The Most Sensual Erotic Movies Of All Time


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There have been some wonderful erotic movies released over the years. Keep in mind, erotic movies aren’t the same as porn. Erotic movies are sensually stimulating and have a central plot to the story which is sexually charged. This is unlike porn, where the main thing about the movie is showcasing sexual intercourse on screen. 

Here Are The Best Erotic Movies Of All Time:


Poltergeist, 48 Hours, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan – all these famous films in 1982 could not reach the box office success for a five million dollar sex comedy about the adventures of high school students trying to lose their virginity. Critics were horrified by the primitive and childish movie of Bob Clark, based on memories of the director’s youth (which is why the action of the film developed not in the 1980s, but in the 1950s). The audience, however, fell on her shaft, and the success of “Porky” gave rise to a whole wave of youth sex comedies of varying degrees of frankness. One of the notable actresses in the movie was Kim Cattrall, the future star of the Sex and the City series.


Valuable advice to future generations: “If aliens send you a genetic code with instructions on how to combine it with the human genetic code, do not do it. Because otherwise, you may have to deal with an unkillable mutant who will try to multiply and force humanity out of the face of the earth. Of course, there is a perverse charm to hunting down a monster with the body and face of the beautiful Natasha Henstridge. But it’s better not to create such problems for yourself that the heroes of the fantastic sex horror by Roger Donaldson faced. By the way, the main villain “in childhood” (the Force developed at an inhuman speed) was played by Michelle Williams, the future star of Hollywood art house and a three-time Oscar nominee.


The novel by the author of Rosemary’s Baby was scripted by the author of Basic Instinct and filmed by the director of Patriot Games with Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, and Tom Berenger. It seemed that the story of a woman who moves into an “exclusive” New York skyscraper and learns the dark secrets of her neighbors was doomed to success. Indeed, the worldwide box office of the $40 million movie was quite good. The opinions of viewers and critics, however, were unequivocally negative – the exciting thriller from director Philip Noyce and screenwriter Joe Esterhaz did not work out. And although Stone’s career on Sliver did not end, this was the first wake-up call for the actress, who hoped to stay on top of Hollywood in the 90s.


Although England is traditionally famous for its sexual openness (topless women in newspapers), British director Adrian Lyne has become one of the leading experts in provocative and erotic cinema. In particular, he directed the famous movies “9 1/2 Weeks” and “Lolita”. “Unfaithful” turned out to be his last directorial work to date, which is rather strange, because the movie performed decently at the box office (taking into account the 50 million budget) and impressed many critics. It featured Diane Lane as a married woman who starts an affair with a seductive French man played by Olivier Martinez and cheats on her husband, played by Richard Gere. Lyne’s erotic thriller was based on the French drama The Unfaithful Wife by Claude Chabrol, released in 1968. Erotic shooting in “Unfaithful” required the stars to be in decent physical shape,

Sin City

The neo-noir thriller by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez is mostly known as a comic book adaptation, recreating the distinctive graphic style of the original with real actors, computer-drawn sets, and occasional flashes of bright colors against a bleak black and white background. However, “Sin City” would not be “sinful” if there were no explicit shots in it. True, there are not as many of them as in the original comic, and not as many as there should be in a picture with that name. But if Miller and Rodriguez had gone too far with the “nudity”, then their movie would hardly have earned an impressive $159 million for an “adult” film – on a rather modest budget of $40 million. The sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For featured the sultry French actress Eva Green in the titular role and she took the movie’s sensuality to another level.

Eyes Wide Shut

This erotic drama is based on the story of the Austrian Arthur Schnitzler “The Dream Novella” was conceived by Stanley Kubrick in the early 1960s. A decade later, Kubrick planned to cast Woody Allen in the title role. But when the project was still launched twenty years later, the star spouses Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman received the main roles in it at the insistence of the Warner studio bosses. Kubrick completed the film just days before his death, and critics are still arguing over whether this bizarre tale of sex play and the erotic fantasies of a New York couple should be considered an accomplishment or a fiasco for the master. Commercially, however, the $65 million arthouse movie did not disappoint investors.

La Belle Noiseuse

The elderly artist Eduard Frenhofer began to paint the “La Belle Noiseuse” many years ago. But then he married a model, fell into a creative crisis, and abandoned the picture. The appearance of young Marianne makes him want to finish the job. But, having started posing for Edward, Marianne does not yet know how this will change her life.

Legendary director Akira Kurosawa (Oscar for Rashomon in 1952) named “La Belle Noiseuse” among his two favorite films. The four-hour film is watched in one breath – it is so beautiful, sensual, and dramatic. The music was written by Igor Stravinsky, and the paintings by Bernard Dufour, for which the actress Emmanuelle Beart had to pose separately so that the drawings could then be used in the frame.

