Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?


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In this article, we take a look at the explanation of the Wayne Gretzky net worth saga by breaking down his lifestyle, business, published income, and more. 

Retired Canadian hockey player Wayne Douglas Gretzky has a net worth of $250-$280 million with outstanding performances in his former career where he is widely known to be one of hockey’s greatest players and has broken over 61 NHL records. The former head coach of Brantford and former professional hockey player for the Canadian team contributed 20 years in the National Hockey League (NHL) for four different teams from 1979 to 1999. In 1999, the Hockey Hall of Famer was inducted immediately after his retirement, such was the prowess of his game. With that, let’s get started with his net worth. 

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: An Accurate Report (2021)


Born January 26, 1961, Wayne Gretzky is 60 years old as of 2021 but he started his career at age 14 when his family moved him to Toronto, where he played hockey, mostly to be relieved of all the tension and stress he faced while living in his own city. 

His father Walter taught him, his siblings and by the age of 6, he was already playing in an otherwise 10-year-old team, and he continued to gain attention as he progressed. 

Starting his career at the age of 14, he has given an incredible performance in every game held in Toronto in which he has participated. However, the World Hockey Association does not allow players under the age of 20 to participate; several WHA teams wooed Gretzky to sign and play as one of the promising young players. 

Professional Career Income: 

After the World Hockey Association major folded in 1979, the Oilers’ merger deal with the other two teams was one of the fantabulous mergers, and Gretzky was being held with the Oilers, making him a “priority selection.”  Along with much criticism, his WHA performance was echoed by the NHL, and in the NHL’s first season, he received the Hart Memorial Trophy as the League’s MVP. 

Age 17 income:

It has been said that the retired Canadian professional hockey player has earned $46 million in NHL salary. As a young prospect, Racers owner Nelson Skalbanai signed a young 17-year-old Gretzky to a seven-year personal services contract worth US $ 1.75 million with the World Hockey Association.

Prior to being traded to the Edmonton Oilers, he was playing briefly for the Racers. When his team joined the NHL after the WHA fell in 1979, he was adamant in leading it to four Stanley Cup victories.

Age 18 income:

Gretzky signed a contract with Pocklington at the age of 18, for a 10-year personal services contract worth $ 3 million. Wayne Gretzky later signed an $ 8 million contract with the New York Rangers as a free agent. By participating in the approval, he got an additional $ 50 million over his career. Likewise, when combined, he made about the equivalent of $ 150 million after adjusting for inflation.

Continued income:

With the Oilers, he won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s MVP in what was only his first NHL season. His stardom continued to rise and he became the first player in NHL history to cross the two hundred point mark, scoring over 200 points in one season, among other accomplishments. He was traded two more times thereafter, also playing for the Los Angeles Kings (1988 – 1996) and St. Louis Blues (1996). In 1996, as a free agent on a two-year basis, he signed with the New York Rangers for a US $ 8 million contract.

In 1999 while playing for the New York Rangers, he retired from his professional career. 

Lifestyle and Expenses:

Gretzky’s participation as a judge in the “Dance Fever” gave him the chance to meet actress Janet Jones, and they married in July 1988. Gretzky and actress Janet Jones’s wedding ceremony is said to have cost her over a million US dollars has been dubbed “the royal wedding” by the Canadian press. Together, the couple has five children: three sons and two daughters. One of their daughters, singer, and model Paulina Gretzky, has been in a relationship with professional golfer Dustin Johnson since 2013. They have two children together. 

Shortly after moving to the Los Angeles Kings in the late 1980s, Wayne purchased a large property in the exclusive Beverly Hills gated community of Beverly Park. He sold his house a few years later to a billionaire named Eric Smidt (not Google billionaire Eric Schmidt). Smidt bought the neighboring vacant land for $ 3 million and in 2014 sold the combined estate for $ 40 million.

Then they resided in the 13,000 square foot Thousand Oaks mansion in California. The nearly 7-acre lot is highly enclosed for family privacy. The luxury mansion designed in Colonial Revival style consists of six beds, eight bathrooms, and two guest houses.

Later, in 2007, the Gretzky couple moved out, selling it at the start of baseball; Lenny Dykstra, who had to sell the house, went into foreclosure. In 2018, the Gretzky couple bought it again for $ 14.9 million. However, the magnificent mansion is back on the market for $ 22.9 million.

After its gated entrance, the mansion opens onto a playground with stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the Santa Monica Mountains and beautiful Sherwood Lake. The manor house inside opens onto a large hall with a wide staircase that winds up to the first floor.

Likewise, a championship tennis court, a huge swimming pool, a full gym and an independent garage with four cars outside. Although the house has various facilities, the Gretzky couples decided that it was too big to be cared for with their five children outside the house. Based on this reflection and this initiation, they decided to put the house back on the market with Arvin Haddad of The Agency.

