Barry Season 3: Everything To Know So Far!


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Barry Season 3 was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The production may have halted but the updates kept coming. The dark comedy is an American television series scripted and developed by Alec Berg and Bill Hader for HBO. The first show was released on March 25, 2018. 

Meanwhile, you know that Barry is the comedy and suspense television series that revolves around the life of Barry Berkman, a depressed criminal who returns from war and travels to the city of Los Angeles to run a job, where he ends up joining some acting classes. The criminal meets a group of actors so he feels motivated to leave his criminal career in the past to dedicate himself to acting and thus start a new life. This series is a fascinating comedy that already consists of two seasons, and already fans are waiting for the third season. 

The first season premiered on March 25, 2018 and the second arrived on March 31, 2019. So far these two seasons of the Barry series have been broadcast and are available on HBO. As it was known, the next season was scheduled to start in March 2020. 

The show was well received by critics and has several awards and nominations, including thirty Emmy Award nominations, of which it won three in its first season.

Barry Season 3: Hader Confirms Season 4 Script! 

Barry Season 3 Release Date:

As of August this year, the dark comedy’s third season finally moved ahead, with production officially confirmed to have started. This sadly means that the release date isn’t confirmed yet, but the good news will be that it will eventually be announced. 

It is true that the last season has been off the air for over two years. To pinpoint a time, the last episode of Season 2 of Barry aired the same night as the Game of Thrones series finale on March 31, 2019. 

Luckily, in April of the same year, HBO renewed the series for Barry Season 3. 

Barry Season 3 Plot: 

The series revolves around Barry, a depressed hitman from the American Midwest who travels to Los Angeles to carry out a job. There he meets a group of aspiring actors from the Los Angeles theater scene and discovers that he wants to leave his criminal career behind and start a new life as an aspiring actor.

The third part of Barry is being eagerly awaited by fans due to the ending that the last episode aired left them. In a recent interview, actor Anthony Carriganconfessed that the upcoming episodes of the series are full of “very, very dangerous things, but those dangerous things make everything in the series more incredible.”

In reference to the co-creator of the series, Alec Berg, Carrigan said: “He had the possibility to pay a lot of attention to the small details for this new season, I think it will be quite clear when they have the possibility to see the new episodes.” 

The HBO dark comedy stars Hader, who plays a depressive hitman who returns from the war in Afghanistan with deep depression and no purpose in life. He spends his days working as a hitman for his “boss” Fuches, with whom he maintains a little less than a family-type relationship.

On a mission, he must go to the city of Los Angeles to kill a young actor who is taking acting classes at an exclusive academy. Barry has a kind of epiphany in front of the theater universe and decides to abandon his job as a hitman to become an actor.

The entire series, so far two seasons with half-hour episodes, narrates the protagonist’s desperate attempts to abandon his past: he does not want to kill again. The problem is that he has a singular talent for the task and the circumstances make it very difficult for him to fulfill his wish. 

The HBO production also stars Sarah Goldberg, Barry Birkmman, Stephen Root, Anthony Carrigan, Glenn Fleshler, and Henry Winkler.

Barry Season 3 and Season 4 scripts are ready:

Barry Season 3’s script is written and ready to go according to the production  which confirmed that the season is happening with a photo of Hader and co-star Henry Winkler (Gene Cousineau). HBO also wrote that it was time for another hit as #BarryHBO is back in production for season 3,” they wrote. 

The actor in the lead role had previously admitted that season 3 was primed to begin production and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year. The good news is that the team actually went and wrote season 4, so we have both of those done,” he told Seth Meyers in January. 

Barry Season 3 Filming and Development:

While at the beginning of the year it was announced that Bill Hader had finished writing the script for Barry’s third season, sources close to the production of the series confirmed that the HBO drama will not only return to filming on July 26, but that the third and fourth seasons will be filmed together.

Series Development:

On January 11, 2016, it was announced that HBO had given the green light to the pilot episode of Barry which would be directed by the lead actor Bill Hader, who would also co-write and produce it alongside Alec Berg. On June 2, 2016, HBO was reported to have given the production a full series order.

2 years later, HBO renewed the series for Barry Season 2 on April 12, 2018. It eventually premiered on March 31, 2019.

On April 10, 2019, HBO renewed the series for Barry Season 3. 


In February 2016, it was reported that Glenn Fleshler, Sarah Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Anthony Carrigan, and Stephen Root had been cast in lead roles in the series’ pilot episode, which would star Bill Hader himself. 


Barry Season 1

Barry’s first season received critical acclaim. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, the season has a 99% approval review rating with an average rating of 8.2 / 10, coming from 79 reviews. Rotten Tomatoes’s review said the following: “PTSD and comedy make strangely endearing bedfellows in Barry, which proves to be poignant.” 

The Metacritic website gave the season a score of 83 out of 100 based on 28 reviews, indicating “universal acclaim.” 

Barry Season 2

The second season also received critical acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, the season has a 100% approval rating, with an average rating of 8.6 / 10, based on 33 reviews. The site consensus reads, “Barry follows a perfect debut with a second season balancing darkness with comedy while staying away from anti-hero indulgence.” 

On Metacritic, the season was given a pretty good rating of 87 out of 100, based on reviews, indicating “universal acclaim.” 

Barry Season 3

Reviews and receptions of the production will be revealed after the show airs. 

In the meantime, we will continue to wait for the producing team to give us clear news about the release date of the next season 3 to keep you posted.


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