Elizabeth Huberdeau: Where Is She Now? 8 Facts! 


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Today she is an American business executive, entrepreneur, and real estate expert. But from 2009-2012 Elizabeth Huberdeau was perhaps best known for being the wife of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar John Cena. Although she is not a celebrity in her own right, she also made headlines before and after her marriage to Cena. During their time together, people saw them as living testimony that high school love can last forever, even after two people graduate and have distinguished careers. However, allegations of infidelity and other problems would ensure the couple would break up.

In this article, we’d like to know what happened to Elizabeth Huberdeau and where she is now as Liz never liked being the center of attention, walking away from the public eye when the divorce process was finalized in 2012.

Elizabeth Huberdeau: 8 Things To Know About John Cena’s Ex-Wife

1. Elizabeth Huberdeau’s age:

Born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on September 28, 1979 under the air sign of Libra, Elizabeth “Liz” Huberdeau is now 42-years-old in 2021. 

2. Elizabeth Huberdeau grew up in Massachusetts:

Elizabeth was raised by parents of unknown names and professions, in her birthplace, Massachusetts. Despite being married to one of the most famous people in the world, she never really revealed anything about her childhood or her family, politely rejecting questions about her private life. 

Since she and John Cena met in high school, she must have attended either the Central Catholic School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, or the Cushing Academy, located in Ashburnham, in her home state.

According to our online courses, she enrolled in 1998 at Springfield College to study Business, with a focus on real estate and venture capitalism. She earned her BA in 2002, and it appears she was one of the most exceptional students in her class.

3. Modeling career: 

Although she would go on to become an actual property developer and a business lady, Liz initially set out to become a model.

Upon graduation, she fulfilled her childhood dream of appearing on the runway and being the body or face of a famous fashion brand. She signed with a modeling agency in the mid-2000s but was unable to collaborate with many designers. She reportedly appeared in various regional campaigns and magazines, but ultimately decided to give up on her dreams of becoming a supermodel.

4. How did Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena end up together?

At first, Liz and Cena were close friends, before realizing that there was more to their relationship than simple friendly feelings. Neither she nor her ex-boyfriend have said when they got together, but it was most likely during their college years. No one even knew of his existence, due to John’s insistence on keeping his private life a secret. 

The world found out about their relationship in an unconventional way: In 2009, he surprisingly announced his wedding to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau. He announced the big news of the wedding in promotion of the film, 12 rounds. 

As the WWE star was busy promoting his latest film, “12 Rounds,” John sat down with a reporter for an interview. When asked what plans he had for that year, he casually said, “I’m getting married this year, so there it is.”

This unexpected announcement set the internet on fire, and John’s fans were quick to find out who his girlfriend was.

5. Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena’s marriage:

Later, to the surprise of many, the wedding took place during the month of July. The date of the marriage was July 11, 2009 – just five months after their announcement.

The ceremony was private, but was attended by some WWE stars. Back then, John was raving about his girlfriend, telling everyone that she was the love of his life and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, that did not happen: their problems were not numerous, but certain frictions destroyed the marriage.

6. Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena’s divorce:

The world was shocked when John announced that he was filing for divorce in May 2012. Until then, everyone thought that their marriage was happy and that they had no problems.

Sadly, the seemingly perfect marriage would come crashing down following many issues. First of all, Elizabeth would have struggled with John’s unwillingness to have children. He himself declared that the children are “beyond his intentions.” “I mean, I travel the world constantly because of WWE, music, and other obligations,” Cena stated. “I came to the conclusion that it would be unfair for the child to have an absent father.” Although the public praised the WWE star’s sense of responsibility, Liz did not entirely approve of it. John also had a vasectomy, which basically negated any chance of the two of them having a family.

Cena was also said to have been unfaithful, which he vehemently denied himself, but subsequently, everyone became suspicious of the fact that he reunited with fellow WWE star Nikki Bella only five months after divorcing Liz. She used it to contest her prenup and left with a ton of money after the divorce process was concluded.

7. Elizabeth Huberdeau’s ongoing scandal:

Although the couple ended their marriage relatively amicably, without too many statements or slander on social media and in the press, the rumors continued. John was reportedly angered that Elizabeth ignored his agreement to remodel their home behind his back.

As a result, John Cena apparently refused to pay the contractors who worked on his home. (Note that this comes from sources close to Liz and that neither she nor John have ever discussed this publicly). However, it is clear that the dissolution of their marriage affected John Cena. He lost a long-awaited match to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which put further strain on their marriage. Although he was still successful as a wrestler, 2012 and 2013 are considered a period in which his production in the ring took a slight downturn.

Far from John Cena concluding his stressed life, his problems seem to have carried over to his later relationship with Nikki Bella.

Unlike his marriage to Liz, this love story was highly publicized and marked by scrutiny, rumors, and dishonesty. He made a public proposal to Bella, during a WWE event, but after being together for more than six years, the two went their separate ways in 2018. John felt betrayed because she didn’t tell him she had eloped to Las Vegas with her high school boyfriend, and that the minister during the ceremony was an Elvis impersonator. He even wanted to reverse his vasectomy and give him a chance to start a family. The two proceeded to end their relationship. Subsequently, John stated: ‘I tried to get married once, almost twice, and I realized that the WWE marriage was the only one that was going to survive.’

8. So, where is Elizabeth Huberdeau now? 

After the divorce was finalized, John Cena’s ex-wife disappeared from the public eye; She was never very fond of being annoyed by journalists on every possible occasion anyway. 


According to some insider sources, she seems to be doing quite well, as she has become famous as a real estate agent and successful tycoon, currently living in Florida and running her own business. 

Net worth:

Given the fact that she made good money through her divorce from John, presumably she is able to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

According to multiple sources, she has a net worth of approximately $80 million as of 2024, accumulated by becoming one of the most successful real estate agents in the entire state of Florida, running her own business, presumably built on the amount she received from the process. divorce. Being a prominent businesswoman, we can expect her net worth to surely increase in the future. Elizabeth Huberdeau also earned a massive $55 million divorce settlement from WWE legend John Cena.

Love life:

Currently, Elizabeth is in a relationship with businessman Eli Ayoub. Photos of the two have recently appeared on the internet, but until September 2019 they have not given any indication about the expansion of their family, so Liz is still childless. 

Elizabeth Huberdeau Heritage

Social media:

Most celebrities and people famous for being married to a celebrity keep their fans informed of their activities, private or business, on social media! 

However, Elizabeth does not care at all about maintaining her participation on the Internet, since her presence on social networks is nil and she does not even have a business account. She once had a profile on MySpace, but deleted it shortly after Cena announced that marriage was just around the corner.


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