Who is Marie Anne Thiebaud? Everything You Need to Know


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Marie Anne Thiebaud, a Swiss woman, gained renown through her prior union with Frédéric Thiebaud, a business executive from Switzerland. Marie Anne is also well-known for having served as singer Shania Twain’s secretary for a very long period. The truth still stands that celebrities draw enormous attention to their private lives as well as their careers and professional lives. Marie Anne as well as Frédéric Thiébaud are not an exception in this instance. The former pair were having a child together and had been married at one point, but they separated after an extramarital affair. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Marie Anee Thiebaud.

Marie Anne Thiebaud Age

According to reports, Marie was raised in the US, and as a result, she is a resident of that country. But nobody knows for sure when she was born. Although she hasn’t given the public her exact birthdate, some accounts state that Marie as well as her former employer Shania Twain have been age-mates. Accordingly, Marie Anne would have been about 57 years old if that is any indication. Marie Anne is a private person as well as has not publicly discussed her family or early years; as a result, details about her parents’ names, families, and school backgrounds have stayed a mystery.

When did Marie Marry Frédéric and meet Frédéric?

The friendship, union, and eventual divorce of Marie Anne and Frederic Thiebaud have not been detailed in any sources. As a result, it is unknown how long the ex-couples marriage endured, where and when they met when they were married, and what kind of rite they had. Nevertheless, it is well known that during their marriage, Marie as well as Fredric gave birth to a girl, Johanna Thiebaud, in 2003. Before the situation changed, the pair appeared to be in a secure relationship. 

Aside from this, Marie Ann is most familiar to most people as Shania’s close friend, lifelong secretary, and personal aide before she married Frederic Thiebaud. She wasn’t as well-known as she is now, though, before she wed Frederic Thiebaud and after. She oversaw Twain’s 46-room Swiss mansion and was usually friendly with Shania’s family. Also, whenever the musician needed to travel, Anne would assist the singer’s kid. Additionally, the two women went to social gatherings together and had comparable hobbies. Additionally, the two families grew very close. The three went on outings and even shared vacations.

Frédéric Thiébaud is an executive in the business

Frédéric Thiébaud had been born on August 1st, 1970 in a Christian middle-class family in Switzerland. Regarding his working background, Fredric works as a business expert for Nestlé, which has its global headquarters in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Frédéric makes every effort to avoid the media and deliberately restricts his participation in the leisure sector. Nevertheless, the second marriage he had to the well-known vocalist Shania keeps him in the headlines.

Divorce of Frédéric Thiébaud & Marie Anne Thiebaud

Marie Anne Thiebaud and Frederic Thiebaud separated after the former had an extramarital relationship with Shania Twain’s spouse, South African recording artist, and composer Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Shania was shocked to learn that Robert and Marie had begun a covert romance. Fredric, Marie’s spouse, was the one who first told the performer the distressing information. Fred had been observing strange behaviour from his wife Marie at the moment.

Not only that, but he once found seductive lingerie, dubious hotel invoices, and questionable phone bills in his wife’s package, which proved his worst fears. Fred suffered a great deal after learning that she had been having relationships with her friend’s spouse. He immediately discussed with his wife Marie Anne as well as pleaded with her to inform Shania of the entire situation, but she declined. After a few weeks, Fred went to Shania alone and revealed the truth about her husband’s liaison with his wife. In the meantime, Shania’s husband started behaving strangely toward his wife and requesting a divorce. 

Shania, who was unsure of the situation, was unaware that her companion Marie was having extramarital affairs with her spouse. To give Marie a chance to reveal the relationship on her own, the songbird also called her, but Marie never did; instead, she lied to her and was vehement regarding keeping this a secret. Marie and Fred’s marriage allegedly came to an end in the following year when Fred requested a divorce due to lying.

Frédéric’s marriage with Shania Twain

The singer claimed that after Mutt Lange and Shania Twain separated, she felt extremely wounded and painful and experienced a variety of health problems. She believed she would never be able to love again, but Frédéric Thiébaud, Marie’s ex-husband, gave her emotional support, affection, and comfort. After meeting Fred, she reclaimed her self-assurance and belief in love. The You are Still the Only performer claimed that since Fredric was experiencing the same thing as her, he was the only person in her opinion who could relate to his ease. They fell in love, and on January 1, 2011, in Rincon, Puerto Rico, they got married. Together, they have spent time living contentedly and exploring the globe. They have not yet had a kid together.

Marie Anne Thiebaud Current Life

Marie Anne has completely avoided the media ever since the tragic events. She immediately lost both her position as Shania’s assistant and their friendship. It is unknown what she is doing right now or where she is because she leads a completely private existence. In the meantime, Robert Mutt Lange and Marie Anne grew closer, and today, it is thought that they are wed and cohabitating. Records indicate that Mutt and Shania are co-parenting their boy, but nothing is known regarding how Fred or Marie are rearing their daughter. 

The quartet switched teams. Marie Anne may have since been called a spouse snatcher and a traitor, but none of these accusations seemed to bother her or stop her from having a relationship with Mutt. The pair, according to L’Illustré, possess a house in La Tour-de-Peilz with views of a lake and mountains. They also own a horse called Hermès who is black. Life’s About Being Good is a song Shania recorded in 2017 that was motivated by her joy following the agony of her first marriage breakup.

Fun Facts About Marie Anne Thiebaud

  • She goes by the name Marie Anne.
  • She was born in the 1960s
  • She is currently divorced.
  • Frédéric Thiébaud was Marie Anne’s ex-husband.
  • Johanna Thiebaud is the name of Marie Anne’s daughter.
  • She gained notoriety as Frédéric Thiébaud’s ex-wife.
  • Marie Anne is 5 feet 11 inches tall.


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