Travelling Essentials: Things you need to carry while travelling


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Travelling essentials has changed much in past few decades where people concentrates more on carrying needful things only so that comfort is maintained throughout the trip. Earlier people used to carry all those stuff which were used in day to day life. But things have changed and nowadays travelers consider more in carrying highly equipped and light weighted products. Lets quickly jump in and find out what are the Travelling Essentials used by modern travelers.


This one will prove needful as day essentials for short term adventures can be stuffed in and easily flung into your main bag. These can also be used during weekend breaks or an overnight halt in some big mountain or any safari. The key to find a suitable bag is searching for the one that has maximum functionality and got enough capacity to hold all your essentials along with extra space for souvenirs’.


Wet and dry bags:

Get some extra wet and dry bags that can carry your clothes that are not dry enough or for your swimsuit that still pour water from it.


Reusable Water Bottle:

This one is for international travelers mainly. Using plastic or use and throw bottles are not safe enough for long travelling. Purchasing UV light water bottles can prove beneficial here.

Face Wipes:

Taking a bath in some of the travelling sites may not be possible or even you may get exhausted during the day time. Face wipes can help you wipe your body during any time of the day and give can you a refreshing sensation.

Sleep essentials:

Getting a good sleep in new places is a trouble for many of us especially if the rooms are lighted and surrounded with other people. For this you can carry eye masks, set of ear plugs and travel pillows that are easily available in shopping sites.

Pens and notebook:

These are always forgotten by many travelers. Carrying retractable pen is a good idea that can help in writing travelling notes during your trip.

Keep your mobile phones green:

Buying a universal plug adapter is a must as all countries uses different forms of plug in points. Picking universal one can save you from spending extra money for a specific destination trip. Also, get hold of an extra phone battery that can be switched during day time or when you do not find place to get your phones charged. A light weighted power bank can be carried by those travelers who cannot stay without their gadgets.


Multipurpose knife or a Swiss army knife:

These can be used during multiple situations like cutting cheese, nail clipping, etc. You do not need to carry 2.5 inches long blades in your bag packs.


First aid Kit and Toiletries:

Accidents happens especially when you go for trekking or river rafting for which you need to be prepared before handed. First aid kit for travellers are available in market that can be purchased. If you are not sure about how to use them, you can watch tutorial videos available in You Tube and get some skill before falling into an intense situation.

Torch light:

Imagine if your hotel room lights gets on after several hours you checked in. Yes, such incident has happened with me and thus I would strongly advise you to keep a sturdy headlamp or a torch with you to keep yourself falling into such situation.

Extra precautionary things:

Carrying a photocopy of passport and travellers cheque is a good idea. Other than above mentioned things you can carry vacuum sealed bags to keep your luggage light weighted and organised. Locks with pin codes can be used so that risk of losing keys does not bother you. Scarf’s or travel wraps can save you from intense temperature on colder regions.

Extra tip:

Before leaving, carry your bag pack and take a 15 minutes’ walk so that you can find out whether you are able to carry that much weight or not. You can simply pick out things those are very heavy.


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