Jessica Pegula: How Did She Become The Richest Tennis Player In The World?


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Jessica Pegula is one of the top tennis players on the WTA Tour. Even though Jessica Pegula hasn’t won many tournaments, she still holds an impressive ranking by making multiple Grand Slam quarter-finals. Jessica Pegula wasn’t even ranked in the top 100 in 2018. She is currently the fifth-ranked player on the WTA Tour. Jessica Pegula’s rise to the high end of the rankings has been quite remarkable, but it’s her incredible wealth that is even more remarkable. In this post, we will find out more about Jessica Pegula and her incredible wealth. Let’s get started.

Jessica Pegula: Things To Know

How rich is Jessica Pegula?

During her career, Jessica Pegula has earned $6.3 million in prize money so far, but this money cannot be compared with the amount that she will inherit from her father. Terrence Pegula worked as a petroleum engineer for Getty Oil. In 1983, 11 years before Jessica was born, he took out a $6,000 loan from his family and founded his own company, East Resources. Pegula’s company started out exploring and drilling for oil and later expanded into natural gas. In 2010, Pegula sold the assets of East Resources to Royal Dutch Shell for $3.8 billion. Four years later, the remaining assets were sold for $1.4 billion to American Energy Partners, LP.

Which sports teams does Jessica Pegula’s father own?

Terrence Pegula invested part of the proceeds into the creation of the sports group Pegula Sports and Entertainment. It represents the parent company into which Pegula and his family have combined their property, sports and entertainment assets. The company is led by Kim Pegula, Terry’s wife and Jessica’s mother, as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In 2021, the tennis player married investment analyst Taylor Gahagen, who began his career as a simple employee of Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

In 2011, Pegula Sports and Entertainment invested $150 million to purchase the National Hockey League (NHL) Buffalo Sabers. The company also owns the National Lacrosse League’s Buffalo Bandits and Rochester Knighthawks, as well as the Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Terrence Pegula’s company made its biggest deal in 2014, becoming the owner of the Buffalo Bills National Football League (NFL) club. At the same time, Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump were bidding to buy the franchise. The famous musician and future US President were ready to invest up to $1.2 billion in the Buffalo Bills, but Pegula interrupted their proposals. He bought the football club for $1.4 billion.

What is Jessica Pegula’s family’s worth?

Forbes magazine estimates Terrence Pegula’s net worth today at $6.7 billion. The value of the Buffalo Bills, his largest asset, is $3 billion. Terrence Pegula also owns the gas company he created, JKLM Energies, worth $100 million, and a hockey complex in Buffalo.

The Pegula family leads a closed life. But The Sun in 2021 managed to find out many details.

  • The family lives in a gated mansion in Boca Raton, Florida. The house has five bedrooms. Its cost is $2.8 million.
  • Terry is involved in charity work. He donated $83 million to build the Pegula Ice Arena at Pennsylvania State University.
  • The Pegula family has their own Top Five yacht, worth about $16 million. The yacht was built by Christensen Shipyards in 2005. It is equipped with six cabins, designed for 12 passengers.

Is Jessica Pegula a spoiled brat?

Despite her luxurious life and privileges, Jessica prefers to build a career on her own. She chose tennis to take personal responsibility for her career and athletic performance. Pegula has given up flying on business jets and is content to sit in the rear of planes on regular passenger flights.

“Tennis is my business, my job, my career. It’s very isolated. My parents have no say in what I do on the court,” Jessica said in an interview with Wide World of Sport.

How did Jessica Pegula start playing tennis?

Jessica Pegula became interested in tennis as a child. Already at the age of nine, when the family lived in Hilton Ice (South Carolina), she won tournaments. According to Pegula’s recollections, at the same time, her father told her that no one would give her anything for nothing. From that moment on, she realized that she would have to earn money to make her dreams come true on her own.

Jessica Pegula: Tennis Career

Jessica Pegula’s career developed very slowly until recently due to severe hip injuries. For example, she missed eight months during the 2016 season. Recovery after one of the operations generally took a year and a half. “That injury was the hardest thing to come back from,” Jessica said in January during the Australian Open. “When I realized that I was going to have an operation, I was passed out for a couple of days. I didn’t even know if I wanted to go back to tennis.”

How did Jessica Pegula’s father help her build her tennis career?

Her father’s connections were useful to Jessica professionally and during numerous rehabilitations. In 2014, Jessica Pegula treated her knee with stem cells—stem therapy by that time was already very popular in the NFL. During the recovery process, she spent a long time communicating with the Buffalo Bills players and it was then, by her own admission, that she discovered a professional approach to sports.

“NFL players have massage therapists, yoga classes, hot and cold therapy after practice. Also nutritionists and individually calculated portions. Tennis players usually don’t get all these benefits because their lives are spent in tournament cities around the world, not in a training center,” Pegula told ESPN.

Who helped Jessica Pegula become the World Number 3?

Coach David Witt led Jessica to two victories at WTA tournaments and reaching the top 3 in the world rankings. He worked for 11 years with Venus Williams, the older sister of the legendary Serena. Venus won three of her seven Grand Slam singles victories under his leadership.

Witt and Pegula have been working since 2019. It is known that at the beginning of her career, Jessica was coached by Michael Joyce, who had previously worked with Maria Sharapova.

What is Jessica Pegula like?

Non-publicity is a characteristic feature of Jessica. Pegula rarely gives interviews or puts on shows, although he knows how to joke. For example, in mid-September, when one X (formerly Twitter) user expressed surprise at her being in the top 5 of the world rankings, the athlete came to the comments and wrote a short answer: “I’m shocked .” And after losing to Iga Šwiatek in the quarter finals of the US Open, she appeared at a press conference with a can of beer and ironically explained her action: “This is necessary to relieve the pain of defeat and pass the doping test as quickly as possible.”

Is Jessica Pegula an entrepreneur?

Pegula’s main business asset is the company she founded, Ready24, which produces skin care products. The tennis player herself formed a focus group of friends and colleagues to test moisturizing creams and eye masks. She also personally worked out logistics and developed label designs.

“My parents provided me with a small loan,” Jessica said in 2021. “I have already repaid almost the entire debt.”

How do Jessica Pegula’s parents inspire her?

“My dad is a very creative person,” Jessica Pegula told the WTA website. — He often comes up with frankly bold ideas. But he is not afraid to voice them, set goals and make dreams come true. We were recently looking through an old article from his oil and gas days. He was asked what he wanted to achieve. So even then he said that he wanted to own a sports team.” My dad is a dreamer, and my mom makes a lot of things come true. If you say you want to do something, she says, “Okay, let’s do it right now.” Then she asks again: “Have you talked to this person yet? What are you waiting for? Those two things have definitely helped me both in tennis and in business.”

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