Amber Heard’s Net Worth After Johnny Depp Case: How Much Is It?


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In 2015, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were still a couple. Now the two infamously fought each other in court for months mid to late 2022 and, the jury found both guilty of defamation, but basically, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor won. During the tail end of the fateful trial, Amber Heard leaves the courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, with her head bowed after the verdict was announced. “The disappointment I feel today cannot be put into words,” Amber Heard (37) wrote on Twitter after it became clear: The actress lost a lot in the defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp (58). Although the jury in Virginia had agreed on some points, Johnny Depp emerged as the big winner from the mudslinging of the trial. Amber Heard is considered a big loser. For her, the verdict not only means that everyone now thinks she is a liar. For them, the verdict is also a financial catastrophe! So this had us wondering what Amber Heard’s net worth was after her infamous case! 

Amber Heard’s Net Worth Since Johnny Depp Case Has Dwindled! 

Amber owes Johnny 10.35 million:

Amber Heard

Amber is shocked by the outcome of the mudslinging trial against her ex Johnny Depp. 

Her attorney Elaine Bredehoft hugs Amber Heard after the verdict, trying to comfort her Dejected, Amber Heard walks out of court in Virginia with her sister Whitney after the verdict. Horrified, stunned, head bowed.

After losing the lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she not only lost her credibility – the US actress also had to pay a hefty fine.

In late June 2022, two weeks after the grotesque court hearing between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp concluded, the actress gave an interview. She probably wanted to correct a few things after what she thought was an unbelievable verdict. By the beginning of December 2022, it was clear that the next chapter was already being written: Amber (ordered by the Virginia jury’s verdicts) was ordered to pay Depp a total of $10.35 million. 

The actor also appealed but there was another verdict: Depp had to pay Heard two million dollars. Both lawsuits were tried together in the spring, and they were then evaluated together – in a colossal legal victory for Depp.

This is also the reason why Depp appealed knowing that the Achilles’ heel of this negotiation, in which there was not only a legal judgment but also a social one. The trial was a mud fight, there was 24/7 live reporting, the formative scenes became memes on social media, and public judgment was almost unanimous: Depp came across as the lovable asshole, an often aggressive one alcoholic, yet irresistible. Heard, on the other hand, was seen as a vengeful femme fatale, malicious, almost diabolical.

Depp had managed to start the process in Virginia – after all, it was about an online guest contribution by Heard in the Washington Post, and the Internet portal’s servers are in Virginia – the process went like this. In California, where both live, it would have been different, also in the larger social context, says Heard’s appeal: “It is a deterrent message to other women who want to talk about abuse by powerful men, should the verdict stand .”

But the US actress faces bankruptcy: 

Amber Heard can’t pay millions in fines to ex-husband Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp celebrates victory over favorable judgment while Amber Heard’s life is in shambles. 

But can she do that at all?  

The seven-member jury found it proven that Heard defamed the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

In the aftermath, Heard now has to pay $10 million in damages for defamation and an additional $5 million in punitive damages for committing the acts with “actual bad faith.” 

In the following days, Judge Penney Azcarate reduced the punitive damages award to the state’s legal maximum which is $350,000. This rounded off the total to $10.35 million. 

As the American actress does not have such a large sum, it has become an issue that even Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, confirmed to NBC that her client does not have the money. 

When asked explicitly whether Heard could pay, Brederhoft said: “Oh no, absolutely not.” She then added that Heard wants to appeal the verdict and has “some excellent reasons” to do so. 

Is Heard now officially appealing? 

Heard theoretically has the option to appeal the verdict which she intends to do so fully. 

However, she would have to post bail of $10.35 million plus interest, attorney Sandra Spurgeon told US broadcaster CBS to consider. “For a person who is unable to pay the judgment and post bail, there is a real problem if the prevailing party intends to enforce the judgment.” Depp’s ex-wife still has these options. 

What happens if Heard doesn’t pay Johnny Depp? 

