Vampire Knight Season 3: Will It Ever Be Resurrected?


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If you like anime and you like your shows to have a dark fantasy twist, you should definitely watch Vampire Knight (Vanpaia Naito in Japanese). Adapted from the eponymous manga series, Vampire Knight’s two seasons have been a hit with fans and they are clamouring for more. Will Vampire Knight season 3 ever come out? In this post, we will find the answer to that. Let’s get started.

Vampire Knight Season 3: All You Need To Know

What is Vampire Knight based on?

Vampire Knight is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by Matsuri Hino. The Japanese version of the manga was published by the LaLa magazine while the English version came out in the Shojo Beat magazine. The manga consists of 19 volumes in total and is a lot of fun to read. 

The ongoing sequel of Vampire Knight is called Vampire Knight: Memories. It has eight volumes so far.

When is Vampire Knight season 3 coming out?

While fans of the anime are excited and eager for Vampire Knight season 3, the showrunners haven’t made any official announcements regarding the show so far. In even worse news, the last episode of Vampire Knight season 2 came out in 2008, almost 15 years ago. Given the huge amount of time that has elapsed since Vampire Knight season 2, it’s unlikely that Vampire Knight Season 3 will ever come out. 

Vampire Knight fans have inundated the internet with numerous petitions requesting the showrunners to release Vampire Knight season 3. However, the showrunners have only answered these petitions with deafening silence.

How many episodes will Vampire Knight season 3 have?

While a third season of Vampire Knight seems unlikely, fans still haven’t lost hope. If the third season actually came out, it is most likely going to have 13 episodes like the previous seasons.

When did Vampire Knight appear on TV for the first time?

Vampire Knight debuted on TV on April 8, 2008, the 13 episodes ran till June 30, 2008. The second season of Vampire Knight ran from October 6, 2008, to December 29, 2008. After giving us two seasons in the same year, it’s surprising that the showrunners didn’t offer anything more for the viewers.

What is the plot of Vampire Knight?

Focusing on the plot. Let’s clear it out that Vampire Knight is not a series for all audiences. Not because of the gore, sex, or anything like that, but because of something simpler: its mixture of humor and that crazy adolescent air can make some turn away and give her a disgusted look. However, if you give it a chance, above the stench of revolutionized hormones, it may be far from the love affairs of the day and the vampire melodramaticism, from some script themes (like what do vampires do in a boarding school or how Zero has hidden his condition for so long), I prefer especially a scene from one of the first chapters. The third episode (one of those that start in a strangely optimistic way – food recipe included), ends as Rosario de la Aurora. In that episode, the young delegate, the human Yūki, visits the city next to the boarding school where she studies.

As a guardian, she decides to investigate, wondering about the fate of her friend Zero, who hates vampires (something about one killing your family), and about the bloodsucker who saved her

as a child, Kaname Kuran. And, suddenly, she finds herself with a boy with a hooded face, with his back turned, in front of a tree, with a red balloon (like the clown from it). The tadpole, which in summer is covered with an anorak and a hat, is alone. She goes over to see if she has happened to him. The boy loses the red balloon. She decides to get it back and give it to him, but the kid starts running. Yuki is a fan of monsters (and thus, it’s noticeable that she sees horror movies for fun, rather than as a survival guide, unlike the Frogg brothers from Hidden Youth with their comics). 

Because of her fondness for liking some bloodthirsty murderers, she decides to go after the kid to give him her balloon, never suspecting that the little guy is something else. Her surprise (more for her than perhaps for us) will be when she holds it out to him and the boy catches her hand, revealing a monstrous face with wide jaws and fangs. Yuki tries to escape (thank goodness), but, behind her, she awaits what could well be the mother of the

child, a woman with dark hair that hides her horrifying face. Mother and son are vampires and, like a good family, they stick together and eat together. They are E-class bloodsuckers, incarnate beasts that have forgotten their human part and are thirsty for blood… And the girl who survived a vampire attack years ago, Yuki, may not escape this time.

In the middle of a brief fight, with a flight through the ancient city (with the kid’s devilish laughter as the soundtrack), the grumpy character Zero appears to help her. Carrying her pistol, the vampire mother stares at him and Zero trembles as she hears the bloodsucker. The woman must not have spoken for years, just a prisoner of her thirst, but something forces her to articulate a word and it is to call Zero, between stutters, “friend”. At the same time, when Zero sees the vampire boy, he thinks he sees himself, or his brother?

And it’s that Zero, that kid who wants to be a vampire hunter and hates everyone, those blood drinkers for the one who killed his parents and his twin brother. In reality, he has been infected since his childhood and, although he hides it, he is a vampire. And in that instant, hating himself, he pulls the trigger on the gun.

It’s not a soap opera. They’re not vampires with glitter or that stuff. They are something else, okay? The situation seems dramatic enough to catch the viewer’s attention, as does the conclusion of the episode. 

And it is that, if we have learned something, it is that curiosity leads us to see works that

can fill us with questions to reformulate on our own. We should not fear the fact of knowing different stylistic forms from those we usually find. Everything inspires us. All stories

give us something. Everything, even a bit of an anime about fifteen-year-olds (it’s not derogatory) and vampires with their own wars. And it is that art is like that child in the balloon, it leads us into its trap, but, sometimes, we let ourselves be bitten. And we enjoyed it. Vampire Knight is a fun ride that shouldn’t be missed. Let’s hope we can see Vampire Knight Season 3 someday.


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