What Rappers Has Celina Powell Been With in the Past


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Celina Powell is one of the social media influencers who is in limelight for the past few years not because of any heroism but for scandalous affairs with hip-hop celebrities. She likes to reveal her attachments with famous big names like Drake, Snoop Dogg, DJ Akademics, Tee Grizzley, Chief Keef, Lil Pump, Cash Out, and Offset among a few others. Yet, she calls herself an influencer and has more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Celina Powell and her controversial relationships

Celina Powell had been in an affair with many men. She is unmarried as of now but likes to flaunt the relationships she has with high-profile celebrities. Though, many have doubts about the legitimacy behind Celina’s involvement with the celebrities she mentions because she is famous for spreading fake news and creating controversies through false allegations. This has been accepted by the Instagram model as well. Once, she uploaded a video on YouTube relating to her relationship with Rapper 6ix9ine. She said that they met each other and she staged pictures in bed to leak them online. There are other celebrities mentioned below whom she accuses of different matters.


In 2021, the internet stormed with text messages exchanged between Celina and Drake. The messages looked like Celina tried to flirt with the rapper, however, he ignored her advances and posted, “Def never gave up my number. I know who u are. I want nooooo parts.”. to this, Celina replied, “I just wanted you to open my DMs thanks. I don’t wanna get blocked tho sooo I’ll exit now.”


Celina Powell is frequently linked to DJ Akademics, a hip-hop aficionado and former host of Everyday Struggle. For several years, the two have maintained an on-again, off-again relationship. Despite the fact that they are no longer dating, Akademics and Celina Powell made headlines in October 2020 once the rapper purchased a G-Wagon for his lady love.

Tory Lanez

Outside of Tory Lanez’s condo, Celina Powell, who had previously hinted at her relationship with the rapper, got into a dispute with the rapper’s girlfriend. Celina confronted Lanez at first, and the two got into a furious altercation. Tory’s girlfriend Kaylin entered in an attempt to mediate. Powell, on the other hand, began hitting Kaylin as the situation worsened. Celina Powell informed the police that Kaylin had dragged her to the ground, but she was telling the truth. After that, she shared an Instagram story in which the model was seated in a stroller and wearing a neck brace.

Celina Powell in the Sextape scandal

In a controversial manner, Celina announced on her social, media accounts about some of the exclusive sex tapes of her with 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg. She said, “I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop. Y’all thought I was playing. I keep every video.” This social media influencer said the tapes can be accessed by OnlyFans members. The subscription to her OnlyFans club is around $29.25 per month.

Celina Powell controversies that made headlines

The first time Celina made a headline was in 2017 when she revealed her relationship with the famous rapper Offset. She even claimed that Offset was the father of her child and that he had cheated on his wife for her. Celina claimed that she was pregnant with a girl she plans to name Karma Lee Cephus.

After the allegations offset hired lawyers to respond to her invalid claims. A cease-and-desist letter was sent to Powell concerning her false allegations and asking for a hefty amount of $50,000 from the rapper. The pregnancy was a lie and Celina admitted the same after some time. She stated that she had used the ultrasound images of her friend to make false allegations and later posted a clarification video on YouTube.

Powell didn’t stop there, though. She also claimed that other well-known celebrities, such as Chief Keef and Fetty Wapp, were the fathers of her child. Aside from these incidents, Celine was served with a restraining order by rapper Waka Flocka in 2017.

In 2020, the Instagrammer charged the singer of ‘Gin & Juice’ with having an affair with her. “I stole this b***h n***a, and she took him right to back,” Celina said in one of her Instagram memes. She went even farther, tagging Mrs Broadus in an Instagram Story and claiming that she and Snoop Dogg met at an apartment when they both had unprotected intercourse. Celina Powell also said that he gave her a large sum of money in exchange for keeping the secret. Powell posted a few messages she claims she received from Snoop Dogg, indicating their sexual relationship, which Snoop denies. Following the drama, he stated that he will be hosting a TV show named ‘Clout Chasers’.


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