Most Spectacular Water fountains around the World


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While traveling, there are many things that we discover and memories of some remains in our hearts. This article will present to you some of the spectacular water fountains situated in different parts of the world. Innovative and technologically well-built water fountains are seen growing in numbers as travelers nowadays are taking keen interest in them. Many of ancient built water fountains are renovated and presented in fresh manner for which visitors from around the world travels to envisage beautiful water shows.

Trevi Fountain:

This fountain is also known as Fontana di Trevi and is situated in Rome, Italy. The fountain itself is 86 ft tall and 161.3 ft wide. This is one of the most famous fountains of the world and is also the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. The people over there believe that if you throw a coin into the Fountain, you will surely return to Rome someday.

Latona Fountain of Palace of Versaillies:

This famous fountain was inspired by Ovid’s metamorphoses and the Latona fountain itself depicts the legends of Apollo’s Diana and mother protecting her children from the insults of Lycia while calling Jupiter to take revenge from them. The Latona fountain is situated in Versailles, France.

Samson Fountain of Peterhof Palace:

This spectacular fountain is in Saint Petersburg of Russia. There are many adjoining palaces and gardens that were founded in the year 1710 by Peter the Great. The Samson fountain is the most famous of many others over there that was added later in the year 1730.

The Burj Khalifa:

This fountain is made over Burj Khalifa lake situated in Dubai, UAE. Although Dubai has many sights to visit, this fountain is one of the spectacular sights where travelers visit to see the water jet shooting up to 150 meters in air.

Archibald Fountain:

Situated in Sydney, Australia, this fountain is as well recognized as J.F Archibald Memorial fountain. The fountain depicts ancient Greek and Roman literature and their interest in arts. This fountain holds a bronze statue of Apollo the Great surrounded by mythological figures and animals.

Friendship of the Peoples Fountain:

Yet another spectacular fountain of Rome is also one of the chief features in All-Russian exhibition center. There are sixteen gliding statues that represents Soviet Union Republicans.

Fountain of Wealth:

This fountain is situated in one of the largest shopping malls of Singapore known as Suntec City. This fountain has been recorded as World’s largest fountain by Guinness Book of World Records. This fountain has a strange feature in which the fountains are turned off during certain days so that visitors may take a walk around the fountain area. There, visitors can find coins thrown in the fountains and if one such is found, it is called to be lucky for the person.  Musical shows and water displays along with laser shows and live songs are dedicated during night every day.

Bellagio Fountains:

These giant water fountains of Las Vegas, US, is located over man-made lake. Bellagio hotel is situated in front of the fountain. The main feature of the fountain is that at everyday choreographed water performances takes place at regular intervals followed by light and music. Songs like ‘my heart will go on, ‘your song, ‘time to say’, etc are choreographed through several pieces of musical shows.

The Buckingham Fountain:

Situated in the city of Chicago, US, it is also the center of Grant Park. This is one of the largest fountains in the world and was built in the year 1927. This fountain is a replica of Latona Fountain of Versailles and built in rococo nuptial cake style which represents Lake Michigan symbolically.


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