The Beth Chapman Weight Loss Dilemma


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Is Beth Chapman’s greatest trick to weight loss her plastic surgery? Let’s find out. 

American TV show producer and actress, Beth Chapman was quite famous starring in three reality TV projects all surrounding her and her husband nicknamed “Dog the bounty Hunter”. The producer/ actress made a couple of hit shows such as Dog and Beth: On the Hunt (2013) and Dog: The Family Speaks (2006). 

Born as Alice Elizabeth Smith (Beth comes from her middle name) on Oct. 29, 1969, Beth Chapman is definitely at the top of the list of the most talked-about celebrities even though she wasn’t a popular actress during her time. One such talk was about her sudden weight loss in 2015. Was it because her husband made money from being a still a fairly recognizable face for many people, including the bounties that he goes after?

In 1991, she got married to Keith Barmore and got divorced. In 2006, she was destined to marry Duane Chapman – her co-star in the TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” She was the fifth wife of ‘Dog’ Duane Chapman, a bounty hunter. They wanted to tie the knot on 21 May 2016, and this was the last day Duane spent with his then daughter Barbara-Katie Chapman who untimely died in an accident.

Untimely deaths seemed to surround the Bounty Hunter as Beth, too, was taken away from him too fast. Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer and it had spread despite treatment. In 2019, she was hospitalized when she was filming for their new show Dog’s Most Wanted and was later put in a medically- induced coma. She was just 51 years of age. 

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Transformation: 

Beth Chapman Early Years

Beth was introduced to Duane Chapman in 1986 when she was 19 years of age. During this time, Duane was separated from his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain but officially was not divorced.

Keith A Barmore was Duane Chapman’s high school friend. Beth had an on again, off again relationship with Keith A Barmore before they ultimately decided to get married. They tied the knot on 26th August 1991. Her second child, daughter Cecily Barmore was born in 1993.

In the meantime, Duane also got married to Tawny Marie. Beth divorced Keith in 2000. Duane was divorced legally from his fourth wife Tawny Marie in 2002.

Beth and Duane started dating each other and got married on 20th May 2006 at the Hilton Hotel at Waikoloa Village. Their wedding was the last day Duane got to spend with his daughter Barbara Katie who shortly died in a car accident. Duane and Beth have two children daughter Bonnie Joanne Chapman and son Garry Chapman. Duane adopted Cecily.

Beth Smith Chapman used to employed as a bail bonds person. At the age of just 29 she was the youngest in Colorado to be granted a license to serve as a bail bonds agent! She became the President of the National Bail Bonds Association. 

How did Beth Chapman lose weight? 

The American-Italian bounty hunter, Beth Smith had lost a whopping 50 pounds! The sources say that she went under the knife, stuck to a diet of cereal, cabbage and lettuce and stopped sitting in front of the TV so much. 

How much weight did Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife lose?

Beth Chapman shocked viewers of her reality tv show with a weight loss of 50 pounds! 

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Diet:

Shifting to nutritious nourishment is one of the best strategies to get in shape.

Aside from working out, Chapman changed her dietary habits. Instead of eating cheeseburgers, she indulged in healthy cereals like granola and such. She also avoided dessert items and drank a lot of water to help get rid of harmful toxins for a total detox. Beth also included cabbage and lettuce, fruits and veg to indulge in healthy sound living. 

She changed her dietary propensities to change her body shape which including eating food like oats. To slim down, she started noticing changes when she cut down sweets which help toss out additional calories.

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Workout: 

Cardio exercise and weight training made up important components of Chapman’s workout plan. She dedicated four hours daily to mild exercises. She also does more sports, which helped her burn more calories and fat, and stopped sitting in front of the TV so much. 

Movement is crucial for weight loss, even if it means more standing, less sitting. 

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Controversy: 

It has been rumoured that in 2015 Beth Chapman’s measurements have significantly changed compared to a few years before. Her breasts was reduced to 42 inches, waist to 24 inches and hips to 32 inches. Could her 50 pound weight loss have stemmed from plastic surgery? 

Beth Chapman has always stood out as the girl with a freakishly large bust size that even outmatched her large body type. This kept people always suspected and wondering if she had breast augmentation to some degree. But it was the discovery of a drastically thinner Beth that brought the gossip of weight loss to the paparazzi news magazines. Beth Chapman’s weight loss seemed way too sudden and very unlikely to have been accomplished without some form of medical assistance. These plastic enhancements could be the reason for Beth Chapman to have some quick pound shed: 


Beth Chapman’s weight loss could be from diet and exercise but there are rumors that Beth opted for abdominoplasty surgery which an operation to remove the excess flesh from her abdomen. A picture of her in a bikini at a Hawaiian beach captured by photographers shows her stretched belly button, which is a common and distinct indicator of abdominoplasty. Beth Chapman is believed to have undergone the surgery to erase the stretch marks in her belly, which were presumably caused by her pregnancy.

Boob Augmentation

Despite the signs being very obvious with regards to breasts enlargement, Beth Chapman has ironically gone through breast augmentation to have her cup size fit her new, slimmer frame. Usually when women go through weight loss, a cup size or two might decrease but this wasn’t the case at all with Beth and this supports the rumours of the boob job.

Tummy Tuck 

During the famous Hawaii vacation that captured the “beth chapman weight loss phenomenon” Beth was spotted alongside her bounty hunter hubby (Duane) wearing nothing but a tiny navy blue Bikini, displaying a tight and slim stomach and shortened waist that she claims was the product of hard and major lifestyle change. This is definitely possible to achieve this using natural means, but it takes time and changes that can be spotted along the way- this was obviously missing. 

The fact that the Paparazzi photographers also managed to capture photos in which Beth is shown clearly attempting to hide her tummy tuck scar did not help validate her claim at all. They also shot photos of her new slim figure that impressively managed to make Beth’s already large breasts seem even bigger than before, despite having them reduced. Beth Chapman had admittedly grown tired of being overweight and expressed all through her interviews when she was alive and maybe a quick answer to her problems was a quick tuck. 

A shortcut saves time! 


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