Shelby Chesnes: The Burgeoning Life And Career Of The Famous Model


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Shelby Chesnes is a very popular American model who rose to prominence after appearing for Playboy and eventually branched off into a career as an entrepreneur and a model. She is a very famous Playboy playmate who also holds the honour of being Miss July in 2012. Shelby Chesnes is very active on social media and the Playboy Magazine also awarded her the title of social star in 2014. She was a part of the Playboy Swimsuit Calendar in 2014. While the Playboy appearance is the most popular part of her career, she has also used her looks, confidence and personality to appear as a model in numerous advertisements. She is very entrepreneurial and built her spray tanning business from scratch, which she runs along with her modeling gigs. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Shelby Chesnes: All You Need To Know

When was Shelby Chesnes born?

Shelby Chesnes was born on February 14, 1991, in the coastal city of Jupiter, Florida, United States. Chesnes grew up as a very outdoorsy girl under the Florida sunshine. Her mother always said that it was almost impossible for her to stay at home. When she was very young, her mother, who was interested in photography, often took her to the beach to pose for photos. Her mother supported her decision after she took up modeling and appeared in Playboy magazine. In high school, she was part of a competitive cheerleading squad.

Where did Shelby Chesnes study?

Shelby Chesnes majored in psychology at the Florida Atlantic University. Yes, she is a beauty with brains and she will be able to read your mind as well. Due to her work commitments, she continues to move between Florida and Los Angeles. Luckily, both the places have some of the best beaches in the world and Shelby Chesnes loves spending time on the beach whenever she gets the opportunity.

How did Shelby Chesnes become so famous? 

Shelby Chesnes became interested in modeling as she grew older and finished her education. She initially had a few small opportunities, modeling for a local sunglasses company and appearing in car commercials, but they weren’t enough to advance her career. 

Playboy Appearance

At age 20, she took the initiative to upload some of her photos to Playboy’s website to work as a model for the magazine. About a month later, she was asked to do a test shoot for the magazine. She went to Los Angeles for the test session and eagerly awaited the final call. It took a couple of months until she received a response from the magazine. The day before her 21st birthday, she was offered a modeling contract with Playboy magazine. 

She didn’t know how to break the news to her mother, but she happily accepted the offer. her mother, who understood how big the opportunity was, supported her to go ahead with the offer. She was selected as Playboy magazine’s Miss July 2012. The centerpiece photo of her was photographed by famous Playboy photographer Stephen Wayda. 

Despite her detractors, Shelby Chesnes has openly admitted that appearing in Playboy helped her career a lot. She even compared it to a talent agency of sorts and claimed that it knocked down numerous doors of opportunities for her.

Where has Shelby Chesnes excelled?

Shelby Chesnes now enjoys celebrity status as people often surround her asking for autographs. Although she feels happy and honored, she is by no means satisfied with what she has achieved so far. Shooting for Playboy as a model remains her priority, but she is also looking at other career options. She is an entrepreneur and has her own spray tanning business. 

However, she does not use her status as a Playboy model to promote her personal business. She does use it for her modelling career though. She has landed small roles in a couple of movies as well. Eagle eyed viewers would’ve noticed this stunning brunette in popular movies like Horrible Bosses 2 and Last Vegas. In the latter, she worked with Hollywood legends like Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro. She played the role of a bikini contestant in the movie.

Who represents Shelby Chesnes?

She is represented by the race management company VFD Models, with whom she signed a deal in 2013. She was the model of the month for Bikini Team in February 2013. As of today, her video has surpassed 10 million views.

How does Shelby Chesnes stay fit? 

As a model, it is very important to Shelby Chesnes to stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. Practice Pilates, yoga and weight training, and eat a balanced diet. She thinks the easiest way to tell if someone is healthy is to look at the condition of their hair. According to Shelby, if someone takes pride in their long luxurious hair, it will reflect in their own hair, regardless of whether someone is taking care of themselves or not.

What is Shelby Chesnes’ personality like?

She considers herself more mature and responsible than most people her age. As a businesswoman, she thinks big and is always eager to find ways to improve her products. When it comes to relationships, she thinks she’s pretty old-fashioned. As far as her choice of men goes, she isn’t fond of the self centred kind and the ones who refuse to learn from their past.


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