Mukesh Aggarwal: Unraveling the Tragic Story of Rekha’s Late Husband


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Rekha’s husband hung himself by Rekha’s dupatta, such is the act of suffering in marriage. Inside of him, Muksesh couldn’t handle the suffering nor did he learn how to deal with his suffering and couldn’t continue to live. Because if he made good use of his suffering, Mukesh Aggarwal would find that he didn’t have to write a suicide note asking for nothing to be given to Rekha the actress! Let’s learn about why Mukesh suffered so much and what we can avoid in life to reach a stage where suicide is the only option. 

Mukesh Aggarwal: Tragic Facts About Rekha’s Husband, Explained! 

Rekhas string of bad relationships:

Rekha is also known in headlines not only because of her beauty but also because of her personal life. 

According to media reports, Bollywood’s evergreen actress was once in a very serious relationship with Amitabh Bachchan. However, this relationship could not materialize as Big Bachan Saab was already married. At the same time, after separating from Amitabh, the actress again came into the limelight when she married businessman Mukesh Aggarwal. 

Many believed that now Rekha would settle down in life, but nature had planned something else for her. If reports are to be believed, shortly after the marriage, there were differences between Rekha and Mukesh. In terms of her relationship history, Rekha had also married actor Vinod Mehra but this marriage also could not work either. 

How Rekha and Mukesh met each other: 

Mukesh was very fond of film celebrities and used to invite famous designer Bima Ramani and other film stars to his parties. 

Ramani was a common friend of Mukesh and Rekha. Rekha used to visit him often and it was here that she met Mukesh. 

After this, Rekha who finally fell in love with another person other than Amitabh married Mukesh on 4 March 1990. After marriage, Rekha lived in Mumbai and Mukesh in Delhi. Rekha often used to visit Delhi to meet Mukesh. 

Rekha and Mukesh, how the marriage fell: 

It was Mukesh’s very own desire to meet influential people that started bothering Rekha and gradually she started distancing herself from her husband. It is also said that Mukesh did not want Rekha to work in films after marriage. Whereas Rekha was not ready to end her career. After marriage, Mukesh’s business was also continuously going into loss. Mukesh and Rekha used to argue a lot and Mukesh was facing huge losses in the business. In such a situation, tension was increasing in Mukesh’s life. It is also told that Rekha was not happy with this marriage and she had applied for divorce from Mukesh. 

If reports are to be believed, Mukesh could not tolerate the loss in business and the ongoing tension in his married life and committed suicide. This incident shook Rekha to the core. Yasir Usman had written in his book that the noose with which Mukesh had committed suicide was of Rekha’s dupatta.

Rekha’s husband Mukesh was in a deep depression: 

It is said that Aggarwal’s depression after marriage was so extreme that the news of his death shifted the ground from under Rekha’s feet. 

Actually, Rekha’s husband Mukesh Aggarwal had never learned to practice taking a break from the relationship, or to deal with his inner sufferings, and the sufferings of his ancestors and resorted to committing suicide. 

Tragic suicide and death note: 

Rekha married businessman Mukesh Aggarwal after breaking up with Amitabh Bachchan whose love was not destined for Rekha. 

Mukesh Aggarwal was a big businessman in Delhi and his company Hotline used to make kitchen items. 

According to media reports, Mukesh hanged himself with Rekha’s dupatta. It is said that Rekha was badly broken by this incident. 

Let us tell you that Mukesh had left behind a suicide note in which it was written that he is not going to leave any of his property for Rekha because Rekha herself is a millionaire rich actress. 

Meanwhile, the actress was also considered responsible for Mukesh’s death. However, while giving the suicide note to Rekha, the family members of Mukesh Aggarwal had said, ‘Rekha had never demanded anything from us’. 

According to media reports, Mukesh hanged himself with Rekha’s dupatta. Such symbolic torture to target an artist, the actress Rekha was badly broken by this incident.


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