Who Is Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend? 9 Things To Know About Kelly Piquet


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Caught in a fierce fight for the title with Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen’s sentimental life is very different and softer, much sweeter since he shares his life with the magnificent Kelly Piquet, daughter of a very famous F1 racer. This move shows that it’s not just on the race tracks that Verstappen knows how to make the right choices. Winner of his very first title after a crazy last lap in Abu Dhabi, the Dutch driver of Red Bull has people wondering who Max Verstappen’s girlfriend is! 

Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend Kelly Piquet Makes The Perfect Partner – Here’s Why! 

1. Kelly is the daughter of an F1 legend: 

If the competition is raging and Max, who has had a unique experience because of the global pandemic, finds himself with a lot of pressure on his shoulders, he can nevertheless count on a weighty asset to relax on. She is none other than Max Verstappen’s girlfriend: Kelly Piquet.

The beautiful Kelly is the daughter of Nelson Piquet, the Brazilian Formula 1 legend. 

On a similar note, Max Verstappen is the son of a former racer Jos Verstappen, also well known in the world of motorsport. The two lovers therefore grew up in an environment where motorsport occupied a fairly important place: one as a spectator and admirer and the other as a professional driver and star of the field. 

2. She is also Dutch like Max:

Born to a Brazilian father, and also a Dutch mother, the young woman should have no trouble communicating with her new companion who lives, like her, in the Principality of Monaco. 

The companion of the famous driver Verstappen was born in Homburg, and had to live all over the world. But, she spent most of her childhood in the south of France, then she returned to Brazil when she was between 12 and 15 years old. 

At 16, she moved to England for boarding school, but a year later returned to her home country to complete high school. The young woman, strengthened by these moves, decided to study International Relations in the United States, more precisely in New York at Marymount Manhattan College. At this time, Kelly Piquet is also interested in fashion and even goes so far as to do an internship in this universe. Having fun in New York and especially in the world of fashion, she definitely puts her bags down in this city. She then landed a job at Vogue Latino America and also at Bergdorf Goodman. She also signs a contract as a columnist for Marie Claire magazine.

Thanks to her global exposure, Max Verstappen’s girlfriend speaks several languages ​​including English, French, and Portuguese.

3. Already a mom: 

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend has a baby with another Formula 1 driver, Russian Daniil Kvyat. Kelly Piquet is said to have dated Redbull driver Kvyat until their relationship ended in a breakup, despite having a wonderful baby girl named Penelope Kvyat. The fact that the female columnist has a child has obviously changed nothing about the strength of her relationship with Max Verstappen.

Twenty-four years of life for the competitor and 33 for his companion: the age difference does not seem to bother the two personalities, one of whom is already a mother. Better, they are welded by a reciprocal trust, which allows the couple to fully live their love.

Despite being in her thirties and having given birth, the young lady still looks fantastic.

4. She met Max in 2020:

The Red Bull driver and the Brazilian beauty made their relationship official following an Instagram post by Kelly Piquet, which has more than 250,000 followers.,

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend added the following message to her post: “Darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea, you have everything. Everything I need”. 

Max Verstappen then hastened to respond to his sweetheart by commenting: “Together, we can face challenges as deep as the sea and as high as the sky”.

A beautiful story that the F1 racer then formalized on his Instagram account, posting a beautiful photo of the couple for the new year. “Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s make 2021 an unforgettable year. I wish you all success, love and joy, just as I found it myself”, he adds in reference to his beautiful Brazilian.

5. The child surprisingly looks like Max:

The daughter of the triple world champion seems to have won the stars. She would accompany Verstappen for his completions and would be a real asset to the Redbull runner’s success. But chasing his race for formula 1, the young Dutchman would have refused to have a normal childhood. Instead his goals have found him with a 30-year-old mother who has a daughter who looks exactly like Max despite having no biological connection. 

This is the work of some Houdini because the child who represents Max’s features and eyes belongs to the formula 1 racer: Daniil Kvyat.