Amber Heard

If the actress decides not to appeal and is unable to pay damages, attorney Sandra Spurgeon during an interview with CBS said her current and future assets could be garnished. However, Heard’s career has already experienced a major kink in the course of the legal dispute. 

She also has the option to file for bankruptcy, which would at least eliminate the $10 million, Spurgeon said. 

All that’s left to pay is  $350,000 in remaining punitive damages.

After her conviction, it is questionable whether Amber can still count on lucrative job offers in show business. 

The only thing left for the actress is that Johnny Depp decides not to enforce the verdict and waive the damages, Spurgeon said. 

“Johnny Depp has the leverage in his hand,” said the lawyer. Both parties could therefore also agree on a lower amount. In Johnny Depp’s statement, which he made after the verdict was announced, Depp left open whether he intended to claim the money. Johnny Depp’s goal was “to uncover the truth, regardless of the outcome”. The actor also added: “It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’ve finally made it.” 

After six weeks of trial, in which shocking and creepy details about the ex-couples toxic relationship came to light in front of an audience of millions, the jury was crystal clear: Hollywood star Johnny Depp was wrongly accused of domestic violence. The five men and two women found that the post his ex-wife Amber Heard wrote in The Washington Post in 2018 slandered Depp. Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation! The verdict has been pronounced! Johnny Depp gets $15 million in damages! Even before the verdict was announced, Depp treated himself to a beer in a pub in Newcastle. The verdict also includes the fact that Amber Heard now owes Johnny Depp millions that she can’t even pay out of petty cash. 

The jury initially awarded the Pirates of the Caribbean star $15 million — made up of $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. In the days following this number, the amount was further reduced to the $350,000 cap for such compensation in Virginia which amounts to 10.35 million that Amber owes to the Pirates of the Caribbean star. 

In turn, Depp is to compensate Heard with two million dollars, which will be deducted from her damage sum. So that’s a total of $8.35 million that Amber Heard is supposed to pay as the celebrity lawyer says: “This is a scandalous verdict!” 

Amber Heard’s net worth:

Amber Heard

It is shocking that for the Depp v. Heard civil defamation in a claim and counter-claim situation the party in question Amber Heard not paid anything in damages. 

The fortune of the 37-year-old could only be guessed at. During the trial, the 37-year-old blonde ambition was able to state that she was paid $1 million for her role in Aquaman and $2 million for the sequel. She was also entitled to bonuses based on the success of the sequel. 

It is also known that the Pirates of the Caribbean star had to pay her seven million dollars as part of the divorce agreement. The 37-year-old American actress had pledged to donate the entire amount to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) charity in addition to helping the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital with her donations. 

The 37-year-old American actress admitted she has yet to fulfill the promise due to Depp’s lawsuit but on the other hand, Johnny Depp paid the $7 million divorce settlement to his ex, unlike the latter who has still not paid Depp anything. 

Amber Heard states that she owes six million dollars for legal fees, which is why she was unable to do so. 

Unforntally, even now the donation promise was not kept until and during the trial, however, she admitted that she hasn’t kept that promise because “Johnny sued me.” 

According to “Celebrity Net Worth” Miss Heard came to around a million dollars but since the court ruling, the website has said “minus $8 million.” 

If Amber Heard decides against an appeal but does not have enough money to pay the verdict, her current and future salary could be garnished, legal experts are sure Even if she files for bankruptcy, it would only eliminate the $10 million in damages, but Heard would still be left with the $350,000 punitive damages (which Depp can choose to waive off). But that probably won’t happen. Amber with her sister Whitney – their faces speak volumes After the verdict, Johnny Depp was relieved and celebrated his victory in a long statement. The Pirates of the Caribbean star wrote: “The jury gave me my life back. I’m really humbled.” He said he was overwhelmed by all the love and tremendous support and kindness he’d received from around the world. Johnny Depp: “The best is yet to come and a new chapter has finally begun.” And while Depp is looking forward to his new life, bankruptcy could be waiting for Amber Heard. 


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