Other Sources of Income:


Wayne Gretzky has written numerous books on his life and history which include Gretzky: An Autobiography (1990),  99: My Life in Pictures (1999), and a third book called 99: Stories of the Game (2016) , which examined the history of hockey. His third book became one of the best-selling Canadian books in 2016. 

Business of buying sports teams

After his retirement in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky invested heavily in the ownership of various sports teams (actually various NHL teams approached him about an owner role). 

In 1985, Gretzky became the new owner of the Hull Olympiques from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for CAD 175,000. Later, in 1992, Gretzky put up his team on the market for CAD 550,000 and it sold. 

When Bruce McNall bought the Toronto Argonauts from the Canadian Football League in 1991, Wayne Gretzky was the minority owner who then sold the team in 1994.

He purchased a rare Honus Wagner T206 cigarette card for $ 451,000 in partnership with McNall, which he later resold. The cigarette card was sold for $ 2.8 million.

After Gretzky’s playing career ended, he took on a leadership role and became the General Manager of the Canadian National Men’s Hockey Team for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, he became part-owner of the NHL team, the Phoenix Coyotes, by purchasing a 10% stake in May 2000 in partnership with majority owner Steven Ellman. He became the team’s coach from October 2005 to September 2009. In 2016, he became vice president and partner of the Oilers Entertainment group.

Business of buying thoroughbred racehorses

In 1991, when Bruce McNall bought the Toronto Argonauts from the Canadian Football League, Gretzky was a minority owner with John Candy; they eventually sold the team in 1994. He again partnered with McNall to purchase a rare Honus Wagner T206 cigarette card for US $ 451,000, later selling it on. In addition, Gretzky is a partner of sports equipment manufacturer First Team Sports, as well as roller hockey rink operator Worldwide Roller Hockey, Inc.

Likewise, Gretzky and McNall also owned thoroughbred racehorses, and one of them won the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe de France in 1990.Wayne Gretzky’s appeal as a product sponsor surpassed that of other hockey players of his day, and by 1995 he was one of the five highest paid athlete sponsors in North America.

Advertisement for the Coca-Cola company and other products

He got offers from Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola Company, Sharp Corporation, Upper Deck Company, etc. He had also launched and approved a wide variety of products, from pillow cases to insurance.

Gretzky has also partnered with First Team Sports, the sports equipment manufacturer, and Worldwide Roller Hockey Inc.

Likewise, it was also included in the EA Sports video game brand in its NHL Slapshot title in 2010.

The business of alcohol and the famous Gretzky restaurant

As a co-owner of Andrew Peller Ltd. in 2017, Wayne Gretzky opened a cellar and a distillery.

It was named Wayne Gretzky Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The products were labeled with the brand, No. 99.

From 1993 to 2002, he opened and closed Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in downtown Toronto. Later, in 2016, he opened other restaurants at Edmonton International Airport with the name No.99 Gretzky’s Wine & Whiskey. In 2018 Wayne Gretzky operated a restaurant called Studio 99 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta.

Awards and Achievements:

Wayne Gretzky’s accomplishments are enormous. His records as medalists representing Canada are numerous. He won the silver medal at the 1996 World Cup. He won 1 silver and 3 gold in the Canada Cup.

He also won a bronze medal at the world championships which were held in Finland in 1982 and a bronze medal at the world junior championships was held in Canada in 1978. He has played some seasons and tournaments with extraordinary gains and incredible, and trophies and most of his records are never broken by any so far.

During his career, Gretzky won ten Art Ross Trophies for most points in a season, nine Hart Trophies for Most Valuable Player, five Lester B. Pearson Awards and two Conn Smythe Trophies as the Most Valuable Player of the Year. playoffs. He was immediately inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame and his No.99 jersey was also retired league-wide, making him the only person to receive that honor at the time.

Wayne Gretzky’s Fortune and Salary in 2021:

As of 2021, Wayne Gretzky’s estimated net worth is $280 million. It is remarkable to know that his earnings do not only accumulate through his hockey career. He also hosted Saturday Night Live, one of the comedy shows in 1989. After which he also coached for the ice hockey team. 

Additionally, Gretzky has enjoyed many lucrative promotional deals during his professional hockey career. In 1995, he was one of the five highest-paid athletes in North America, thanks to his ventures with major global brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, Sharp Corporation, and Upper Deck Company. Finally, Gretzky partnered with Andrew Peller Ltd. in 2017 to start the business of a winery and distillery called Wayne Gretzky Estates, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. 

Most of the games Gretzky has been in have been made for an incredible victory on his part. He is one of the few athletes to have an unwavering passion for the sporting activity in which he was engaged. This has led him to heights that have seen other teams support his role as captain and being part of their own teams. The legendary Wayne Gretzky’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million as of 2024.


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