The Russian, a former Red Bull driver who saw Max Verstappen replace him in 2016, is the real father of their little girl.

6. She has a modeling page on Instagram:

Competing since 2015, Max Verstappen has won numerous prizes on the racing circuits. Lewis Hamilton’s fierce competitor is now in a relationship with the stunning Brazilian beauty. The two lovebirds do not hesitate to ignite the canvas from time to time with pretty photos of the times spent together. After all, Kelly is a model. We can mention APM Monaco, Only Natural Diamonds, and Pepe Jeans, as some of the companies she has posed for. The Sagittarius influencer has also previously posed for Lucas Boccalao and Patho, in addition to participating in several fashion shows. She recently shared some birthday pictures in which she posed with one of her close friends, Yasmin Devonport.

Kelly Piquet is not only a model but also a columnist and a public relations specialist. 

It was she who announced the news of their relationship on social networks, so logically enough she has garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers on her Instagram account.

Kelly Piquet has 950k followers. 

Darker than the sea, deeper than the ocean. You have everything, everything I need. “Here are the beautiful words posted by the charming Kelly on her Instagram account to formalize their relationship.

7. Other work:

In terms of her modeling career, we found Kelly Piquet present on several fashion shows. As we have mentioned above, she has also already posed for PatBO and for Lucas Boccalao.

Most interestingly, in 2015, she oriented her professional career towards the automotive world. She was even at the time responsible for the social media coverage of Formula E, a competition for electric cars.

It was partly thanks to her work that Kelly Piquet crossed paths with Russian F1 racer Danii Kyvat in January 2017. This relationship seemed very solid and the couple even gave birth to Penelope Kyvat in July 2019. All was not so rosy in her relationship with Danii Kyvat that she separated from him in December 2019. Following this breakup, she devoted herself entirely to her daughter and her professional career.

8. The F1 couple seems to be going strong:

After a year of dating, the couple are still together and seem to be even more in love than ever. This is what we saw during the FIA ​​Formula 1 prize-giving ceremony in Paris. The couple were photographed alongside Geri Halliwell.

The couple arrived hand in hand at the Carrousel du Louvre, where the ceremony took place. Monsieur was dressed in a black tuxedo and a bow tie and Madame in a beautiful sparkling black dress. If the couple was very cute, on the red carpet, another couple made more of a sensation: Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner. 

9. She is Brazilian: 

At just 23 years old, the young Dutchman Verstappen has already been a Formula 1 star for several years. As Max was born in Belgium to a father who was a former professional driver, it isn’t shocking that he is one of the best drivers in the world and leads the Red Bull team with a masterful hand. Already second in the standings, he hopes to steal first place from his lifelong rival, Englishman Lewis Hamilton.

But in his personal life, he went towards the Brazilian model: Kelly Piquet. 

The formalization of their relationship has also caused a stir in the world of Formula 1, since the young woman of 32 years is none other than the daughter of a legend of F1, the Brazilian Nelson Piquet – a three-time World Champion! 

After winning two national crowns in karting and making a brilliant debut in single-seaters (Brazilian Formula Vee champion in 1976), Kelly Piquet’s father Nelson decided to go into exile in England, a necessary step to access Formula 1. In 1978, he easily won the title of British Formula 3 champion, a domination that opened the doors to the premier category.

After an accident with Eliseo Salazar at the 1982 German Grand Prix, Nelson Piquet was involved in one of the most famous altercations in Formula 1. When both were out of the race, Kelly Piquet’s father went to hit the Chilean driver, who was surprised by the punches and kicks! Kelly Piquet’s father also faced another controversial moment when in 1988 he publicly accused his compatriot Ayrton Senna of being homosexual and having sexual relations with the mechanics of his team, this in collusion with the Frenchman Alain Prost (guided by the Piquet rumor) only to discredit Ayrton Senna who was gaining more and more popularity. among Brazilians and around the world. Sometime later, Piquet had to retract what he said in front of a court which summoned him thanks to Senna suing him. 

