10 Pack Abs: How To Get A Ripped Stomach


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The standards of physical fitness tend to change from time to time and when it comes to abs, the standards have become progressively harder. There was a time when just having a flat stomach was enough, that changed to having four pack abs, which then progressed to six packs. Numerous workout programs and fitness channels with the name “six pack” propped up all over the globe. However, even that wasn’t enough and soon eight pack abs became the standard. And just when you thought that was going to be the end of that, the “10 pack abs” phenomenon has taken over the world. After seeing fitness influencers and numerous actors flaunt their ridiculous 10 packs, many fitness enthusiasts have taken up the challenge. If you thought getting eight pack abs was hard, the quest for 10 pack abs features another level of difficulty. However, just holding planks for hours and doing a million crunches won’t help you get your dream 10 pack abs. In order to get 10 pack abs, you need to incinerate almost all the fat around your stomach so that your abs are visible. Remember, your abs are not some new muscles that are formed as a result of working out. They are usually hidden by fat. Burning this extra fat requires hard work. But hard work does not include just working out for five hours in the gym, for this you also need a well-organized diet. In this post, we will talk about the various ways in which you can get to your goal of getting 10 pack abs. Let’s get started.

10 Pack Abs: All You Need To Know 

Even if the abdominal muscles are as hard as steel, the last love handles just don’t want to go away? This may be due to the diet. We reveal which foods make the belly fat disappear and the six-pack appear.

The path to a flat stomach is not just about crunches and planks (which we will discuss later), nutrition also plays a major role.

Because only when the annoying belly fat is gone can the defined abdominal muscles emerge. So, first of all, the goal is to lose excess fat. It is important to take in fewer calories than you consume.

What To Eat To Get 10 Pack Abs?

The foundation has already been laid with the abdominal muscles. Because they are real fat burning ovens. The more trained the muscles, the more fat is burned – always, even while sleeping. You don’t need to starve yourself, you can eat, as long as you eat the right thing. Here’s what you should eat to help yourself achieve your goal of getting 10 pack abs:

Eat lots of protein

Abs like swimming legend Michael Phelps aren’t possible without eating protein

Eating sufficient protein is very important. The body needs proteins to build and maintain muscle. Fish, eggs, low-fat quark or cottage cheese are good sources, but plant-based alternatives such as tofu, amaranth, nuts or quinoa are also suitable.

It should be 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for muscle building per day. For a man who weighs 80 kilos, that’s 120 grams per day.

If you eat amaranth or quinoa more often, you have not only absorbed good vegetable protein but also complex carbohydrates and fiber, which ensure a stable blood sugar level, keep you full for a long time and avoid cravings.

In addition, digestion is stimulated, which also ensures a flat stomach.

Be judicious with your carb intake

Crisp vegetables, especially green, water-rich varieties such as broccoli, cucumber or spinach, provide a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Potatoes and root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips are quite starchy. In other words: the carbohydrate content is higher.

They should therefore be consumed to a limited extent if you want 10 pack abs. The same applies to legumes. The carbohydrates contained are not so easy to digest and can cause the stomach to bulge.

Quinoa or millets are better because they are easier to digest. Light wheat bread, pasta, and, above all, sweets have no place on the 10 pack abs menu and are counterproductive.

The simple carbohydrates often turn into unwanted belly fat faster than you can put on the workout gear.

Eat good fats

Fat also helps to make the dream of 10 pack abs come true. Good fats from olive oil, avocados, walnuts, and salmon are high in unsaturated fats.

The monounsaturated fatty acids promote testosterone production and thus successful muscle building.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids, above all omega-3, promote muscle growth and accelerate regeneration after training units.

Stay hydrated

Unsweetened herbal tea and still water are great (at least 1.5 to 2 liters), mineral water and soft drinks puff up your stomach.

On the one hand because of the carbon dioxide, in the case of soft drinks also because of the sugar content and the often added sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

Alcohol is a killer for a toned core. It is high in calories and removes minerals from the body. So 60 grams of alcohol (three bottles of beer) flush the magnesium requirement for two days from the body.

The mineral is needed to activate the metabolic enzymes. Fat loss and muscle building are thus strongly inhibited. 

Manage bloating

If the stomach looks much flatter in the morning and only bulges outward during the day, this has nothing to do with love handles, but is often associated with a feeling of fullness and rumbling.

The most important tips against bloating: eat in peace and chew well. A main cause of the bloated stomach is hastily eating, because a lot of air is swallowed with it.

