Dalljiet Kaur: Second Chance At Love (Facts About Her Life)


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Dalljiet Kaur, who has worked in TV shows like ‘Kulvadhu’, ‘Big Boss’ and ‘Chhoti Sarrdaarni’, has recently married for the second time. A well-known face of the TV world, Dalljiet Kaur is in the news these days after tying the knot in March this year with UK-based Nikhil Patel, who works in a finance company. Dalljiet Kaur has made her relationship with Nikhil public on her Instagram handle and has told her fans that she is going to start a new life in a new city. Meanwhile, people have questions about where her ex-husband is in Bigg Boss 16?, where her son will be, when was Dalljiet Kaur’s engagement, and whether divorcing Shalin Bhanot, the actress is finally happy.  

Dalljiet Kaur Becomes A New Mom To Girls Through Marriage (+ FAQs About Her Life) 

Who is Dalljiet Kaur?

Dalljiet Kaur is an Indian television actress who started her career in the year 2004 with Zee TV channel show Mansha. After which she has worked in many television serials like ‘Kala Teeka ‘, ‘ Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ‘, ‘Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’, ‘ Swaragini’ and ‘Qayamat Ki Raat’. Dalljiet was seen as a contestant in a dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye 4’.

Dalljiet Kaur’s first marriage: 

Dalljiet Kaur met Shaleen Bhanot during the shooting of TV serial Kulvadhu. After which they started dating each other. The couple got married on 9 December 2009 in a private ceremony. And both also have a son named Jayden. In the year 2015, both of them got divorced due to domestic disputes.

Dalljiet Kaur’s second marriage in March: 

Bigg Boss 16’s Shaleen Bhanot’s ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur was engaged to a UK based businessman earlier this year in Jan 2023 and she would go on to tie the knot in March 2023. It is said that not everyone gets a second chance in love and no one in this world is luckier than those who get it. Yes, Bigg Boss fame Dalljiet Kaur has got this second chance. 

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shaleen Bhanot was Dalljiet Kaur’s first husband. Today, Dalljiet Kaur has re-married to UK based businessman Nikhil Patel as they wed on 18 March 2023. Nikhil is also divorced and has two daughters. Both said that it was very difficult for her to get married and take this decision. 

Dalljiet Kaur said that there was a lot of pressure and that she should not take any wrong decisions. I have tried to mend my broken life. I know how much my son misses his father.

Dalljiet will become the mother of two daughters:

Nikhil has two daughters, Ariana, 13, and Anika, 8. They are all father’s daughters. He takes special care of them. Talking to Bombay Times, Dalljiet Kaur also said that Nikhil’s elder daughter will stay with him after marriage while his younger daughter Anika stays with her mother in the US. It was their love for their children that created a bond between them. Nikhil’s social media profile is full of pictures of him and his girls.

Dalljiet Kaur will go abroad after marriage: 

It is also being said that after marriage, Dalljiet will move to London with her nine-year-old son Jaden. Sharing about this she says, “The wedding is in March. Right now I will go to Nairobi (Africa) for a few years as Nikhil is currently based there for work. After that we will come back to London. Nikhil was born in London. 

Nikhil also has two daughters:

Talking about Nikhil Patel, Dalljiet Kaur said, “I met Nikhil at a party in Dubai last year. I told him about my son. He talked about his two daughters. They have a 13-year-old daughter, Ariana, and an eight-year-old daughter, Anika.

Dalljiet Kaur will not leave work after marriage:

Regarding acting and career, Dalljiet Kaur said that she will never shy away from coming back to Mumbai for work. Nikhil has told her that he will take care of the kids while she is busy with work. 

Speaking of her career, Dalljiet Kaur started her career in 2004 where she made her television debut with a small role in “Mansa”. She then appeared in Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan in a pivotal role as Siya.

Shows like Mano Ya Na Mano, Swaragini, Kulvadhu, Saas vs Bahu, Chhota Sa Aasmaan, and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon also followed. Her most popular character was that of Anjali Jha which she played in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Main.

In December 2006 Dalljiet acted in the serial “Kulvadhu” which started on Sony TV Channel as “Niyati”. Dalljiet fell in love with the actor Shaleen Bhanot, who became Dalljiet’s husband in the Kulvadhu serial.

Both did not participate in the fourth season of Nach Baliye in 2008. After winning this season, Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot got married in 2009.

In 2009, Dalljiet Kaur played the role of Princess Madhumati in the Colors TV serial “Kahaniyan Vikram Aur Betal Ki”. From 2011, Dalljiet was seen in another Star Plus hit serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Main.

In this serial, Dalljiet played the character of Anjali Jha very well. After working in this serial for almost 1 year, Dalljiet Kaur appeared in Colors TV’s hit serial “Swaragini Jodde Rishton Ke Sur” in the character of “Janki Shekhar ”. 

In 2017, Dalljiet played the role of Kali in the serial “Maa Shakti” on the channel Big Magic. In 2018 also, Dalljiet worked in 3 serials “Qayamat Ki Raat”, “Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka” and “Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha”.

