Shahneel Gill: Who Is Shubman Gill’s Sister?


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Shubman Gill is the most exciting young cricket star in India. He is supremely talented across all forms of cricket and is expected to carry Indian cricket for many years to come. Aside from his cricketing skills, Shubman Gill is also well known for having a very beautiful sister. Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill is very popular on social media sites and keeps appearing in the stands for crucial games. Shahneel Gill is also well known for being friends with Sara Tendulkar, the rumoured girlfriend of Shubman Gill and the daughter of Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. Let’s find out more about Shubman Gill’s sister.

Shahneel Gill: Things To Know About Shubman Gill’s Sister

Shubman Gill’s sister is 25.5 years old

Shahneel Gill was born sometime in 1997 in Fazilka, Punjab. However, there is some controversy about her year of birth as Shubman Gill’s birthday is on 8 September, 1999. A lot of websites mention Shahneel Gill’s birthday as 16 December 1999. This doesn’t seem to make sense. So it’s most likely that the date of birth of Shahneel Gill that’s available online is wrong. In an interview for the “Women Powering Our Titans” series, Shahneel Gill said that she is 2.5 years older than Shubman Gill.

Shubman Gill’s sister is best friends with Rishabh Pant’s sister

Sakshi Pant (left) with Shahneel Gill

Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill gets along well with another famous cricketer’s sister. Yes, Shahneel Gill is best friends with Sakshi Pant, the sister of cricket star Rishabh Pant. Shahneel Gill and Sakshi Pant are known for going on numerous trips together.

Shubman Gill’s sister has a business diploma

Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill has a business diploma and she has a well paying job in a multinational company.

Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill is very close with her brother

Shubamn Gill and his sister Shahneel Gill are very close to each other and share a tight bond. Shubman Gill and his sister can be seen together on numerous reels.

Shubamn Gill’s sister is very close with Piyush Chawla

Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill has revealed a lot about her relationship with Indian spinner Piyush Chawla via social media. Shahneel Gill and Piyush Chawla both have a very special relationship and this relationship is a brother-sister relationship, which Shahneel has revealed while sharing a story on social media. Shahneel has shared the message wishing Piyush Chawla on his 35th birthday. In the story he wrote Happiest Birthday Bhaiya.

Shubman Gill’s sister was spotted with Sara Tendulkar

Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill and Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar were seen in a car together in Mumbai. When the media personnel saw them, they started taking photos and videos, during which Sara Tendulkar was blushing a lot. Shubman Gill’s sister was wearing a mask. It’s worth noting that Sara Tendulkar is rumoured to be Shubman Gill’s girlfriend.


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