Unforgettable Camping Experiences in Sedona, Arizona: Discover the Best Sights


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Sedona is one of the best places in Arizona that has various camping places to help you escape city hustle and bustle. When you go camping in Sedona, you get to immerse yourself in the energetic environment, peaceful forest and majestic deserts. If you are planning to go camping in Sedona, check the below-mentioned awesome places in Sedona that offers a unique camping experience.

The Grand Canyon

Great Canyon is one of the important landmarks worldwide that needs no introduction. The mere location of the 70 million old natural wonders cannot be described alone in words. So, you need to go there and check out what an enchanting camping site looks like. The sights offered by the place is stunning which can even make those people love camping who are not very fond of such activities.

The nearby cities at every edge of the Grand Canyon offer an unforgettable experience by providing a unique outdoor experience in Sedona. You can stay close to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon to experience a quiet campsite. This place is ideal for barebone capers seeking a place to pitch a tent after or before visiting this place. The stone fire pit will warm you instantly when you take a look at the lovely sunset.

Cave Springs Campground

Another top-rated place to go comping in Sedona is Cave Springs Campground which can be claimed as one of the most beautiful places too. The area offers the base camp for hiking, bird watching, swimming and many more. Every campsite is made under the Ponderosa Pines shades making it arguably the best. Since this campground is very popular in Sedona, it is advised that you book yourself a camping spot in advance.

The entire Cave Springs Campground is set well of the road amidst a heavily forested region that makes it free from city noises. The biggest campground is in the Oak Creek Canyon region where 84 campsites are made for visitors. Many rare birds and wildlife can be easily spotted beside trees and grounds. Trees are mostly deciduous offering great shade even during the summer season. During the trout every season, Oak Creek is stocked with various kinds of fish. So, get your fishing rod with you for some extra fun. However, this camping ground is open between April till October only. For some sites, you will have to make reservations in advance.

Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest can be best described as one of the most unique forests in the country due to the iconic red rocks of Sedona flowing into the ponderosa pine forest, snowy alpine tundra and sizzling desserts. This place has everything you seek while going camping in Sedona including mountains, canyons, streams, lakes, wildlife, woodlands and more. Just relax at the campsite or go hiking and fishing. Camping in the area around Coconino National Forest will give you a camping experience as if you ventured into the Phoenix, the Grand Canyon or any special place to be explored in the Arizona region due to different kinds of campground settings.

Manzanita Campground

A small yet beautiful place to go camping in Sedona is Manzanita Campground nestled in the woods of Oak Creek Canyon edge, Highway 89A. This is the closest campground to Sedona and a convenient campground from where you can access major tourist attraction places. Manzanita is open to tents only but you can visit this place during any time of the year, unlike other camping sites that restrict camping during certain times. The tall and dense deciduous trees provide shade during summers while the river flowing nearby adds serenity to the atmosphere. Since this campground is near the highway, you may hear vehicle noises. Though, easy accessibility from the city makes Manzanita pretty full throughout the year.

 Chavez Crossing Group Campground

If you are the kind of camper who seek to get closer to civilization yet keep your friends and family with you, opt for Chavez Crossing camping in Sedona. This means Chavez Crossing is suitable for large groups. It is beside a golf course and homes which is not very far away from the town. Hence, you can easily get all the required supplies and beer while camping. The paved roads beside the Chavez Crossing Group Campground will help you reach nearby tourist sites or visit attractive places easily.

Dispersed Camping

Although Sedona has many camping sites well organized and easy to access, you can find your patch of land or dessert that has amazing views, is quiet and peaceful with starlit skies. Just drive towards the southwest Sedona towards Cottonwood to find one. You need to find the exact road by driving around the place and select your location to set your tent on a piece of land.

Another popular area for dispersed camping is off the FS525, a road to the Palatki Ruins. This area is famous for dispersed camping ends near Boynton Canyon Road. Apart from it, you can also find dispersed camping sites at the east of Sedona beside Schneble Road. However, the route is quite rough and steep making it difficult for amateurs. Southern Sedona also has few camping sites but they are far away from the main city. This makes these sites inconvenient for major attractions.

Rancho Sedona RV Park

One of the best sights for camping in Sedona is Rancho Sedona RV Park where you can enjoy the cottonwood and sycamore trees. The Park is just a few miles away from the Airport Mesa and Cathedral Rock where you can settle down in a red rock hiking place. You will be surrounded by natural places but at the same time get a chance to visit Sedona’s shops, galleries and restaurants from the campsite.

Below the Uptown Sedona has an awe-inspiring location in the Rancho Sedona RV Park. This is the only campground where Sedona city regulation prohibits tents. You can check out famous red rocks below huge cottonwood trees or wander across the Oak Creek shores alongside the park. Around 20 minutes’ walk from the campsite to the Uptown Sedona, you can find many shops and restaurants while the campsites are usually gravel and have patches of green grass. During spring, the massive trees filled with green leaves makes this place look no less than a botanical garden.

Camp Avalon

Camp Avalon is the only private creek-side campground in Sedona’s Oak Creek. The campsite has tents for camping along with hammocks. Medium-sized and small RVs are also available but without hookups. Visit Camp Avalon for camping or to take part in Camp Avalon’s spiritual activities such as drum circles, yoga classes, vision quests and guided meditation.

Pine Flat Campground

The tall pines along with orange cliff views make Pine Flat Campground one of the best places to go camping in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. The Oak Creek runs beside the campground back and has several kinds of wildlife. This campground has around 59 campsites which are open to RVs and tents. One drawback of this location is the highway 89 running beside making road noise apparent. However, natural sites like springs at the end of the Pine Flat Campground is worth visiting and helps capers to get fresh water during their camp stay. Campers are also allowed to take token-operated showers in the Cave Springs. Since this campground is far from Sedona, you may need more time to drive. If the traffic is moderate, it usually takes 25 minutes from Uptown Sedona.


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