FAQs about Dalljiet Kaur:

Where was Dalljiet Kaur born?

Dalljiet Kaur was born on 15 November 1982 in Ludhiana. She belongs to a Punjabi Sikh family. Dalljiet comes from a family with military experience as her father is a retired colonel and her elder sister is in the Indian Defense Services. Apart from her father, her two elder sisters are also military officers.

Who is the father of Dalljiet Kaur’s son Jaden?

Let us introduce you to Jaden’s dad. Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot married in 2009 and got divorced in 2015. They have a son named Jaden and he lives with the actress.

Shaleen Bhanot, who has made it to the top 6 of Bigg Boss 16, may still be looking for love, but his ex-wife has chosen her life partner. Remember, in Bigg Boss 16, when Shaleen was rebuked by Salman Khan, he said that you think about yourself, Dalljiet Kaur is happy in her life and she has found her love. Thus, Shaleen had said that he is very happy for her. 

Similarly, Dalljiet will never take her son away from Shaleen. Dalljiet Kaur said that her son is in dire need of a normal life. That can happen only if he gets his loved ones. This also includes the father. I will never separate Shaleen from Jaden. We will come to India from time to time and get Jaden to meet his father. Dalljiet Kaur said that Jaden knows that his father loves him very much. I know that there is no fault of my son in whatever quarrels took place between Shaleen and me. That’s why it is my first motive that he should get a good upbringing. If Shaleen also marries tomorrow, I will be the first woman to introduce him to his son.

Who is Nikhil Patel?

Dalljiet Kaur got married to UK-based Nikhil Patel, who works in a finance company, building brands, in addition to being a mentor and investor. 

Nikhil Patel is a businessman who lives in the UK but is currently working in Nairobi, Kenya, where he will be living with Dalljiet for a few years. Dalljiet has said that she will move to London where Nikhil was born and brought up. Nikhil had shared pictures from his obese days and underwent drastic transformation in 2019. Nikhil Patel’s transformation is not just in his looks but also in his attitude towards re-marrying as Nikhil Patel was already married prior to meeting Dalljiet.

How did Dalljiet and Nikhil first meet?

The newlyweds first got introduced to each other last year at a friend’s party in Dubai. Dalljiet Kaur said: “when I met Nikhil, he had blue nail paint on his feet. When I asked what this is, he said that this is the sign of my two daughters whom I am very proud of”. 

Just then the conversation of two single parents started and we started getting closer. It was the love of children that brought us closer. After this they started talking and fell in love. Dalljiet Kaur narrated her love story and also told about her son. 

When did Nikhil and Dalljiet Kaur get engaged?

Dalljiet Kaur said that she had also got engaged to Nikhil on January 3, 2023 in Nepal.

Is Dalljiet Kaur planning for a fourth child with Nikhil Patel? 

TV actress Dalljiet Kaur has married for the second time with husband Nikhil Patel. After marriage, she has become the mother of 3 children. Now she has given an answer on the planning about their fourth baby live on Instagram while enjoying their honeymoon in Thailand. 

Before we reveal, know that Dalljiet and Nikhil have three children as of now. 

Dalljiet Kaur has a son from Shaleen Bhanot, whose name is Jayden. At the same time, her second husband Nikhil Patel has two daughters. Both are quite excited to make a fresh start with their children. 

On her Instagram account, the actress answered all the questions of the fans.And on the question of planning children, saying: “No friends, we already have three children. I think this is enough. Please be kind.” After this Nikhil said, “It is very expensive.” At the same time, Dalljiet Kaur was also trolled for celebrating her honeymoon in Thailand with her husband leaving all three children in Mumbai.

Why did Dalljiet Kaur end her first marriage?

Dalljiet Kaur had accused Shaleen Bhanot and after the whole incident, she separated from her husband Shaleen Bhanot.

In the year 2009, Dalljiet Kaur married co-actor Shaleen Bhanot. Both have a son, Jaden. In 2015, she filed a complaint against her husband, Shaleen Bhanot, for dowry harassment and attempted murder and then both of them got divorced. 

Some interesting facts about Dalljiet Kaur: 

  • Dalljiet won the title of Miss Pune in 2004.
  • Dalljiet Kaur met Shaleen Bhanot on the sets of Kulvadhu and fell in love with them. The couple married on 9 December 2009.
  • In 2009, she won Nach Baliye 4 along with her husband Shaleen Bhanot.
  • Dalljiet made a home for herself with her role as Anjali in the popular Star Plus serial Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.
  • She has also appeared in serials like Swaragini-Jodne Rishton Ke Sur, Kaala Tika, Qayamat Ki Raat and Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.
  • In 2019, Dalljiet K participated in the reality show Bigg Boss 13.
  • Dalljiet got the name Deepa because she was born on the night of Diwali festival.
  • Appeared on the cover of the international magazine “The Platform” in 2018, becoming the first Indian television actress to do so.


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