Sherrill Sajak: Life and Career of the Ex-Wife of Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak


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If you watch American television, then you must be familiar with Pat Sajak. He has been a long time host of the popular game show – Wheel of Fortune. He is a true icon of the American Television and Entertainment industry in general. Because of his incredible fame, the women who have been married to him, have also become famous. One such woman is Sherrill Sajak, Pat Sajak’s first wife. Through her marriage to the game show host, Sherrill Sajak quickly rose to fame as a celebrity and maintained her status even after her marriage ended with Pat Sajak. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at the life and career of Sherrill Sajak. We will talk about her relationship with the Wheel of Fortune host and her former husband Pat Sajak, along with her accomplishments on her own. Let’s get started 

Sherrill Sajak: All You Need to Know

When was Sherrill Sajak born?

Sherrill Sajak doesn’t really have much of a claim to fame of her own. She spent a very small amount of time in media limelight during her time as the wife of Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak and then disappeared from the public eye after her divorce. Since all this happened before internet and social media, a lot is not known about the life of Sherrill Sajak away from Pat Sajak. Several sources have indicated that she was born sometime around 1945 (that makes her around 75 years old now) and her middle name is James but her last name, prior to her marriage to Pat Sajak is unknown due to the absence of information about her parents. Other childhood information such as her birthplace or her siblings is also unknown. Not much is known about Sherrill Sajak’s professional career prior to marrying Pat Sajak as well. Sherrill Sajak became a household name during the early part of the 80s because of her relationship with Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak but she disappeared from the public eye almost as quickly as she appeared in it. Ever since her marriage with Pat Sajak ended, nobody has really heard much from her (aside from friends and family ofcourse).

When did Sherrill Sajak marry Pat Sajak?

Pat Sajak with a contestant on the set of Wheel of Fortune during the 1980s
Pat Sajak with a contestant on the set of Wheel of Fortune during the 1980s

As mentioned earlier, Sherrill Sajak resided outside the realm of media consciousness before she became known to the media and fans of Wheel of Fortune as the wife of  Pat Sajak, the adored host of the game show. The couple met each other in 1978, three years before Pat began to host Wheel of Fortune in 1981. Following the initial love and affection they had for each other as lovers, Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak got married in 1979 and officially became husband and wife, with the conviction that they would be a lifelong couple. However, life often has its own plans and it came in the form of a breakout role for Pat Sajak in 1981 when he was chosen to be the host of Wheel of Fortune. That role quite literally changed the fortunes of the family. Fame, wealth, prosperity and an iconic status followed. But it did come with some negative side effects. One of the things that suffered the most as a result was his marriage with Sherrill Sajak.

What caused the divorce between Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak?

Wheel of Fortune brought a drastic change in the fortunes of Pat and Sherrill Sajak. The couple became instant stars across America. Since this was during the 80s, everything became really big, really fast. The consequent fame and success that came from the role placed a responsibility on Pat’s shoulders that made it difficult for him to juggle between his vow to his wife and the challenges of his new role. As Pat Sajak became more and more involved with Wheel of Fortune, it became increasingly difficult for him to fulfil his role as a husband. Less than 10 years after getting married, Pat and Sherrill Sajak decided to call it quits and chose to divorce each other in 1986. While the divorce proceedings were far from applicable, the situation was certainly helped by the fact that Pat Sajak and Sherrill Sajak didn’t have any children during their marriage. 

Who did Pat Sajak marry after divorcing Sherrill Sajak?

 Pat Sajak with his second wife Lesly Brown Sajak and kids Patrick and Maggie
Pat Sajak with his second wife Lesly Brown Sajak and kids Patrick and Maggie

Since the divorce, Pat Sajak has gone on to marry Lesly Brown Sajak, marrying her in three short years after he divorced his first wife, while there is no information about the marital status of Sherrill Sajak following her separation from the television host. Not only has Pat Sajak been able to build a more lasting relationship with Lesly Brown-Sajak, but the ex-husband of Sherrill Sajak has also been able to raise two children with her, a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak and her daughter named Maggie Marie Sajak.

Is Pat Sajak a Republican?

Pat Sajak has been a lifelong conservative and a long time supporter of the Republican Party. His relationship with the party, which has spanned several years where he was a writer for some conservative publications like Human Events has continued to exist to day. Unlike Sherrill Sajak, whose professional background is unknown to the media, Pat Sajak’s second wife, Lesly Brown-Sajak has a known professional career and it is photography. She has been a photographer before her relationship with Pat and has remained one after. 

What is Sherrill Sajak’s net worth?

Ever since her divorce from Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, Sherrill Sajak has disappeared from the public eye and has kept everything about her very private. Sherrill Sajak’s personal and professional achievements aren’t really available for public consumption but here time as the wife of one of America’s most famous TV personalities, Pat Sajak (who went on to achieve a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame) is an indelible part of history. And everyone will remember Sherrill Sajak as the wife of Pat Sajak when he spun the Wheel of Fortune for the first time in 1981.


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