers of all time. Speaking in an interview, The Undertaker said that he always loved doing Bench and leg presses, giving him unparalleled upper and lower body strength.

When The Undertaker finally announced his retirement, the WWE released a five part series about his life and career called “The Undertaker: The Last Ride” (which is also the name of one of his in-ring moves).

When did Jodi Lynn Calaway marry The Undertaker?

Jodi Lynn Calaway married The Undertaker on November 24th, 1989. They dated for some time in the 80s before tying the knot. The couple was married for almost 10 years before getting divorced on June 15th, 1999. 

Why did Jodi Lynn Calaway divorce The Undertaker?

The exact cause of the divorce was never revealed to the public as The Undertaker kept his private life quite hidden. The 80s and 90s were also the period of kayfabe where pro wrestlers tried to keep their characters intact in their real lives as well. So there was no way The Undertaker was going to let people know that “The Deadman” was just a regular family man with a long term wife away from the ring. 

Jodi Lynn Calaway walked away from the limelight as soon as her divorce from The Undertaker was finalized. The two were never seen together in public again. Even the Undertaker doesn’t talk about her much during his interview, even in the post-kayfabe pro wrestling era.

Is Jodi Lynn Calaway married now?

Unfortunately, there is no info available on her personal life since the time she divorced The Undertaker. Jodi Lynn Calaway has been extremely reclusive since divorcing The Undertaker and there is no info on whether she remarried or stayed single since her divorce.

When was Jodi Lynn Calaway born?

The exact date of birth of Jodi Lynn Calaway isn’t known. However, multiple sources have estimated that she was born sometime in 1965. While she was definitely born in the USA, there is no clear info about the city or state that she was born in.

Do Jodi Lynn Calaway and The Undertaker have children together?

Yes, Jodi Lynn Calaway has one son from her marriage with The Undertaker. His name is Gunter Vincent Calaway. He was born sometime in 1993. Gunter Calaway hasn’t shown a lot of interest in pursuing his father’s line of work. He studied at Full Sail University and majored in Video Game Art. He aspires to own a video game company one day and showcases his artwork through his Instagram page.

What does Jodi Lynn Calaway do for a living?

There is no information available on the professional life of Jodi Lynn Calaway either. Even when she was married to The Undertaker, the only thing about her that people knew was the fact that she was married to The Undertaker. Since her divorce, she is just known for being The Undertaker’s ex wife.

However, Jodi Lynn Calaway’s contribution to the rise of The Undertaker’s pro wrestling career can’t be overstated. While The Undertaker might be a household name now, it wasn’t always the case. Even pro wrestling wasn’t a global money making phenomenon that it is today. Jodi Lynn Calaway was the rock (not the pro-wrestler) in The Undertaker’s life as he went from a small time wrestler to a global icon.

Is Jodi Lynn Calaway on social media?

Well, Jodi Lynn Calaway has been so reclusive since her divorce that she hasn’t been mentioned in any kind of media. Social media handles are completely out of question. A lot of people might not even know how she looks today. Even The Undertaker has only become active on social media quite recently. However, he does share a lot of snippets into his personal life via his Instagram page. Perhaps, we will hear about Jodi Lynn Calaway from The Deadman himself in the future.

Where is Jodi Lynn Calaway now?

As Jodi Lynn Calaway is so reclusive and rigidly away from the limelight, the only information about her current whereabouts is that she is living somewhere in America. There is no information on the city or town that she is living in. While she was a full time homemaker while she was married to The Undertaker, there is no info on her professional life since her divorce in 1999. 

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