Sara Tendulkar: Lesser Known Facts About The Only Daughter Of Sachin!


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Sara Tendulkar who is Sachin’s daughter just turned 25 years old. She is in a lot of headlines these days. Shubman Gill and Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter or Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan are in discussion about dating. Recently, a video went viral on social media, in which people started chanting ‘Sara…Sara’ after seeing Shubman Gill on the cricket field. People are unable to understand whether Shubman is dating Sara Ali Khan or if he’s slowly falling in love with Sara Tendulkar. This makes us look at Sara’s life and personality to see if it will match well with Shubman if they are both interested! 

Sara Tendulkar: With 3 Million Instagram Followers, Get To Know The Famous Daughter!

Here’s how Sara’s parents introduced their love to their family:

Sachin and Anjali could never forget that day they wanted to softly expose themselves to their parents for martial consent. Anjali plans to visit Sachin’s house for the first time. But Sachin has a little hesitation. He told Anjali on the phone, “No matter what, you are a girl. What will the people at home say if they come here,” he says. Then he said, “Hmmm… an idea. I call you a journalist in my house. No one will suspect, right!”. 

The next day, wearing a shiny salwar kameez, Anjali goes to Sachin’s house. He says he has come for an interview. Both are talking. Sachin’s sister in another room gets a little suspicious. “If you look at him, he doesn’t look like he came for an interview!” He murmurs to his mother. Sachin cuts chocolate pieces for his girlfriend Anjali. Like that chocolate, the meeting ended sweetly. Later, their marriage took place in 1995 with the consent of both families.

Sachin’s married life, which started beautifully by holding the hand of the woman he loved, was blessed with two children. Senior, Sara Tendulkar. 

She is a fun loving personality: 

Last year, Sara shared a picture in which she can be seen sitting in a gurudwara eating prasadam. As you can see, Sarah has a great sense of humor with a beautiful smile and charming looks. 

She is a model who is into fitness:

Sara Tendulkar recently made her debut in the modeling industry and she often shares her different photos on social media. Sara never forgets to go to the gym. Sara Tendulkar often shares her workout pictures on social media. In addition, Sara has recently stepped into the modeling industry by modeling for a popular clothing brand. She showed off her first ad modeling video on Instagram which was also introducing fellow actresses Banita Sandhu and Tania Shroff. The video went viral shortly after its release following which herself in traditional attire also went viral in one of which she was seen twirling in a lehenga.

Her first modeling ad was for Ajio-Luxe:

While Sachin’s son could not make it big in cricket, everyone is expecting Sara to make it in her modeling field. 

Now Sara has entered the modeling industry in a new twist. Sarah was already very interested in the fashion industry. She is very active on social media and often posts her photos on Instagram to show off her modeling passion.

Thanks to the fact that Sara has 3 million followers on Instagram, the daughter of Tendulkar released a video on her social media where she acted as a model in an advertisement debuting her first ad in the modeling industry. Actresses Banita Sandhu and Tania Shroff also star in the ad along with Sarah.

Sara Tendulkar’s hobbies include a love for travel: 

Fans were expecting Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun to play in the IPL this year. However, that didn’t happen. However, Arjun’s sister Sara attended some matches to support Mumbai Indians because she is the one who loves to travel and attend many events! 

Sarah likes to travel around the world, she has been to many countries like France, England, Indonesia, Dubai etc.

Daddy’s girl:

Sara is very close to her father Sachin Tendulkar and the two often share photos. Sara gave an emotional speech during the premiere of Sachin’s biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams.

“I have always known him as a simple, loving father. It was only after watching this movie that I understood how the world celebrates him. “I got to know how great his achievements are,” Sara stated. 

As a father, Tendulkar never failed to give both his children the knowledge and freedom. Arjun Tendulkar’s decision to play cricket was entirely his choice. ‘Who is your favorite cricketer?’ When Arjun was asked, he did not mention Sachin’s name and the son of Sachin said another cricketer. A father’s primary duty is to make a son think independently and correctly. This incident is proof of that.

She’s a medical graduate: 

While cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun has entered the cricket field, Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara is a medical graduate from London University.

First educated at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, Sara followed her mother’s vocation and studied medicine at the University of London. After she successfully completed her studies and got her degree, her father Sachin and mother Anjali flew to London to witness their daughter’s proud moment. 