Chewing makes digestion easier and even helps with weight loss. Studies show that the increase in blood sugar in high-carbohydrate meals can be greatly reduced by thorough chewing.

If less sugar circulates in the blood, the sharp rise in insulin does not occur. Ideal conditions for losing weight, because insulin would promote lipid storage in the tissue, i.e. the cushions.

Sometimes the bulging stomach is also a sign of a food intolerance or sensitivity.

The substances gluten (glutinous protein) and fructans (multiple sugars made from fructose building blocks) in wheat cause gas and gastrointestinal complaints in some people.

The same applies to the lactose contained in milk, dairy products and many finished products. Speaking of ready-made products: They are also often heavily salted, which promotes water retention and hides your abs. Cooking yourself is always a better option.

Relax and meditate

Relaxation makes you slim and stress makes you fat, because the stress hormone cortisol promotes long-term fat storage, especially in the problem area of ​​the stomach.

Under stress, the body mobilizes glucose from the cells so that – from an evolutionary point of view – it has energy to flee or fight. Since this glucose is no longer used, it is converted into fat reserves. Stress can also lead to “stress eating”, and things like these are never good for 10 pack abs.

If you want to lose weight, you should find ways out of stress. Meditation and progressive muscle relaxation can be beneficial, as well as adequate sleep on a regular basis.

10 Pack Abs diet advice

If you want abs like WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, you need to watch your diet

Here are some essential dietary items that are crucial for a 10 pack diet:

  • Whole grain bread: Complex carbohydrates ensure stable blood sugar levels and avoid cravings.
  • Green vegetables: Broccoli, cucumber and other such food items are low in calories, but good carbohydrates and a lot of fiber.
  • Good fats: olive oil, avocados and walnuts – their unsaturated fatty acids stimulate the metabolism.
  • Low-fat fish species: plaice or pikeperch – high-quality protein as a building block for the muscles.
  • Fatty fish: salmon provides healthy fats (heart -and brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acid) and vitamins such as vitamin D.
  • Herbs and spices: Rich in minerals, they stimulate metabolism and fat burning.
  • Grapefruit: bitter substances have a fat-removing effect.
  • Eggs: Essential amino acids, including leucine, which is said to function as a fat burner.
  • Millet: Contains a lot of silicon, which tightens the connective tissue and firms the skin.
  • Probiotics: They are found in curd, sauerkraut or kefir and establish slim bacteria in the intestines. Asparagus and chicory are also rich in probiotics.
  • Dehydrating vegetables: Vegetables like celery help to drain excess water from the tissue and are low in calories. Reducing your body’s water retention goes a long way in giving you your dream 10 pack abs.

Best exercises for 10 pack abs


Crunches are the tried and tested exercise for 10 pack abs. For this you lie down on the ground. Bend the legs and keep the hands under the head. Now try to get up slowly. If you are not able to do more crunches in the beginning, then do not worry, take a break and get back to it, just do not stop exercising.

Oblique crunches

For this, lie down on the ground on one side. Now keep your hand above the ear and try to rise up. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to rise high in the beginning. Keep working at it, you will get better and stronger soon.


Lie flat on the ground. Now bend your hands from the elbows and go down to the toes of the feet. Keep in mind that all your weight should remain on the elbows and toes. In the beginning, try to stay in this position for at least 30 to 45 seconds, later increase the time as much as you can. This will put pressure on your stomach, which will help in making abs.

Side Planks

For this, you crawl on the ground from side to side. Now get up on your elbows. Try to stay in this position for as long as you can. You will also benefit a lot from this.

Leg lift

For this, you lie down straight on the floor and keep your hands on the plain ground. Now lift the right leg straight towards the ceiling and make an angle of 90 degrees. Keep in mind that the leg should not be bent (flex your foot as well), now bring it down the stream slowly. Repeat the same motion with the other leg. As you progress further and become stronger, you can switch to doing leg lifts with both legs at the same time. 

Russian Twist

Make a 45 degree angle between the body and the knees. Take a dumbbell in hand and twist the body to the right and left. This will put a lot of stress on the stomach, due to which it will not take much time to build abs.

Lift weights

Heavy weight lifting exercises are very important and helpful for building abs. These exercises also help in promoting the abs while burning the extra fat of the whole body. This puts a lot of emphasis on your abs, due to which the extra fat burns quickly and the abs emerge quickly.

If you take care of your diet and exercise every day, then you will be able to make 10 pack abs eventually. Remember, you can’t spot-reduce fat from your body and just working on your belly won’t result in 10 pack abs, you need to work your entire body and stimulate muscle growth all over.


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