The Handmaiden

A young thief Suk-hee gets a job in a rich house. Her task is to make the hostess fall in love with her accomplice. But Suk-hee falls in love with herself. The script is based on the novel by the English writer Sarah Waters “Fine Work”, but the action is transferred from the UK to Korea. Before filming began, the director submitted the text for (and received) Waters’ approval. In the UK, The Handmaid was the most successful foreign language film of 2016.

There are many erotic scenes in the movie, including between the two main characters, kissing with lollipops, an octopus, and a camera that turns into a vagina.

A Bigger Splash

Rock star Marianna travels to the south of Italy with her boyfriend, where she meets her ex and his beautiful daughter. What’s next? Spark, storm, madness.

This is a remake of the 1969 French crime drama The Pool starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, and Jane Birkin.

For eroticism in this version, the star of “50 Shades of Gray” Dakota Johnson is responsible, for sensuality and intrigue – Tilda Swinton, for sparkling – Ralph Fiennes, perhaps the most striking character in the film.


Two old friends fall in love with each other’s sons. For some time, both successfully hide it, but sooner or later everything secret becomes clear.

The film is based on the book “Grandmothers” by Nobel Prize winner in literature Doris Lessing. The picture reminds us that erotic is not necessarily frank. There are no naturalistic scenes, but everything is saturated with attraction and love. A controversial but beautiful movie.


Writer Dan falls in love with stripper Alice but is dating photographer Anna. Alice has a boyfriend, Larry, who is dating Anna. All four cannot sort out their feelings and suffer greatly.

The characters mostly have sex with each other’s brains, so fans of complex relationships and eternally reflective characters will like this movie as their own. So what? There is also some erotica.

The film is based on the theatrical play of the same name by Patrick Marber. The film version brought the creators $ 115 million (with a budget of $ 27 million) and was remembered, among other things, by scenes of Natalie Portman in a strip club.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

This is not a story about an enslaved woman, but about a man who lived to be forty years old without losing his virginity, and who finally decided to fix it. By the time The 40 Year Old Virgin was filmed, Steve Carrell was already a well-known television comedian, and the film, in which he invented the plot himself, turned him into a comic movie star of the world scale. Judd Apatow, thanks to the movie, turned from a famous producer and screenwriter into a famous comedy director. For more than just comic relief, The 40 Year Old Virgin can be seen in the full, uncensored version that was released on video.

American Pie

A 2000s reincarnation of “Porky” with a slightly different but similar plot (high school teens decide to lose their virginity before graduation), the $10 million American Pie reminded low-budget movie producers that you can make a lot of money if you put attractive young people in the frame and make them joke on erotic themes and get into trouble for the sake of erotic adventures. For brothers Paul and Chris Weitz, American Pie was their stage debut, and for actress Shannon Elizabeth, it was her second screen exposure since her appearance in the horror comedy The Snowman. The first movie launched a series of films that have earned over $1 billion in total.

Fatal Attraction

We have already mentioned the films of Adrian Lyne in this list. It’s time to remember his most successful movie, one which earned six Oscar nominations. Yes, we are talking about Fatal Attraction, the psychological-erotic thriller with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. The movie revolved around a woman who goes crazy when her lover rejects her. It was so popular that it became the progenitor of the erotic thriller genre. Also, according to Glenn Close, her character scared some men so much that for years the audience approached the star and thanked her for “convincing” them not to cheat on spouses and not to seek the goods in the arms of a potentially unstable woman. This is social service at another level.

Basic Instinct

Technically speaking, the most commercially successful erotic scene in history is Kate Winslet posing nude for Leonardo DiCaprio’s drawing in James Cameron’s Titanic. However, its erotic scene earned a PG-13 teen rating, not mature enough to put the super-blockbuster on par with erotic thrillers and sex comedies. 

As a result of that, there isn’t any other contender for the top spot other than the Paul Verhoeven classic Basic Instinct. It was an erotic thriller about the investigation of a brutal murder, during which the detective starts an affair with the main suspect. The script for Basic Instinct brought Joe Esterhaz $3 million (his agent organized an auction to determine which studio would get the script), and the picture itself turned Sharon Stone into a Hollywood superstar for a while (the actress got the role after she was rejected by more and more famous performers). Also, the movie gave rise to a very heated discussion of how lesbians and bisexuals should be portrayed in movies and whether they can be made sinister and vicious. 

According to the results of the annual box office, the 49 million earning Basic Instinct was in ninth place in the United States, and only Aladdin, The Bodyguard, and Home Alone 2 could beat it in global box office numbers. But the fact that an R Rated erotic thriller appeared on the same list as some children’s classics, shows how great of an erotic movie Basic Instinct was.


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