Isabelle Kaif: 11 Unknown Details About Katrina Kaif’s Sister


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Isabelle also wants to make a name in films like Katrina. Indeed, Katrina’s sister Isabelle Kaif wants to do romantic, thriller, and suspense films which are kind of different from her Blockbuster sister who did big romantic movies or life-changing movies which were not scary so it makes sense that the sexy, beautiful, Canadian actress and sensational diva of Instagram, Isabelle Kaif believes that every dream has its own time. But there was talk for a long time about Isabelle’s entry in films such that Salman Khan would launch her in Bollywood. Come with us as we discover Katrina Kaif’s sister: Isabelle Kaif

Isabelle Kaif: 11 Mysterious Things Katrina Kaif’s Sister

1. Isabella is not the only sister of Katrina: there are more! 

Like Katrina, she has six more beautiful sisters. Katrina often spends time with her sisters and keeps sharing pictures with them on social media. Almost everyone is able to identify who Isabelle Kaif is out of Katrina’s six sisters!

Let us tell you the names of her other sisters as well: 

  • Katrina’s eldest sister’s name is Stephanie Kaif, 
  • Katrina’s second eldest sister’s is Christine 
  • At number three, Natasha 
  • At number four is our beautiful Bollywood Katrina 
  • After Katrina, there are three more sisters who are Melissa, Sonia and Isabelle Kaif.

2. Isabelle Kaif has frozen Mumbai in her mind:

Mumbai the city of dreams – Isabelle believes that Mumbai is definitely the city of dreams, but every dream has a fixed time according to Isabelle Kaif. 

She lived in the city of Mumbai for a long time before pursuing her college studies. According to her, there has been a lot of change in the Mumbai of that time and today’s Mumbai. Isabelle said that she has frozen Mumbai and likes everything about Mumbai very much – even the heat of Mumbai. 

Whether it is the energy of Mumbai or the feeling of living there – she wants to maintain the place she saw once before always in her mind.

3. Isabelle Kaif is not a fan of stress: 

In today’s time, Katrina is one of the top heroines of Bollywood and she is also very hardworking. Isabelle said that Katrina often gives her a lot of advice. One of them is that if you want to survive in Bollywood, you have to work hard and it is very important to enjoy your work.

Therefore, be it films or modeling, Isabella’s motive is to do everything smoothly. This style of her shows how confident an actor she is. No wonder her Bollywood taste is towards thriller and suspense films. As she is a calm person her energy will match the vibe of any mystery novel because while her body is rushing and creating stress, Isabelle seems to be very chill about things saying that every dream has its own time to come true which will also positively enhance the set and shooting crew. 

4. Mysterious choice in films:

Isabelle says that she does not want to choose films as she wants to do films of every genre, which includes drama, romance, thriller, suspense and mysterious films.

5. Worked as a co-director in films:

Today Katrina Kaif is one of the best actresses in Bollywood because of her hard work and dedication. Some of the same habits are also present in his sister Isabelle Kaif. 

The sister who is also a model and dancer is also leaving no stone unturned in grooming her career. Isabelle Kaif, who is always doing something new to improve her skills, is in the habit of never sitting idle. 

6. She doesn’t want to be compared to Katrina:

Who is better: Katrina or Isabelle Kaif?

Just keep working till then so that when your time comes, you will not be left behind in anything. This is the mantra that Isabelle Kaif keeps asking those who presumably compare her to her sister. 

Every person is different from each other. Talking about Isabella, she says that every actor has his/her own specialty and if we talk about him/her individually, he/she is special in his/her own way. She promises to do good work in films and also wants her films to make a big splash at the box office like her sister but it is also true that all this is in the hands of the above.

7. Isabella has worked as a junior assistant:

Before coming to Bollywood, Isabelle worked as a junior assistant on a film set in America. After finishing her studies from the acting school of America, she came to India and joined the film industry. Working behind the camera proved helpful as Isabelle said- ‘Shooting for hours, preparing the set for the shot, preparing for the film and you realize how the set life is’.

8. Favorite Bollywood actor is not who you’d expect:

Isabelle has not directly but indirectly told which Bollywood actor she wants to work with. By the way, Isabelle has Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor, her new brother Vicky Kaushal, Karthik Aryan, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, and Aamir Khan. 

Her answer was that Aamir is a phenomenal and methodical actor. Be it serious roles, comedy roles or romantic roles in films, Aamir works very seriously towards all kinds of roles and gives his best. That’s why he is called Mr. Perfect according to the words of Isabelle, it can be inferred that she definitely wants to work with Aamir. 

9. An actor who Isabella would not work with:

By the way, in the list of actors with whom Isabelle wants to work, she did not take the name of Ranveer Kapoor – the reason behind this is Katrina Kaif. Well, whatever it may be, now Kat has become Vicky Kaushal’s forever. Isabelle aspires to work with every big actor in Bollywood.

10. Isabella denied Salman Khan’s involvement in her debut:

Is Salman behind Katrina’s sister Isabelle Kaif’s Bollywood debut? The way Isabel’s entry in films has happened is different from the beginning of her sister Katrina’s film career. As we all know, Katrina Kaif was given her first chance in Bollywood by Salman Khan. So it is bound to raise questions regarding Salman’s involvement in Isabel’s Bollywood debut.

In 2021, Isabelle Kaif, sister of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif made her Bollywood debut with the film Time to Dance She has been cast opposite Sooraj Pancholi in the film. Apart from this, Isabelle is working with Pulkit Samrat in her next film Suswagatam Khushmadid.

11. Isabelle has denied Salman Khan’s help, instead talks about auditioning: 

The actress revealed that visiting sister Katrina’s film sets like Singh Is Kinng, Partner and Ek Tha Tiger gave her an idea of ​​how to work in the Hindi film industry.

In a conversation with PTI, Isabelle Kaif talked about her arrival in Bollywood. Isabelle says that she came to know about the way of working in the Hindi film industry by going to sister Katrina’s film sets Singh is King, Partner and Ek Tha Tiger. She says- ‘She (Katrina) has been very supportive. Getting to know people always helps you. She always keeps saying to concentrate, keep working hard and do not get distracted because of anything or a person, because you cannot please everyone. 

Isabelle further said- ‘I had an idea what I was going after. I wanted to enter the industry but had to finish my schooling, then college and then came into acting. 

Isabelle made her own way through auditions as she says: ‘I auditioned for the film and the selection happened when the producers liked me. I have been giving auditions for a long time and this time the right place happened. The more you work, the better results you get ‘. 

Isabelle believes that Salman Khan helps newcomers a lot, but not her.


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