Sara took to Instagram to share photos from the graduation ceremony looking cute in a black graduation gown and hat. Sharing Sara’s graduation celebration on Twitter, Sachin said, “It seems like only yesterday that she left home to join the University of London. By then the days had passed. You’ve got your degree. You have made me and your mother proud. Go free…conquer the world Sara”, he posted filling his daughter up with resilience. 

Sara has 3 million fans on Instagram: 

Sara has a huge fan following on social media. Every photo of hers gets likes but it was last year when she participated in the engagement ceremony of businessman Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani, that Sarah was the highlight of the event. 

Sara’s photos taken there went viral on the internet. Immediately, some netizens started whispering that Sara is going to enter Bollywood. Sara also gives a lot of importance to clothes and fashion. 

So, is Sara entering Bollywood?

A 25-year-old famous daughter with ties to Bollywood, Sara is interested in acting. That’s why she acted in some promotional videos.

Sara is now working hard to enter Bollywood and her parents are fully supportive of whatever decision she takes. Bollywood is now dominated by the ODD platform. So she is still undecided about whether she is to enter Bollywood through the ODD platform or to make her debut on the big screen.

A few years ago, Sara was rumored to be making her debut in a Sahid Kapoor starrer. But Sachin Tendulkar himself denied the news. There is no truth in the news that my daughter is now concentrating on her studies and she is happy with it and that she is going to act in a film. Sachin had mentioned in the message that he did not know how such news was published.

Who is Sara Tendulkar’s boyfriend?

There are reports on social media that the daughter of former Indian cricketer master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and Subman Gill, who scored a double century in the first ODI against New Zealand, are getting engaged.

Subman Gill, who played for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL Premier League, grabbed everyone’s attention. Gill’s batting performance has been excellent since his switch from the lower middle order to the top order. He played in 13 innings and scored 296 runs. His highest score was 76. Many praised Gill’s batting ability at the age of 19. 

At the age of 23 and 132 days old, he scored 208 runs and set a record as the youngest player to score a double century. It can be compared to the young Tendulkar who was also ahead of his time as he hit a record 208 runs at a young age! In this situation, the hashtag Sara is trending on Twitter. 

Amongst rumors on Twitter, it is said that the former Indian super-star Sachin Tendulkar has announced the engagement of his daughter Sara and Subman Gill. 

However, there is no official announcement on the engagement of Sara and Suhbman which is spreading rapidly on social media.

Shubman Kill and Sara Tendulkar first went viral thanks to Hardik Pandya:

In 2019, Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara’s comment on Subman Kill’s post caused an uproar. Subman Gill won the Rising Player of the Year” award. Drenched in such praise, Gill has recently bought a luxurious “Range Rover'” car and posted a photo of himself with the car on his Instagram page. Within a few moments of posting, he started getting likes and compliments.

Sara Tendulkar, daughter of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, congratulated him. After seeing this, Gil immediately posted a reply for Sara, saying: “Thanks a lot'” and next to it he put a heart symbol.

Seeing this, Indian team all-rounder Hardik Pandya had posted his comment under Gill’s writing: “Most welcome from her” and put a smiley symbol sarcastically. Hardik’s Kalai has more than 4,000 likes.

Even Sonam who was linked with Shubman prefers he date Sara:

When the friendship of the two media personalities Sonam Bajwa and Shubman Gill were questioned and some started talking about dating, the Punjabi actress reacted. 

Sonam said that she and Shubman have nothing to do with each other, rather they have a relationship with Sara. However, the actress has kept the suspense on who Sara is. While retweeting the video, Sonam wrote – ‘Ye sara ka sara sara hai.’ Along with this, Sonam has also created a laughing emoji.

Sara was excited for her brother to play for the Mumbai Indians: 

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar has started his father’s journey in cricket. 

Arjun Tendulkar was picked up by the Mumbai team for 20 lakh rupees in the IPL auction. A left-arm fast bowler, he is eager to play for Mumbai. The Mumbai team has decided to give Arjun Tendulkar a chance as the bowling performance of the Mumbai team was lacking back in 2022. This was Arjun Tendulkar’s first IPL match. When the Mumbai team announced that they are thinking about fielding Arjun Tendulkar, his sister Sara Tendulkar was immediately overjoyed. He sent the love simile in blue for the Mumbai team. His post has gone viral on social media. 


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