7 Facts About Imran Pratapgarhi The Congress Member


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Just 2 years ago, the Congress high command entrusted the responsibility of chairman of the National Minority Unit, to the famous poet Imran Pratapgarhi. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has made Imran Masood the National Secretary of the All India Congress Committee. Not only here, but Imran has also been made in charge of Delhi which his supporters have welcomed. Let’s learn some interesting facts about this Rajya Sabha member. 

Imran Pratapgarhi: 7 Things To Know About The Congress MP! 

1. Imran Pratapgarhi is a poet of Urdu and Hindi languages: 

Born on August 6, 1987 in Chamrupur Shuklan Shamsherganj of Pratapgarh district, Imran Pratapgarhi’s real name is Mohammad Imran Khan. Imran’s family (his dad was a doctor while his mother was a homemaker) had even remotely no relation with literature. Words like Ghazal-Nazm and Mushaira were probably not used as future career options! 

Nonetheless, Imran Pratapgarhi became the poet he always wanted to become. Adya Prasad Mishra came in contact with Unmat. It was from here that his name began to emerge in the world of ghazals (a form of amatory poem or ode, originating in Arabic poetry) and mushairas (an occasion where poets gather to perform their works). Former Principal of KP Inter College and famous litterateur Lal Bahadur Singh also guided him. Since reaching the age of 28, he achieved that position for which people have to wait a lifetime.

2. Imran Pratapgarhi took home a Yash Bharti Award:

Since being awarded a Yash Bharti Award by the government in the initial journey itself, Imran has studied at Allahabad University. He also contested the 2019 Moradabad Lok Sabha seat from the Congress party. Congress leader Sanjay Dutt’s name is also on this list. He has been given the responsibility of AICC Secretary in Himachal Pradesh. Prior to this, till now he was the secretary in charge of AICC in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

3. Imran was made National Congress MP in 2021:  

Poet Imran Pratapgarhi, a resident of Moradabad was made the chairman of the minority department of the Indian Congress Committee. On the other hand, Congress leader Imran Masood has been given the charge of Delhi along with the National Secretary of the All India Congress Committee. At the same time, Nadeem Javed was discharged from the minority department of Congress. 

4. Congress believes Imran Pratapgarhi can woo the Muslim youth:

In the works of poet, Imran Pratapgarhi ‘Who is the murderer of Bapu..? Who is the killer of Indira…?, Who killed Rajiv..? Why is the Parliament silent on this,’ was widely discussed. With the work of poetry, Congress  is hopeful that Pratapgarhi will be able to woo the Muslims. The reason, his poetry style can especially help in connecting the Muslim youth with the party. Political experts say that at present there is a situation of ‘do or die’ for the Congress party, as reported by online reviews. 

5. He became chairman of the National Minority Unit for this reason:

2 years ago Congress made Urdu poet and poet ‘Imran Pratapgarhi’ the chairman of the minority cell. Pratapgarhi is considered the star campaigner of the party. Since independence till now, Muslims have been associated with the Congress party. In the last few years, when Article 370 was abolished from Jammu and Kashmir, the construction work of Ram Mandir started, there have been many such issues like NRC and CAA, due to which Muslims were seen troubled. The Congress party has tried to take advantage of these opportunities and given the Minority cell’s responsibility to the Urdu poet who can advise the Muslims through its minority cell, according to online sources. 

6. The poet-turned-politician faced an uproar in 2022:

Party leaders in the state of UP and the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra questioned the merit on the basis of which Pratapgarhi has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. A senior party leader said, “This 34-year-old leader had joined the Congress in 2019 and is now being sent to the Rajya Sabha. His credentials and service to the party are questionable. It was his communal propaganda that got us to Unnao.”

A former state Congress president said that he does not even know who Imran Pratapgarhi is. He said, “I don’t know who is taking such decisions, which will further drag the party down. It seems that the leadership is working from scratch and it will spell doom for the party.”

Another leader also targeted Pratapgarhi over a video clip in which Imran Pratapgarhi can be heard singing praises of mafia don Mukhtar Ansari.

7. Nonetheless, Imran is currently a Rajya Sabha member of Maharashtra:

In July 2022, Congress MP and poet Imran Pratapgarhi was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra.

In the year 2019 from Moradabad, Imran Pratapgarhi contested the Lok Sabha elections. Since then, Imran kept coming and going to Moradabad. Imran reached out to the Congress high command through poetry hurting the BJP government. He became very close to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, MP Rahul Gandhi, and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. Congress gave him the first honor by making him the National President of the Minority Department.

Now expressed more confidence by giving a Rajya Sabha ticket to the in-charge of the minority department in Moradabad Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, who is said to be his closest. As soon as he got the information, he called Imran Pratapgarhi and congratulated him. District President Aslam Khurshid is also very happy that Imran Pratapgarhi has been made the Rajya Sabha candidate. The leader said that the Congress’s high command has taken a good decision regarding Imran. 


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