Surbhi Puranik: From North To South


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Surbhi Puranik is a popular actress who mainly appears in South Indian movies. Despite being a North Indian, Surbhi Puranik has adapted very well to the South Indian film industry and has become really popular with the fans. In this post, we will find out more about the talented and beautiful actress. Let’s get started.

Surbhi Puranik: All You Need To Know

Who is Surbhi Puranik?

Surbhi Puranik is a popular actress in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Even though she is a North Indian who grew up speaking Hindi, she has been wholeheartedly embraced by Telugu and Tamil fans. Surbhi Puranik, who is professionally known as Surbhi (a common practice for North Indian actresses working in the South) made her movie debut with the Tamil movie Ivan Veramathiri in 2013. She even received the SIIMA Award for Best Female Debut for her role in the movie. 

Surbhi Puranik’s Telugu debut happened two years later with the 2015 flick Beeruva. She also appeared in other Telugu hits like Gentleman and Express Raja. Surbhi Puranik eventually landed a role in the Kannada movie industry as well with the 2021 flick Sakath.

When was Surbhi Puranik born?

Surbhi Puranik was born on June 5th, 1993 in Delhi. She completed her education in Delhi itself.

Where did Surbhi Puranik study?

Surbhi Puranik did her schooling at Don Bosco School, Alaknanda. After that, she enrolled at the College Of Art, Delhi, and obtained a degree in Fine Arts. After that, she took up an acting course at Imago Acting School. She was under the tutelage of renowned actors like Barry John and Manoj Bajpai. With the help of her good looks, Surbhi Puranik was able to bag a lot of modelling assignments before her movie debut.

How did Surbhi Puranik end up working in the South Indian film industry?

Even though Surbhi Puranik is from Delhi and grew up speaking Hindi, she has established her career in the South Indian industry. Talking about her Tamil debut, Surbhi Puranik said: “It was my dream to become an actor. But I never imagined such  a wonderful launch — with such big banners, a successful hero like Vikram Prabhu and a hit director like M Saravanan of Engeyum Eppodhum fame,”

North To South Journey

“I underwent a workshop by Barry John and Manoj Bajpai at the Imago Acting School,  even though I did some modelling. It was one such modelling assignment that led me to the South,” Surbhi said. During her audition, Surbhi Puranik had to recite pages of dialogues in Tamil. They liked her lip sync and felt that she was suitable for the South Indian look they had in mind for the character.

“On the first day of the shoot, I had a scene at the police station with the hero. I was thrilled when the director complimented me when I gave my shot in one take. Saravanan gave me a high five and said ‘You’ve become an actor now!’

Surbhi Puranik: Movie Career


Surbhi Puranik’s first ever movie was the Tamil language flick Ivan Veramathiri. In that movie, Surbhi Puranik’s role was that of a college student. She was very well received by audiences and critics all over. She was hailed for being perfectly cast and lighting up the screen with her presence. Surbhi Puranik became so popular because of her debut that she ended up winning the SIIMA Award for Best Female Debut – Tamil. She was also nominated for the Vijay Award for Best Debut Actress.

Her next big Tamil project was 2014’s Velaiyilla Pattathari with Tamil star Dhanush. The movie ended up being a smash hit and everyone loved Surbhi Puranik’s role in it. She even had a universally loved cameo in the movie Jeeva.


After establishing herself as a star in the Tamil industry, Surbhi Puranik ventured into Telugu films as well. She made her Tollywood debut with the 2015 film Beeruva. However, her Telugu debut wasn’t as well received as her Tamil debut. Critics said that she needed to improve her acting chops.

Next year, Surbhi Puranik featured heavily in movie theatres throughout the south. She appeared in four different movies, Express raja, Pugazh, Attack and Gentleman. Everyone was happy with her charming beauty and good acting. Her presence lit up the screens whenever she was on it. Her looks have been very vital to her success in the industry but nobody thinks she has made it this far because of looks alone. She is a talented actress who looks very good on screen and brings her characters to life with her stellar acting.


Surbhi Puranik made her Kannada movie debut with Golden Star Ganesh in the 2021 movie Sakath. Speaking about her experience, Surbhi Puranik said: “This episode was shot in the first schedule, and the entire setup was like a film in a film, and I played a popular anchor of a TV show. The makers hired a tutor to teach me diction, and the director made sure I pronounced every word correctly. I also took references of a few popular anchors in Kannada. Secondly, the lines were given to me in advance, and it helped me learn them. Moreover, the film’s lead Ganesh, who has been an anchor in his career, gave me tips about getting into the character. Here again, the love angle has a twist, which is the surprise part of Sakath, and I am cautious not to reveal it till the film’s release. However, I have to mention that the role was unique, and pushed me to perform,”

Speaking about her co-star, a legend of Kannada cinema, Surbhi Puranik said: “It is difficult to match up to his energy. He is very spontaneous. He is so humble, and I wouldn’t have asked for a better launch”.


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