Suhana Khan: SRK’s Daughter Poised To Take Over Bollywood


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Suhana Khan is quite possibly the princess that was promised. The daughter of Shahrukh Khan (the undisputed King Khan of Bollywood) has already become quite famous and seems set to become a star in the entertainment industry herself. While she doesn’t have any acting credits so far, she has already received endorsement deals as a result of her popularity and fan following on Instagram and of course, her famous father. Let’s find out more about Suhana Khan.

Suhana Khan: Interesting Facts About SRK’s Daughter

How is Suhana Khan’s family?

Suhana Khan was born on 22 May 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has not made her debut in any film yet. In her family, her mother Gauri Khan is an interior designer and her father Shah Rukh Khan is a film actor, who is known as “King Khan” in the Indian film industry.

Her elder brother’s name is Aryan Khan and her younger brother’s name is AbRam Khan. She is the only daughter of Shahrukh Khan. Her pictures become very viral as soon as they come on the internet and in this day and age, she is one of the most popular star kids in the internet world. She is always active on social media and keeps posting photos on Instagram.

Where did Suhana Khan study? 

Suhana did her early education at Dhiru Bhai Ambani International School, Mumbai and after that, she went to London for further studies. She completed her graduation in 2019 from Ardingly College, New York University. Despite being a starchild, Suhana Khan was an excellent student and received awards from her alma mater for her educational excellence.

During her college days, Suhana Khan made several documentaries and actively participated in an elaborately produced play during her graduation ceremony. After participating in the ceremony, she was awarded the Russell Cup for her contribution to the play. Suhana Khan was featured in several theater shows while studying acting and drama at the TISCH School of the Arts, New York.

Suhana Khan: Career Accomplishments (So Far)

Suhana Khan is an Indian actress, theatre artist, and social media star. She is going to make her acting film debut in the year 2023 with Zoya Akhtar’s Netflix film “The Archies”.

Suhana Khan studied acting formally and has worked in many short films. She appeared in a 2019 short film called “The Gray Part Of Blue”. The movie carried the story of a teenager’s unrequited love. 

Suhana Khan has also received the “Katha Sangam Story Award” for being a good writer. Suhana Khan loves dancing as well. 

Suhana Khan is a big football fan as well. And not just the passive kind. Suhana Khan plays football and has helped her school win many tournaments.

Suhana Khan celebrated her 18th birthday with a feature in the popular Vogue Magazine. 

As far as popularity is concerned, Suhana Khan is almost as popular as the top actresses of Bollywood, especially among the younger demographic. However, it’s safe to say that the major reason behind her fame is her father Shahrukh Khan. It will definitely help her start her career strong, but eventually, it will be her hard work that sees her through her career.

Suhana Khan: Career Controversies (So Far)

In March 2016, a picture of Suhana Khan went viral on the internet, in which she was seen in a bikini with her younger brother on the beach. Suhana Khan faced severe criticism and moral policing because of this. After Maybelline signed her on as a brand ambassador, a lot of people criticised that decision and questioned what Suhana Khan had done in order to get the same brand endorsement as badminton legend PV Sindhu.

Suhana Khan was recently trolled for posting a picture of herself sitting in a park in London on her Instagram account. The picture grabbed the eye balls of many and started the moral policing of her followers on social media. A lot of disapproving comments flooded her Instagram post asking her to choose her clothes wisely. Suhana Khan must be used to people creating an unnecessary fuss about her clothes by now.

How tall is Suhana Khan?

Suhana Khan is five feet two inches tall (5’2”).

What is Suhana Khan’s net worth?

There is no concrete info on Suhana Khan’s net worth. But her father Shahrukh Khan is worth over $600 million.


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