Kondapochamma Reservoir: The Perfect Weekend Getaway Near Hyderabad for Nature Lovers


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Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir, about 50 km away from Hyderabad, offers a lovely view that makes it an ideal spot for family picnics. The reservoir is a wonderful place to spend your weekend too. The Wargal Saraswathi Temple’s arch, which is located on the main road, is only a few kilometres away. The reservoir’s proximity to the city makes it an excellent alternative for biker groups on the search for new places to visit.

The Kondapochamma Reservoir is immaculately clean and a peaceful retreat, with verdant farmland on one side and water on the other, creating a gorgeous setting. It had few visitors at first, but now that people are sharing images and details with friends and family, it is seeing a lot more visitors, especially during holidays.

About Kondapochamma Reservoir

The Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir is one such location that has picked up steam in the last year, to the point that there have been kilometre-long traffic jams on the route leading to it. The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme reservoir, located in Markook Mandal of Siddipet district, is roughly 50 kilometres from Hyderabad.

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme included the construction of this reservoir, which was inaugurated by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao last year. The multi-stage Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme has reached another milestone with the construction of the Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir (KLIS). The Telangana government built this reservoir as part of its attempts to make the Godavari a perennial river.

The water for the Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir comes from the Markook surge pool, which gets its water from the Akkaram pump-house. The Reservoir is 15.8 kilometres long and has a capacity of 15 TMC. This project cost Rs 1,668.55 crore to construct and even has a freshwater distribution area of 17.027 sq km. It has a full reservoir level of 618 metres and is expected to supply irrigation to over two lakh acres of ayacuts via 13 canals.

The reservoir has a water spread area of 17.03 square kilometres, according to technical studies, and the monsoon has delivered plenty of water into the waterbed. The bund that circles the reservoir has become a popular hangout location, with many people parking their automobiles and sitting on the bund after making a full round of the water body. There are people from all around, from motorcyclists to shooting parties and vloggers. The voyage to Kondapochamma Sagar, like other places, is a unique experience for people who live in the city.

How to reach Kondapochamma reservoir

Shamirpet Lake is 27 kilometres away from Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir. Shamirpet Lake is a man-made lake constructed during the Nizams’ era. It’s a nice place to have a picnic. To get to the reservoir from the Shamirpet lake, take the Karimnagar route for an additional 30 kilometres. The Hyderabad-Siddipet route is a pleasant drive in and of itself, with flora along the middle and on both sides of the road luring travellers in. While travelling from Hyderabad, one must take a right at Gouraram, and then there are additional sites to see. Tractors and oxen ploughing farmland and huge miles of verdant cropland can be seen off- the road all the time. 

If the main gate to the bund is not open, go straight and you will most likely see an old guy on the right side, clothed in a ragged Gongadi blanket. The reservoir guard often keeps gesturing vehicles into a muddy road to the right, from whence you may round the reservoir and discover another access onto the bund. After admiring the wide expanse of water on the embankment, circle around to observe the scenery on either end of the reservoir. The bustling farmers, crops, and other livestock farming, as well as the vegetation, are likely to help the eyes forget about the city’s pollution and smog. Because there are currently no stores in the region, it is best to bring your food and water bottles.

Paramotoring at Kondapochamma Reservoir

Need to be in the sky, winging your way to the endless blue expanse, feeling the wild wind? You may now go paragliding or paramotoring at Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir in Siddipet district’s Markook Mandal and get a perfect view of the lush scenery. Wingmasters, India’s first globally certified paramotoring firm, is to thank for it all.

A parachute with an engine-based tricycle or a motorised variation of paragliding is known as paramotoring. It is thought to have started as a tactic used by Air Forces during wartime. Wingmasters provide a variety of packages that varies in terms of the amount of time spent paramotoring. It begins at five minutes and maybe prolonged to a total of twenty-five minutes.

Wingmasters was founded almost four years ago in Jaipur by qualified paramotor pilots Abhay Singh Rathore and Vedika Singh Rathore to let people see the grandeur of areas far from the crowds and far above the earth. In November of last year, the pair made their debut in Hyderabad. Despite the fact that it occurred during the initial wave of the epidemic, residents’ reactions were described as “beyond comprehension.”

Places to visit beside Kondapochamma Reservoir

  • Sri Vidya Saraswathi Shanaischaralayam – Wargal
  • Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir – Chinnakodur
  • Shanigaram Reservoir – Shanigaram
  • Sri Saraswathi Kshetramu Main Temple – Ananthasagar
  • Lakudaram Lake – Lakudaram
  • Koti Lingeswara Swamy Temple-Siddipet
  • Swayambu Shambu Lingeswara Swamy Temple
  • Nagadevatha Temple- Siddipet
  • Sri Renuka Ellamma Temple-Siddipet
  • Sri Kondapochamma Temple – Markook
  • Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam – Komuravelli
  • Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple – Nacharam
  • Komati Cheruvu (Mini Tank Bund) – Siddipet

Kondapochamma Reservoir facts you must know

  • Annapurna, Ranganaiksagar, Mallannasagar, Kondapochamma, and Gouravelli are among the five reservoirs in Siddipet.
  • The Kondapochamma reservoir, with a capacity of 15 TM CFT, will submerge three villages and one Tanda, and the displaced would be housed in the Tunkibollaram Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) colony.
  • The reservoir, which required the purchase of 4,600 acres of land, would irrigate over 2.85 lakh acres.
  • The reservoir is immaculately clean and a tranquil retreat, with lush green farmland on one side and water on the other, creating a gorgeous setting.
  • It attracted a small number of visitors at first, but now that individuals are sharing images and details with friends and family, a larger number of people are opting to visit, particularly on weekends.
  • On the circumference of the circular bund, people are free to move. Automobiles and two-wheelers are permitted all the way to the bund, and the drive around the reservoir’s perimeter is breathtaking.
  • Crops are cultivated in regulated settings while being protected from birds and pests in rows of poly homes around the Kondapochamma reservoir area.
  • There are currently no cafés or stores in the area, which is a blessing in disguise because it means it has not yet become a commercial resort town.


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