Unleashing the Excitement: Discover the Best Esports Games for Profitable Betting Opportunities


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With the rise seen in a number of prized tournaments and technologically advanced games, esports are getting competitive treatment with several sponsorships, prizes and an attractive fan base. Many television channels as well as streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube broadcast esports almost daily. I must say esports have come a long way and have now gathered attraction from websites that offer esports odds to make the betting experience more enjoyable. However, esports have special tournaments and system instructions that differentiate them from traditional sports betting. It is more competitive and players/bettors have high chances to win big. Learn about some of the most popular games that esports bettors love.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO is one of the best esports games to bet upon as well as one of the biggest names in the esports niche. If you are new to esports betting, CSGO might prove a great choice. It is round-based gameplay with five-on-five duels on smaller maps which make up a dynamic experience altogether. There is various element to keep track of the game with every player performing different roles to positioning options like whether they are terrorists or counter-terrorists.

To place a bet on a CSGO game, you will not face much difficulty as many sites cover CSGO games and promise excellent deals. But you should ensure that the betting market supports your payment method, about their customer service efficiencies and what kind of matches they support. Some of the sites provide users with an optimal CSGO betting experience while others may lure you at first but may prove incompetent.

League of Legends

Yet another popular esports game ideal for betting is League of Legends. This game was, in fact, one of the most versatile esports games until Valve Dota 2 emerged and took LOL’s significant place. There are many websites where you can place a bet on LOL games since this game has a very large fanbase. The game’s basic model includes five players who battle in player-versus-player combat. All the teams occupy and defend their map and players control a character which is known as the ‘champion’ in the game. The players are provided with a unique style and ability for the match and to become powerful, they need to collect experience points, golds and items to defend the other team.


Fortnite is another esports game that was developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. The game follows the BR concept with 100 players who fight for survival on a remote island. Their mission is the combat attacks and defends other players having similar goals. In order to get a good game flow, the playable zone is continually shrinking until no players or playable zone remains. Fortnite, as an esports has garnered much appeal, especially with the young generation and created many young millionaires in the esports realm.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is regarded as the most profitable esports game in the world because of The Internationals, which awarded over $30 million in prize money. In core, Dota 2 and LOL are rather similar. The aim is practically the same in both games. They still differ greatly in terms of playability, though. Dota 2 takes the adage “simple to learn but hard to master” to a whole new level whereas LOL is considerably more suitable for newbies and doesn’t delve too deeply into any of its key principles.

When talking about esports betting, Dota 2 has a larger audience who are attracted due to the prize money kept by Dota 2 betting sites. All you need to win is to learn about the ins and outs of the game, keep records of roster changes and enquire about the future, current and past meta-alterations.


FIFA is one of the best esports games to bet upon and a popular game with thousands of loyal supporters. Most esports fans bet on FIFA world cups and the national series enthusiastically. The game consists of eleven players and is AI-assisted. One player can be controlled at a time by a gamer. The prize money for the winners is quite impressive which is why betting on FIFA games is attractive and popular. Some of the best casinos available online can help you place a bet on a FIFA game or you can try your luck at any themed games.


Valorant is an esports game developed by Riot Games. The game title is almost ready to conquer the esports gaming world with its fast-paced actions, short time-to-kill mechanics and well-balanced gameplay design. Perhaps, the combination of popular esports characteristics like CSGO, and Overwatch makes Valorant a popular esports game to bet upon. The major event must not be far away which means, esports enthusiasts can have yet another excellent esports title to explore, watch and bet on.


One thing that makes Overwatch a popular esports is its feature that reflects a mix of both MOBA and FPS gameplay. Another attractive thing about the game is the Overwatch League, now known as OWL which features a franchising system as an ecosystem of choice. It means there are no regulations or promotions just one single league to feature big talents in the game. You can say that this game is similar to many USA sports including MLS and NBA featuring a franchise system.

One unique thing about OWL is that it has many franchised cities under its name which artificially connects fans or gamers from a particular city to cheer up for their favourite team. Although this might look silly but actually proves excellent and has gained large attention globally. If you plan to invest in this esports game, you must find some top-notch bookies who accept betting for Overwatch League. They have many tournaments in a year and hence, you will get ample opportunity to bet.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a frantic combination of racing and soccer that was created by Psyonix and recently acquired by Epic Games. It has two goals with a huge ball, racing vehicles, and speed boosters.   After the game, the side with the most goals wins. The game’s esports scenario is competitive with the best of them, despite not being as large as that of CSGO or Dota 2. A small but devoted group exists in the online Rocket League betting world, and it appears that they like placing wagers on their personal favourite on different sites.

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