Ahmedabad Day Trips: 10 Unmissable Picnic Spots for a Memorable Getaway!”


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Here are our top picks for the best places for a one day picnic near Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, so there is a lot to do and see. But if you want a day off to relax and eat some food with your family, your partner or your friend, one of the best things is to become a tourist or traveller and explore the neighbouring areas for a picnic. If you want just a weekend (one just one day) to unwind, this is the blog to read! We’ve mentioned the distance it takes as well as the exact location. Towards the end of our blog, you will find some crazy interesting facts about Ahmedabad which will enrich your experience of picnicking! 

One Day Picnic Near Ahmedabad: 10 Choices!

Zanzari Waterfall

About an hour’s drive away from Ahmedabad, the Zanzari Waterfall is a fun place for those who love the outdoors! The best time to go is during the monsoons when the lakes and the waterfall are at their peak. However, adventure lovers can go trekking all year long and enjoy bathing under the falls. One extra fun activity to note is the camel rides which are also available near the Zanzari Waterfall too. Those who want to visit a temple near the falls before their trip or after can also do so. 

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 75 kilometres
  • Location: Dehgam

Maniar’s Wonderland

Located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Maniar’s Wonderland theme park is home to a joyous snow park and exciting rides for the whole family. Popular rides at the park are the Joy Train, Masti Planet, Aqua Roller, and Wonder Chair.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 10 kilometres
  • Location: Sarkhej Sanand Highway 7 via NH47 (fastest route) 

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

You might wonder how a temple can be a place for a picnic. But in fact the Akshardham temple is a popular picnic spot and a perfect place to enjoy a one day holiday. At the temple you can wait for the exhibition about the life of Lord Swaminarayan.

Most importantly, come to the temple to explore the lovely architecture, offer prayers, visit the exhibition and then relax on the lawns of the temple, soaking in the fabulous atmosphere.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 28 kilometres
  • Location: Thol Bird Sanctuary Road

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Looking to get away from the city and enjoy some natural surroundings with birds chirping? 

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary lets you have a picnic, observe and click pictures of exotic birds.

During the day, you can spot the local boatmen who will ferry passengers for a minimal fee, providing them the opportunity to soak in gorgeous views of the outdoors! 

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 62 kilometres
  • Location: Bagodara Nalsarovar Link Road

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

The Indroda Nature Park is often compared to Jurassic Park as it portrays the story of  dinosaurs, wildlife and plants. In this garden, there are plenty of open spaces where you can have a picnic! 

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 25 kilometres 
  • Location: Indroda (best to drive/ take a bus through Gujarat state transport buses or private operators). 

Adalaj Step Well

The Adalaj Stepwell is a historical place, located a few kilometres away from Ahmedabad. The place is often frequented by tourists who come to explore old wells and tanks – and who can blame them as you can click some photographs of carvings and paintings that adorn the walls. Spend the whole day here and then head out to the garden that is located close by for a sunset picnic.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 19 kilometres
  • Location: Adalaj

Palm Greens Club

Situated in Kheda, the Palm Greens Club is a nice place for a day out with the family or some friends. Enjoy the big pool, a large garden and an indoor games section on the weekdays. 

On the weekend, the Palm Greens Club always organizes special events at the club.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 28 kilometres
  • Location: Kheda

Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park

A great getaway from Ahmedabad for the family, the Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park has more than 25 thrilling rides that are enjoyable for the whole family. In addition to rides, there is a rain dance section and a swimming pool. Other facilities include food stalls and restaurants as well as a large parking area which is perfect for the family. 

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 77 kilometres
  • Location: Himatnagar Road, Derol


Most people don’t think of Lothal as a picnic spot, but you can still find a cosy spot amongst the ancient Indian architecture to have some junk food and chat away with your friends and family! Perfect for a one-day outing, there is plenty of open space to lay out a mat and enjoy a meal. Cherish the quality of relaxing outdoors, after you have finished exploring the place.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 75 kilometres
  • Location: Dehgam

Polo Forest

The Polo Forest near Vijaynagar can be reached by driving down from Ahmedabad. This is worth the drive as you are blessed with rich greenery, mountains and a river which are the perfect setting for a one-day picnic. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring nature, sightseeing and camping by the river.

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 106 kilometres
  • Location: Village Abhapur

Interesting Things About Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad was first called Karnavati: 

Even today, Ahmedabad is sometimes referred to as Karnavati, the name of an ancient city that existed in the same place, and is also known as Amdavad in colloquial Gujarati. Ahmedabad is located in the north-central region of Gujarat, on the banks of the Sabarmati River. 

It was the capital of the state of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970:

Ahmedabad is the administrative center of the homonymous district, and was the capital of the state of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970, after which the capital was moved to Gandhinagar, 30 km away. Also the seat of the Gujarat High Court.

The population of Ahmedabad is 3,520,085 – but there used to be more!

There are 3,520,085 inhabitants according to the last national Indian population census, dated March 1, 2001 (and 2,966,312 according to the previous one, from 1991). An estimate placed it around 4,030,000 for January 2009.

The urban agglomeration, for its part, was 4,518,240 inhabitants in 2001 (3,312,216 in 1991 and 2,548,057 in 1981) .

At the beginning of 2009, an estimate based on the projection of these data placed it in about 5,770,000 inhabitants.

Ahmedabad is located at the bank of Sabarmati River: 

Ahmedabad is located in western India, at an altitude of 53 m above sea level. It is located on the bank of the Sabarmati River, in the north-central region of the state. It covers an area of ​​205 km². The Sabarmati sections the city in two, an eastern part and a western part. The river dries up during the summer, leaving only a small stream of water. The city is located in an arid region, on flat terrain except for the small hills of Thaltej-Jodhpur Tekra.

What are the best celebrations to experience? 

Various festivals are celebrated in the city of Ahmedabad. Popular celebrations and celebrations include Uttarayan, which is known as the annual kite-flying day on January 14 and 15. Garba, the most popular folk dance of Gujarat, is performed in different parts of the city during the nine nights of Navratri. In the festival of lights of Diwali, every house is illuminated with lamps, the floor is decorated with rangoli and fireworks are set off. 

Ahmedabad has emerged as a major historical, economic, and industrial center in India:

On March 31, 2011, the “Historic City of Ahmedabad” was inscribed on the Tentative List of India – a step prior to being declared a World Heritage Site – in the category of cultural property!

On March 31, 2011, Ahmedabad was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On July 6, 2016, UNESCO’s website listed the city as a World Heritage Site. The city has been dubbed as the first World Heritage City in India. 

One of the largest and oldest universities are in Ahmedabad:

Gujarat University is claimed to be the largest and oldest of the several universities in Ahmedabad; although Gujarat Vidyapeeth was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 – it did not receive any certification from the British Raj, it only became a deemed university in 1973. 

The Physical Research Laboratory of Ahmedabad’s oldest research institute, founded by scientist Vikram Sarabhai in 1947, is active in various fields of space science, astronomy, high-energy physics and research. It is listed as an organization active in the protection of cultural and natural heritage. 


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