Maureen Dowd: 5 Facts About The New York Times Journalist!


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We know very well that we arrive at days where newsrooms are rummaging their brains to find something explosive. What exactly do these remarks refer to? Pulitzer Prize-winning women such as Maureen Dowd have always promoted a type of thinking that does not fail America’s interest to dissect the words. 

Maureen Dowd: 5 Interesting Things About The American Columnist! 

1. Winning the Pulitzer Prize:

Maureen Bridgid Dowd is an American writer and journalist who lives in Washington and writes as a columnist for The New York Times.

In 1999, she was awarded the prestigious award for a series of columns on the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton scandal. Only 4 years before this she had just become a regular columnist in 1995 after joining the Times in 1983 as a city reporter, her increment kept rising! 

Prior to that, in n the 1970s and early 1980s, she wrote for Time and the Washington Star, where she covered news and sports.

2. Specific style of writing:

Dowd, who expresses liberal and feminist views in her columns, is known for her famous nicknames which are used for leading politicians such as: 

Barack Obama whom she called “Spock”

“41-i” for George Bush Sr.

“Big Time” for Dick Cheney

George Bush Jr., whom she fiercely criticized, as “W”

Because of this, she was sometimes criticized for focusing too much on politicians as persons and not at all on the policies they strive to lead.

3. Against Barack Obama since 2010: 

A famous Pulitzer winner for her editorials that take the plunge, Maureen Dowd from NYT is quick to write that he has an “identity problem” in this regard. 

And since it’s about the identity of the President of the United States, it’s a serious subject. Maureen Dowd, declared that Obama had a real “humanoid” identity problem. 

Maureen Dowd, interviewed in Good Morning America, wanted to be more nuanced after being questioned by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos made her say that she found Obama more “humanoid” and Spock-like.  Maureen completes her demo by explaining that, unlike his predecessors, he wasn’t raised by a rich and powerful father like Kennedy or Bush who gave or taught him the confidence to make inflated decisions. In any case, it is the style of command and decision that these two journalists are referring to. The “procrastination” of 44th or which appears as such, annoys the Americans. Two days ago some strange words from Bill Clinton wanted to correct the image that Americans have of Potus saying that he was much better than they thought. 

4. In 2003, she was re-thinking women’s wages: 

After the ravages of 1970s feminism and its cohorts of single women, the time has come to return to a feminine identity, believes Maureen Dowd, a great pen of the American press. 

Long ago, in the distant days of feminism, there was a lot of debate about the principle of “equal pay for equal work”. Today, we speak condescendingly of “women’s wages”. One of my friends assures me that we hear this expression more and more during New York trysts. “What I find most distressing about the current regression of women’s lives, in this virtual return to the 1950s, is that this phenomenon has spread widely in the professional and social sphere, and it could cause a lot of damage, she says. 

Many otherwise smart men who know that women continue to earn less than their male colleagues say things like, let me pick up the tab. I know you only have a woman’s salary.” So, are we backtracking? 

For Nina Burleigh of the New York Observer, it’s truly depressing to see former “national nymphet” Jane Fonda, ex-Yale Law School superstar Hillary Rodham, and former Miami TV presenter Donna Hanover strive to relaunch their careers and regain dignity after their husbands have found “younger or more docile wives”. “

5. In 2011, Maureen Dowd hit peak fame after this article:

It was on October 24, 2011, when Maureen Dowd, a New York Times reporter, begins her work on the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Washington – who was allegedly recently the target of an Iranian plot for assassinate – with a little anecdote-type title that read how the charming playboy’ who made everyone turn heads, helped save her head (from the danger of beheading)”.

This is of course an exaggeration, she would surely not have been beheaded. Is this a metaphor? Let’s follow his story for a bit.

Maureen Dowd and Adel-al Jubeir (the ambassador) were strolling through a luxury gallery in Riyadh enjoying the pleasure of being together in this sumptuous place. Suddenly, they are approached by a group of bearded men with long robes: the religious police. Pointing to Maureen, they call out to her violently in Arabic. The young gentleman Jubeir, while working to save his friend until finally obtaining the removal of the religious police in Saudi Arabia who are also called Mutawwa. 

The reason for coming after her: “They say they can see the outline of your body. 

Maureen Dowd, the same rebel who wrote her famous “ Freud Was Way Wrong ” fantasized to herself – that’s the precise term – that they wanted to decapitate her, at least get a pound of her flesh, at best, “ because they saw an inch of flesh ”.

Maureen Dowd unexpectedly encountered a very old problem of humanity. 

Leaving the office of Ambassador Adel-al Jubeir, on the occasion of her last meeting with this man who, according to her, saved her from the rage of the police, she asked his opinion on a painting which looked at her face at the door: “Arab tribesmen riding horses and camels? “. And he replies: “It’s artistic license, ” he noted with amusement. Camels don’t ride with horses. They ride separately. Horses go faster and camels go longer”. 


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