Wealth Thresholds Revealed: Discover How Much Money Defines ‘Rich’ in Top Countries


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America is the most extravagant country on the planet, and 2020 receipts demonstrate it. During the pinnacle of COVID, the U.S. saw the most elevated development of monetary resources because of tax reductions and a dangerous securities exchange. Be that as it may, as really numerous people know, the thriving is not fanned out; indeed, the pay hole is broadening. Extremely rich people’s abundance soar during the pandemic, with information from Forbes finding that as of April 12, 2021, America’s 719 tycoons represented multiple occasions more cash (4.56 trillion dollars) than every one of the 165 million Americans on the lower part of the financial plane (1.01 trillion dollars). It was not generally thusly. Back in 1990, it was the inverse: extremely rich people held 240 billion dollars of the nation’s abundance, while the base portion of workers had 380 billion dollars consolidated.

The United States is scarcely a country where everyone’s aspirations could come true as even the rich get richer while the poor get impoverished. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the middle class to stay afloat, and hardly handle their payments or other costs. Is it any worse if you lived in a different country? To put it another way, is the cost of living significantly lower elsewhere? The answer is definitely yes.

When viewed in monetary terms, being wealthy can be crippling. In the top countries of the globe, being called wealthy entails a specific level of life and also the accumulation of financial assets in your bucket that classify you as wealthy, but the bar is not set excessively high in other countries. Let us see how much you need to earn to be considered wealthy!

1. Australia

To be counted in the top 1 per cent, your yearly pre-tax income must be 219,931 dollars and your annual post-tax income must be 103,376 dollars. The government has taken steps to reduce unemployment and has continuously ranked among the finest countries in the world for minimum salaries.

2. Canada

The country’s unemployment rate is 8.2 per cent, and your yearly pre-tax income would have to be 268,197 dollars to also be regarded in the top 1 per cent. This country draws a large number of potential employees and prides itself on being among the most accepting of foreign talent and potential in the world.

3. China

Despite its status as one of the world’s largest economies, China’s fiscal health has shown signs of fluctuation. To have been in the top 1 per cent, you need to earn 121,168 dollars per year before taxes, and 44,182 dollars to even be in the top 10 per cent.

4. France

The country does indeed have a free market economy and has taken steps to lower unemployment. To even be in the top 1 per cent, you need to earn 251,865 dollars in pre-tax income per year and 92,016 dollars to get into the top 10 per cent.

5. The USA

The country, which also has a high amount of government spending and debt, has a 5.8 per cent unemployment rate. In the views of the people, the country has traditionally been defined as one that enjoys enormous wealth. To have been in the top 1 per cent of the country, meanwhile, your yearly pre-tax income has to be 506,752 dollars, just to be in the top 10 per cent, it must have been 138,475 dollars.

6. Bangladesh

Pre-tax income has to be in the 1% range: 42,746 dollars per year.

About top, 10 per cent of annual pre-tax income was required: 12,338 dollars.

In Bangladesh, it does not require much money (in US dollars) to live like a king. Bangladesh’s economy remains relatively unfree, as per the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom, and opening the banking branch to outside competition could benefit the country economically. It had a 5.3 per cent rate of unemployment in 2020, but it is presently hovering around 6 per cent.

7. Brazil

Annual pre-tax income of at least 1% was required: 150,658 dollars

Pre-tax income in the top 10% was required: 34,751 dollars

Brazil is largely an unfree economy, as per the Index of Economic Freedom, and it has a massive debt (much like America!). It seems to have a terrible financial health rating, and COVID epidemics have nearly destroyed it. Its unemployment rate is alarmingly high at 14.7 per cent. 

8. Egypt

Annual pre-tax income must be in the 1 per cent range: 152,424 dollars

The annual pre-tax income must be in the top 10 per cent: 39,906 dollars

Egypt’s economic freedom score has been increasing for the past 3 years, as per the Index of Economic Freedom, but it still needs to reduce public debt and improve property rights as well as other rule-of-law indicators.

9. Ethiopia

An annual pre-tax income of at least 35,868 dollars was required.

The top 10 per cent of the total annual pre-tax income was required: 8,381 dollars.

In the United States, 8,000 dollars would not go very far for you, but in Ethiopia, it might put you in the top 10% of income. The country’s economy is generally unfree, as per the Index of Economic Freedom, and may benefit from a revitalization of its multiparty democracy. Ethiopia’s rate of unemployment is now around 2.1 per cent. 

10. France

The required annual pre-tax income was 251,865 dollars

The top ten per cent of annual pre-tax income was required: 92,016 dollars

This is still not quite enough to enter into the upper crust in the United States (we will get to that later), but 92,016 dollars is not precisely pennies in Ethiopia. France has a fairly free economy, as per the Index of Economic Freedom, and also is aiming to lower unemployment, which is now at 8 per cent.

11. Germany

An annual pre-tax income of 327,069 dollars was required.

The top ten per cent of annual pre-tax income was required: 100,996 dollars.

Germany, France’s next-door neighbour, becomes even more pricey than France. Germany has a generally free economy, as per the Index of Economic Freedom, but it might be much more so if the government lowered spending and eased labour restrictions. The rate of unemployment in Germany is approximately 6 per cent. 


Being a member of the ultra-wealthy class comes with its own set of problems, which have become increasingly important for global economies. Because of the rate of unemployment on the rise and continually proving to be a problem, making a decent living has now become a huge accomplishment in and of itself.


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