What Was Young Dolph’s Net Worth? Was He In Debt? 


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Rapper Young Dolph was murdered last year in November 2021 leaving a bakery in his hometown of Memphis. After strong emotion aroused by this tragic event, we keep his memory fresh by paying tribute by exploring facts about his life. Specifically, we wish to explore various aspects of his income and his assets, throughout his career. Here is Young Dolph’s net worth broken down. 

Young Dolph’s Net Worth Before He Died: A Breakdown

On November 17, Adolph R. Thornton, better known as, is believed to have died on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. While police are currently investigating the incident which took place in Memphis, Tennessee, and while two men who are both 26 years of age are named as possible suspects, we do know one thing: Young Dolph’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated at 3 million dollars. 

So was he killed because of his wealth and fortune? Let’s find out. 

Who was Young Dolph?

Born July 27, 1985, in Chicago, rapper Young Dolph, real name Adolph Thornton, had made a name for himself in American rap with titles like Major or On The River. Several of his albums, including King of Memphis or Thinking Out Loud.

In his texts, the artist who grew up in Memphis evoked his life in Memphis, his life, or his past as a drug trafficker.

How did young Dolph die? Were the killers after his money?

The rapper was killed in Memphis, Tennessee but he wasn’t showing off his wealth at adult clubs or gambling. Adolph Thornton, Jr. aka Young Dolph died outside Makeda’s Butter Cookies, a cookie shop in Memphis Tennessee, according to Fox13. Young Dolph is said to have walked into the store to buy cookies when someone drove up to the store and shot him.

The incident took place on November 17, 2021 and as of February 2022 the Memphis police are still investigating the case, which they called a “senseless” tragedy. “Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all those affected by this horrific act of violence,” they said in a statement.

Young Dolph’s tragic shooting caused chaos in the Memphis area, Airways Boulevard, a busy street in the city, was even closed to further investigate the crime.

After the shooting, as fans and residents mourned the death of the bakery-loving rap artist, Makeda’s Cookies released a statement, saying: “Due to this senseless tragedy, Makeda’s Cookies has decided to close today. “We are heartbroken and saddened by the passing of Young Dolph. He was a regular customer and loved Makeda’s Cookies. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family”, the company said on their social media accounts. 

What was Young Dolph’s net worth when he died?

Young Dolph’s memories will live on forever as he was impactful with his music. So if you’re wondering what Young Dolph’s net worth was at the time of his death, the musical artist was worth $3 million according to online sources. As of 2024, Young Dolph’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

Music career and music label:

As for how Young Dolph attained his fortune, his career started in 2009 when he released his mixtape Paper Route Campaign. He went on to found the Paper Route Empire label and was known to have worked with Gucci Mane, another successful rapper in the industry.

“King of Memphis” was Young Dolph’s debut album which he released in 2016, and it reached #5 on the US rap chart at the time. It also peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart – a phenomenal feat. Young Dolph’s vocal and lyrical artistry will surely be missed by his fans and his creativity and success with his label will be missed by others in the industry.

Is Young Dolph’s death related to the death of his cousin Juice WRLD?

Young Dolph was the cousin of Juice WRLD – another rapper who died in recent years. 

Those familiar with Young Dolph’s death may also remember his cousin, Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Anthony Higgins, was another notable rapper who died days after his 21st birthday in 2019. According to Vulture, he had an “unknown medical emergency” upon arrival at Chicago’s Midway International Airport and later died in hospital.

A month after Juice WRLD’s death, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that he died of an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine. The “medical emergency” he appeared to experience at first was said to be a heart attack and heart attack. Prior to his death, he was open about his drug addiction with his fans, and he even opened up about it on Twitter. After his death, his family announced that they would honor him by sharing music he had yet to release.

While Young Dolph’s net worth is certainly impressive, Juice WRLD also sits with a high net worth. Juice WLRD’s net worth was $4 million at the time of his death, according to online sources. 

Who is responsible for Young Dolph’s shooting?

Trained by his cousins, he began to traffic in narcotics at a young age. So was Young Dolph’s shooting eventually coming? Let’s find out. 

In 2008, two important events happened to Thornton: the death of his grandmother, which prompted him to stop his criminal activities; as well as a road accident in which he was close to death. This pushes him to reorient himself towards music rather than continue to sell cocaine. He thus published his first mixtape Paper Route Campaign and launched his label Paper Route Empire. This mixtape allows him to achieve local success. A few years later, Young Dolph met Gucci Mane, who became his model. 

In February 2016, he released a studio album titled King of Memphis which subsequently ranked 49th on the Billboard 200. He also collaborated with the rapper OT Genasis in the single titled Cut It which subsequently was named 35th on the Billboard Hot 100. 

In 2017, Young Dolph had escaped two shootings, which, according to several specialized media, would be linked to his conflict with another rapper from Memphis, Yo Gotti. In 2016, he fell out with Yo Gotti, a rapper from Memphis like him. Their disagreement is regularly mentioned by the media specializing in rap, and the two rappers regularly allude to it in their songs. According to Young Dolph, the origin of this discord would be his refusal to sign on Yo Gotti’s label. 

Young Dolph was the victim of the first non-fatal shooting and after being hit by several bullets, the rapper had to be hospitalized. Police vehicles were spotted outside Yo Gotti’s restaurant hours after the shooting that claimed Young Dolph’s life, According to TMZ .

For now, the police do not make any connection with the murder, but according to the American tabloid, could be parked in front of the restaurant of Yo Gotti in fear of reprisals.

In conclusion, Young Dolph still had an exciting career ahead of him as his age was 36 when he passed away. Since the announcement of his disappearance, many artists close to the deceased rapper have expressed their emotion. Another American artist, Gucci Mane, says he is “devastated” by the death of Young Dolph. Superstar basketball player Lebron James also reacted to the rapper’s death with several posts on Instagram. His disappearance painfully echoes those of Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke or XXXTentacion, three rappers who have been murdered in recent years.


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