Neha Solanki: The Young Tollywood Star


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Neha Solanki is a popular actress and entertainer who primarily works in the Telugu entertainment industry. During her young career, Neha Solanki has managed to establish herself on both the small and big screens. Neha Solanki is loved by both television and cinema fans. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Neha Solanki: All You Need To Know

Who is Neha Solanki?

Neha Solanki is a popular actress who is famous in the Telugu industry. She has appeared in quite a few movies and TV shows. 

When was Neha Solanki born?

Neha Solanki was born on December 25th, 1988 in the picturesque town of Haldwani, Uttarakhand. She went to school in Haldwani and started a career in modelling before she turned towards acting.

Where did Neha Solanki study?

Neha Solanki’s father is a successful businessman and he enrolled her at the Besharbo school in Haldwani. After finishing her schooling, she joined the Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management for graduation. Neha Solanki went to an acting school as well.

What is Neha Solanki’s height?

Neha Solanki is 170 cm or five feet seven inches tall (5’7”).

What are Neha Solanki’s body measurements?

Neha Solanki has a slender body and has measurements of 28-26-28. This physique makes her ideal for modelling. She likes working out and staying in shape. She also eats very well and has a very clean diet. She starts the day with at least 3 glasses of warm water. Then she has a healthy breakfast of boiled vegetables and eggs. Then she proceeds towards her workout session which generally includes Yoga and Pilates. Neha Solanki loves to dance and includes it in her workouts as well.

Even though she generally eats a very clean and nutritious diet, she does like to indulge in delicious street food like tikki chaat, pani puri etc.

Neha Solanki: Movie career

Neha Solanki started her acting career at the tender age of 13. She appeared in numerous ads. She made her acting debut in 2017 with the TV show Seth Ji. It is a soap opera that ran for 124 episodes on Zee TV. Her appearances on the show made her quite popular.

Neha Solanki’s next big role was in the magic and fantasy show Mayavi Malinga. She played the character of Maharani Pranali very skillfully. This program was liked by 82% of Google users and got a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDB. It proved to be a hit. It was released on 1 May 2018 on Star Bharat.

Neha Solanki made her Telugu debut with the movie 90 ml. It was directed by Sekhara Reddy Yera, and was a Telugu romance film. Neha Solanki and Kartikeya Gummakonda appeared in the lead roles in the movie. Neha was seen in the role of the main heroine Shivanshna. The 159-minute film was released on 6 December 2019 and was moderately successful.

Who is Neha Solanki’s favourite actor?

Neha Solanki’s favourite actor is Shahid Kapoor.

Who is Neha Solanki’s favourite actress?

Neha Solanki’s favourite actress is Kareena Kapoor.

Which is Neha Solanki’s favourite colour?

Neha Solanki’s favourite colour is black.

How did Neha Solanki adjust to working in the Telugu film industry?

Neha Solanki was born and raised in Uttarakhand. So she grew up speaking Hindi. Working in Telugu movies was a big change for her. However, she managed to successfully do it with the help of her co-stars, costume designers, and everyone else on the set. She loved playing the role of a tomboy in her Telugu debut, 90 ml.

Who is Neha Solanki married to?

Neha Solanki is currently unmarried and there is no information on her boyfriend as well. 

What is Neha Solanki’s net worth?

While Neha Solanki’s net worth is unknown, she does charge over 60 thousand rupees per TV episode. Her movie fees have not been disclosed yet. 

How many followers does Neha Solanki have on Instagram?

Neha Solanki has almost 60k followers on Instagram. She is still building her career and slowly rising up the popularity ladder. 

Does Neha Solanki smoke and drink?

No, Neha Solanki is a straight edge teetotaller who doesn’t drink or smoke. She is a big proponent of eating clean and working out regularly. 


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