During Nelson Piquet’s retirement as a driver, in 1997 he would briefly make a comeback by returning to compete on a South American Formula 3 date, for which he received the invitation to compete from the trainer Amir Nasr, father of the future Formula 1 driver Felipe Nasr. On that day, the result obtained by Piquet in his brief return to the slopes would be overshadowed by the presence of a promoter hired by Piquet, who paraded around his completely naked unit, wearing only his white shoes and a colored red hat through which the sponsoring brand could be seen. This appearance would again be taken as a target of criticism towards Piquet by the world automobile press.

Most recently, this year in a 2022 interview that was published, Piquet had referred to Lewis Hamilton in racist terms. In a statement about his words, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) said: “The FIA ​​strongly condemns any racist or discriminatory language and behaviour, which has no place in sport or in society in general”.

Like his father, the son of Nelson Piquet, Nelson Angelo Piquet is also a rider who has known major Grand Prix events, in particular because of his error during the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008. 

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet therefore has a racer brother, an ex-racer father, an ex-racer baby daddy, and a current racer boyfriend as well. 

Short biography of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is a young Dutch Formula 1 driver. Born in Hasselt, Belgium, he is the son of Jos Verstappen who is also a former Formula 1 driver and Sophie-Marie Kumpen, a former high-level karting driver. It is in 2015 that we find him for the first time on the courses of Formula 1. At that time, he was in the Toro Rosso team. 

A year later, Max Verstappen was transferred to Red Bull and it was there that he won the car championships. On December 12, he had a completely mind-blowing final lap in Abu Dhabi during the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season.

When Red Bull transferred him from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing, he replaced Daniil Kvyat (his current girlfriend’s baby daddy) who was doing the opposite. From his first race with the Austrian team, in Spain, Verstappen won his first Grand Prix, becoming, at 18 years and 227 days, the youngest winner in Formula 1. In Brazil, he also became, at 19 years and 44 days, the youngest driver to achieve a fastest lap in the race; he finished the season in fifth place in the championship with seven podiums. Despite 2017 and 2018 being marred by several retirements caused by errors and technical problems, he achieved further success at Sepang, Mexico City, and Spielberg. 

The following year, Red Bull teamed up with Honda, which enabled Verstappen to achieve his first pole position, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and to offer the Japanese engine manufacturer his first victories since his return to the discipline. In 2020, despite Max competing with Mercedes, he only won two times and finished third in the championship. 

In 2021, for the first time in his career, Max Verstappen is able to fight for the world title and achieves his goal, becoming the 34th Formula 1 world champion, as well as the first Dutch champion of the discipline; thanks to an overtaking on his rival Lewis Hamilton, on the last lap of a controversial final round, in Abu Dhabi. 

With ten victories, as many pole positions, and a record of eighteen podiums over the season, the Red Bull protege put an end to the period of domination of Mercedes drivers which had lasted since 2014. In March 2022, he extended his contract with Red Bull until 2028.

As the son of Jos Verstappen Max Verstappen has been immersed in the world of motorsport since he was very young. While his father was still an active Formula 1 driver, he got into a kart for the first time at age 4 in Genk. From then on, he rides as soon as he can, doing quad or motocross; or even on his PlayStation. He made his competitive debut in 2005 in the local championship of the province of Limburg in Belgium, where he finished vice-champion, as well as in the junior championship of the Netherlands. On his maternal side, Max Verstappen’s mother Sophie-Marie Kumpen is a former high-level karting driver who has several prestigious victories to her credit (notably at the 1995 Margutti Trophy). 

Max’s mom is also the cousin of Anthony Kumpen, a Belgian grand touring driver, and the daughter of Paul Kumpen, former endurance driver and founder of the PK Carsport team. Max Verstappen’s parents separated in 2008 after several outbursts of violence which led his father, Jos, to appear in domestic court. F1’s very own Verstappen has a younger sister, Victoria-Jane, born in 1999.


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